Monday, May 18, 2015

This week

This last week turned out to be a fairly difficult week.  Sometimes life turns topsy turvy and this is one of those times, so nothing on my to-do list got done and most likely it will not get done this week either. But, there are people who are so much more important than chores, and right now my time and heart are being spent with them.

1. Pasta with alfredo sauce
2. Lamb chops, rice (them) broccoli, tossed salad
3. Chicken with stir fried vegetables, cauliflower rice, pineapple slices
4. Hamburgers, cole slaw, sweet potato "fries"
5. Grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, tossed salad, grilled pineapple
6. Grilled fish, baked potato (them) baked sweet potato (me) cucumber, tomato and onion salad, grilled squash
7. Tacos (them)  taco salad(me)

Actual food
Bow tie pasta with alfredo sauce
Hamburger helper and coleslaw (found a box in the back of the pantry_just getting rid of it)
Variation of sweet and sour chicken with onions, bell pepper and pineapple over rice
grilled chicken, tomatoes, asparagus, tossed salad
grilled hamburger patty,grilled squash, tossed salad
hamburger (desperation fast food meal)
grilled pork tenderloin, tossed salad, watermelon

Upcoming week
This week TheHub is out of town and I will be spending massive amounts of time with the parents, so the food plan is virtually nonexistent. I hope to stay on a paleo  plan but it will be just catch as catch can.
salad, chicken
salad, something meaty
salad, something
salad, something
chicken salad
huge tossed salad
salad something grilled

Weekly to-do list
Help the folks however it is needed
Clean upstairs 
Help Mom with her house clean-up
Clean the pool (again) so laps can begin


  1. The saying at the top of the post is so true. Good luck with helping your parents with whatever they need. In the meantime, I love your menu for next week. That's my kind of menu whether or not I'm in a difficult situation.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind thoughts. Although I plan a menu weekly I rarely follow it, so the salad and something is probably truer than any plan I make.

  2. my meal plan is nothing this week, we'll be winging it all week I think!!! Good luck with all your errands/chores/jobs this week.

    1. Winging it is not a bad thing. Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself it's only food and we will eat again tomorrow.

  3. Sorry to read you had such a difficult week, my friend. I hope since then things have gotten much easier, so you can enjoy swimming in your pool!!!!

    1. Thank you Brandi! We are just living through a difficult phase right now so swimming is going to be therapy for me. Hopefully I can get it cleaned this afternoon and be in it some time this evening

  4. I agree that we need to remember that our parents are not here forever, even though we want them to be.

    1. So true, especially when you are witnessing a rapid decline.

  5. Anne, I hope this week goes better for you. You are a wonderful person and I am sure you are a tremendous blessing to your parents. I do not have any parents to take care of but I do have a grandmother that lived with me and is now in a nursing home. I am all that she has to help her out and I know how difficult it can be at times to meet the needs of others and do everything for everyone. I pray you find moments of rest for yourself and enjoy the time spent with your loved ones.

  6. Thanks Dawn. Right now I want to be able to spend as much non-intrusive time with my parents as I can. Time is a commodity we don't have the option of abusing now.

  7. Anne, I am so sorry to hear that you've had a difficult week. It is very hard to admit that our parents are getting older and frail. I went through that, myself, with my mother, who has since passed away. Would it help to roast a chicken and have that with the salads throughout the week? If that is too repetitive, perhaps a pot of soup to alternate with the roast chicken? Or something you can throw into a crock pot, which you can leave to cook during the day while you attend to other things?

  8. Thanks for the suggestions and thoughts Bless. Since I am here alone this week and don't have to consider anyone else, I have just been eating whatever is available, and I do have a ton of produce on hand so it has mostly been a salad week with whatever I can find (mostly leftovers)