Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wedding, Wedding, and Family Reunion

Normally our summer's are filled with sun, the occasional beach trip, lake weekends, bbq's and a chance for a little rest and restoration. This summer has been a mixed bag of nuts for us.

We experienced Dad's death and subsequent gathering of the family for the week, dealing with Mom's "new normal" and all the financial and emotional changes death brings.
I had no idea how many details have to be taken care of nor how time consuming they would be. (And Dad was well prepared with an attorney as an estate planner, how do people unprepared do it?)

We had 2 joyous weekends for our nephew's out of town weddings, which became mini family reunions in addition to all the weekend festivities. It was wonderful to experience happy beginnings with so many people we love.

We will be gathering for a large extended family reunion this weekend (including delightful houseguests). I am sorry Son1 and his family can't be here and also sad Son3 is in New York, but that is just the way life goes.

In addition, we have a long weekend at the lake planned for Labor Day. We are hoping to enjoy some sun, some time on/in the water, bbq, homemade ice cream, sweet tea and even sweeter company.

Sometime in September life should return to some semblance of normal, whatever normal is.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch house in the burbs I am still cooking nightly, but not cooking anything worth mentioning. Please forgive my absence in posting and bear with me.  I don't think anyone would get too excited seeing a piece of meat straight off the grill with a side salad, but hope springs eternal and the temperatures will drop soon, so I should be back just in time for football season and some game day foods.  Have a wonderful rest of the summer and Roll Tide Roll!

p.s. I have a paleo pie I am dying to try.  It might possibly be the next recipe I make.


  1. Yes, where did the summer go? a death, a wedding, a graduation, family reunions, sick pets...
    Next week we go on vacation for a week. Looking forward to getting away.

    Hope the rest of the summer goes well for you and your family.

  2. It was a crazy summer for most people I think. I am just glad the weather stays hot a while here so I can swim.

  3. Honey, I am standing right next to you in crazyland. I can't seem to get caught up. I haven't been this far behind since the kids were small. And I agree with you completely-where did summer go? I love the warm summer days and we got so few and we had so many things going on. DO you think we could put in for an extension?

  4. I vote for an extension! I am hoping the fall will at least be a little less frantic.

  5. I am right there with you with the craziness and scheduling, etc. And for some reason it hasn't slowed down in our house. I would love to be able to get creative in the kitchen or even not to feel rushed, but not sure when that will happen.... It is looking like for us the "normal" if there is such a thing might not be back until October...who knows, but all we can do is roll with it and go with the flow!

    1. Since you have young children about all you can do is hold on tight and ride wherever the ride carries you!

  6. Sounds like life has been happening in a major way for you, Anne. May God bring peace and calm to your entire family.
    In Jesus' Name!

  7. Thank you Laura, I appreciate it very much.