Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Use 'em Up List

The beginnings of this list will be the food still frozen or canned last year.  As the freezer is emptied and I begin to use the foods that I processed in 2015 I will change the date to reflect the current year's usage

This is not my freezer, just a random picture I snagged. My personal freezer may or may not look like this.  I'm not saying one way or the other.

1 quart  lady peas
1 quart squash
1 half pint  whole small okra (cooked at the last minute on top of the peas)
3 packs brussels sprouts
16 oz. pack broccoli
1 pack frozen corn
1 quart bag frozen green bean casserole
1 bag chopped bell peppers (about 3 cups)
1 pack creamed spinach
1 pack cauliflower

2 pints cubed frozen peaches
1 cup blueberries

1 lb package browned ground beef
7 chicken breasts
1 pack cooked chicken
1 lb smoked turkey
2-1 lb packs uncooked ground beef
1 pork tenderloin
4 chopped sirloin "steaks"
1 1/2 lbs. smoked pulled pork
1 1/2 lb chicken legs
1 frozen breakfast bowl (I have no idea how long it has been in the freezer, but it is gone and I didn't                                           die)
1 quart tomatoes
1 pint plum sauce


  1. I've been using the smidges in my freezer-partials of this and that. I think we are doing pretty well eating down the pantry, freezer, and fridge, and not wasting so that when I restock with lowest cost items, I'll actually know what we have and can meal plan around.

    1. That is why I am keeping the dual lists. In fact I am in the restocking process while I am still using last years. Go figure!

  2. my freezer looks worse. why did nobody tell me i need a use em up list??

    1. I have just now figured a use em up list is critical for me. I am just not mentally organized enough and am too easily distracted. I am hoping this will keep me on track, especially since I am currently refilling the freezer and canning season is just around the corner.

  3. I love the idea of a "Use Em Up" list! I need to do that! :)
    I have never heard of lady peas. :)

  4. They are like very small black eyed peas but have a lighter flavor

  5. My upstairs freezer is a train wreck. Down stairs is just a car accident. ;p

    1. I am not exactly sure what mine is other than a mess, but I am working on making this years produce much less cluttered. (And do we actually think this is going to happen?)

  6. I love the unique meals that come out of "use em up" days :) My daughter not so much!

    1. That is what I am going to start calling them "Unique Meals"