Monday, October 10, 2016

October Joy List

September was not totally joyless, but I did not get as much knocked off the joy list as I had hoped I would.  I am keeping a joy journal now recounting what gave me joy each day.  It is amazing how many joyful things happen if we stop and take note of them.  

Did anyone else have a September that just flew by?
 1. Volunteer at Independence Place Been 5 times so far.  I find my joy there.
 2. Volunteer with a homeless mission
 3. Mentor at least one person regarding SNAP budget and meal planning
 4. Continue the 50 dollar a week food challenge
 5. Make ice cream
 6. Spend a long weekend at the lake (Labor Day)
 7. Bake bread
 8. Try cooking something I have never made before
 9. Try a new beverage
10. Swim laps 5 times a week
11. Use the eliptical  Started using it and will switch to daily use as the weather/water gets colder
12. Make a Christmas gift
13. Mend at lest 2 squares on the quilt
14. Take food to someone having a rough time
15. Watch SEC football (Roll Tide Roll!)
16. Have Mom up to eat weekly   Started out well but finished the month badly!
17. Take Mom out at least 3 nights during the month
18. Go to a movie by myself
19. See a play or opera
20. Take flowers to someone
21. Reconnect with an old friend
22. Enjoy some free music
23. Learn something new
24. Learn a jazz song on piano (Bonus if it it a Christmas jazz tune)
25. Sit on the deck at night and listen to crickets
26. No  Tv at least 1 night per week.  Read and listen to music
27. Have guests at the lake place
28. Plant a fall garden (Yes I know I am late to the party)
29. Have a back to school swim and hot dog dinner for the neighbors
30. Watch a couple of documentaries
31. Try recipes for 4 different Christmas food gifts including presentation
32. Work with TheHub on a new business plan
33. Be more intentional about gratitude
34. Pray for the entire world
35. Create some artwork (Paint or pen)
36. Keep a daily joy journal noting something particular that gave me joy.
37. Burn a scented candle every day (thanks Laura!)
38. Establish a weekly Cocktail Night (thanks again Laura!) TheHub really likes this one

October Joy List
 1. Pray for the entire world
 2. Volunteer at Independence Place
 3. Volunteer with a food pantry
 4. Learn a piano jazz tune
 5. Find and enjoy some free music Serendipitious, party across the lake with a live band
 6. Mentor someone using SNAP
 7. Reconnect with an old friend
 8. No TV at least one night per week (read and listen to music)
 9. Read 4 books
10. Try a new food
11. Cocktail Night each week (try a seasonal cocktail on the deck, weekly) Caramel Apple Martini,
12. Go to a play or opera
13. Have a small dinner party
14. Create some art 
15. Maintain the daily joy journal
16. Take food to someone having a hard time
17. Be intentional about gratitude
18. Burn a scented candle daily
19. Make at least 1 Christmas gift
20. Reconnect with an old friend
21. Take Mom to see Uncle Bob
22. Visit a small town in Alabama
23. Start Thanksgiving preparations
24. Do the Halloween decoration thing
25. Buy a pot of mums for the front door
26. Buy some mums for someone who can't buy their own
27. Spend a restful weekend at the lake place
28. Work on the family cookbook
29. Work on the lake cookbook
30. Go to a local lecture
31. Have Mom up to eat weekly
32. Take Mom out at night at least 3 times
33. Sit on the deck and listen to crickets
34. Do something totally out of character for me (no idea what yet)
35. Look for the good in every person I encounter (even if it means looking hard)
36. Mend 2 squares on "Nana's" quilt


  1. I want October to just ne simple-that will bring me joy.

  2. Yes it is amazing how wonderful simple can be

  3. I always love your lists. And am humbled by them.

    1. There is nothing humbling about them, just random things I think will create joy in my life. I spent to much time looking for what is wrong rather than what is right. About 5 years ago I decided there had to be a change in me, and it is truly remarkable what a difference attitude makes. Maybe it won't take me so damn many years to learn whatever lessonI am supposed to learn next.

  4. Yes, September whizzed by! As always, I think you accomplish a lot on your ambitious lists. I think you found out this month that the $50/week challenge takes a lot of time and may be eating into to time you might have used elsewhere. But what a worthy cause it goes to.

    1. I guess the jury is still out on its worth or not, but I am learning a lot and am learning how time consuming it is. It makes me want to start a food cost comparison site for local stores so people could find the best bargains at a glance rather than spending so much time comparing ads

    2. Ooh, what a good idea. Would you do that for my area, too?

  5. I will definitely say that September came and went in a blink. Mainly because I had a lot of s*** to handle, but the flipside is that October is here now. :)

  6. It is! I didn't even have anything particularly difficult in September, but it honestly seemed like it began and ended in the same week. Happy October!

  7. You are accomplishing so much between your joy lists and your $50/week challenge. I like your cocktail night! You knew I would.

    1. Yeah, now I decided it has to be seasonal cocktails. I was so smart to not include any alcohol purchases in the 50 bucks though I do include any mixers.

  8. Okay now I feel overwhelmed and lazy thanks I really need this right now as my in-laws are here..... splat!

    1. You are the least lazy person I see online. Just reading about 1 day in your life makes me tired!

  9. Praying for the whole world could be simple or it could take the rest of your life! Great project

    I decided I wanted to write a list of 100 people to pray for, the first 100 i thought of were not necessarily the ones I would expect. I might try to add another 100, the end of the year sounds like a good finishing date.

  10. I find intentional prayers are difficult. When I start making my list it grows exponentially. Praying for the world probably should be first and foremost on everyone's list.

  11. Wow! It looks like you've marked a lot of things off to me. My lists always grow a couple of things for everyone I mark off.