Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wicked Wednesday

In an effort to keep me on the straight and narrow, or at least to have some accountability to someone
other than myself  I began a Wednesday post to chart weight movement, be it up, down,or no change.
I also posted a weekly to do list of major and minor projects. The theory behind it is because there is something humbling about admitting I failed, I might be more inclined to knock things off the list. I fully understand that life (and cake) happens and plans can change on a dime.

My starting weight was XXX.x
My today weight is        XXX.x
Total loss/gain               -      5.2

I understand that this is mostly water weight, but I have to shed it before I lose anything else, so I am counting this week as a very good week. Honestly each time I was tempted by something delicious I managed to resist because I could not bear the thought of having no weight loss this week, so thank each of you who read last weeks post that kept me honest.

I am leaving for NYC tomorrow afternoon and staying through Sunday so I am doubtful I will see any loss at all, and mostly just hope for no gain. Doubtful since we already have reservations at several restaurants.

As for the to do list? It was mostly a to don't list. I was here Thursday, then had to be at the lake early Friday to meet the a/c man. I didn't get back until late Saturday night and had some Mom things on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday so my week was pretty much shot.

Work on outdoor raised beds. 
Cut dead canes from the hydrangeas (drought damage)
Plant okra
Get pool water balanced
Drain and scrub hot tub
Scrub screened in porch (de-pollen)
Wash porch furniture
Scrub front porch
Put Amdro by ant hills to rid the yard of fire ants (Yes I hate using pesticides, but I hate stepping in the ant beds and getting hundreds of stings more)

Complete and total clean out in the laundry room including:
defrost the big freezer
totally clean auxiliary refrigerator
reorganize all art supplies
clean all drawers and cabinets
rearrange/reposition the center island
clean out sewing center

wash ironing board cover
fix the hanging rod.

Wash walls and blinds
wash and rehang curtains
clean all drawers
change over to summer comforter and pillows
wash winter comforter, shams, quilts and blankets and store until fall
wash bed pillows

Everything else:
routine daily cleaning or reading (whichever comes first) routine only if you mean minimal by the definition of the word routine (obviously I do)

So the to do list moves effortlessly to the upcoming week, but I am only going to be here Monday and Tuesday of the week so I am pretty sure things will get punted to the next week.


  1. Resistance is futile, the dark side is always calling your name in the form of cake :) At least in my world. I fell off the wagon last night and had lasagna with lots of cheese and garlic toast with wine. Oh well, also did 10,000 steps so hoping that counterbalances things

    1. It should! You just aren't gong to do every day perfectly, and by you I mean the universal you.

  2. Great job on the weight loss Anne! Who cares if it was water weight or not? LOL The scale went down and that's great motivation to continue, right? ;) Have a great time in NYC!

  3. When I had lost 36 of a 46 lb loss, naysayers told me it was JUST water weight. Exactly how did they know that a dramatic weight loss was water. I had never had a bloated look, swollen ankles or anything. How do you know it is water weight?

    Maybe you can walk enough in NYC to offset good food. When I lost so much weight, I did so by having lots of munchable vegetables on hand AND by just having one bite of cake, mostly frosting and always chocolate. Of course, your plan is obviously working.

    Have fun in NYC.

    1. Working today does not necessarily mean working tomorrow, but I am keeping a lot of veggies on hand to add some crunch

  4. YAY!!! That is awesome! A loss of any kind is great. I agree that maybe you can offset the restaurant eating in NYC with walking? Good luck and have a great time on your trip.

    1. Sadly Levain Bakery and Magnolia Bakery are both within walking distance

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks much. We are only going to hear Son3 play, coming home and then going back the following Thursday.

  6. Have fun while you are away.
    And hooray for weight loss - and for getting some things crossed off. Quite a lot of things crossed off, in addition to mama wrangling duties.

  7. Some things are internal, like attitude. Anytime you feel good abou who you are or what you are doing, is a life victory. So cudos to you! Keep in mind everyone has battles in life, so any victory is gold. And there are some pluses to having a bit of body does not have as many wrinkles!

    1. Sausage vs deflated balloon? Difficult choice there!
      And as you know battles are the way of life, even if you don't choose them.

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  9. Hey my soul mate exercise is the key. I am short and square. As in I have no waist line. Never have, I am a wood tick. All we Honestly get a fit bit it will change your life.

  10. It's true about the wrinkles :) And I've also read or been told that it's good for women "of a certain age" to have a few extra pounds to fall back on if they were to get really sick with pneumonia or something. That could be total bullocks but is sounds reasonable!

    1. I should be able to withstand quite a few bouts of pneumonia then

  11. Congratulations on your weight loss, whether it was due to water loss or not! Enjoy your trip to NY and watching your son perform. As long as you'll be walking to the bakeries and back, that will count as exercise! Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thanks Bless. So far I have evaded both bakeries but a French restaurant did scream at us for lunch

  12. If you lost that much all in water, you would be very dry! i think there is genuine weight loss involved there. Good job

  13. I am finding that if I starve myself, I lose weight. weird...
    I'm drinking a LOT of water and taking Garcinia Cambogia. Not sure if it's helping yet.
    But I am losing x pounds.

  14. If you're losing pounds something is working!

  15. I actually just decided to shed some weight myself. Speaking as one loser to another, let me just remind you of one important thing.

    Worry less about the poundage and more about the body fat percentage. Depending on your weight, you may barely lose any actual weight simply because, if you're eating and exercising properly, your body fat could drop while your muscle tone increases slightly. The later is good because it means consistent burning of extra calories and better weight maintenance overall.

    That said, good luck!

    1. Thanks and god luck on your journey as well, but for right now I am relying on the scales (Since i have a bit to go before I seriously use BMI as an effective marker)