Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What's Cookin? Nothing!!!

There are times when I am doing a few things other than cooking, and right now is one of those times. We purchased a home at the lake for our someday retirement.  I have been playing a game with myself to try and spend less than 3 thousand dollars total to outfit the house. I have been busy gathering odd lots of used  furniture, knowing I would recover anything upholstered before putting it in the lake house.
Last month a local fabric store closed and all of the upholstery and drapery fabrics were only 3 dollars a yard. Needless to say, I went a little fabric crazy.  As of today 3 of the pieces have been stripped of all their former "glory" and have had a little additional fluffing and stuffing. 1 has  even been completely
re-habed.  This particular chair was a 10 dollar purchase.  It has nice bones but was wearing a pretty ugly dress.  Not only is the fabric not my taste, but the skirt ( not shown in the picture) looked like it had been subjected to a lot of cat frustrations.  It was shredded, and I removed it before I took the picture. There was no way I was touching it again, so just use your imagination

                                       It is pretty isn't it!

I did not want a skirt on the newly covered chairs mainly because they are going to sit on a black polished concrete floor, and I feel like I need a little visual break between the dark fabric and the dark floor.  ( And no! The floor in the picture above is the carport unfinished, including oil spots, floor.)

After removing thousands of staples and adding a bit of batting it was time to get to the tacking, pulling and sewing phase.  This is the almost finished project but I had not yet finished tacking the bottom back, so you still see a few rough places toward the back of the seat.  They are gone now!

If you are as sharp eyed as my mother you can point out that the plaid is cut 2 ways.  That was by design, but it is driving my mother nuts.  I had intended to paint the legs, but once I got the whole chair uncovered, I realized the legs were in 2 pieces rather than 1 solid leg, so they had to be covered.  Someday I might replace those legs but this is not the time for that. It took 2 yards of fabric for this chair.  Add the 6 dollars to the 10 dollar price of the chair along with about 1 dollar's worth of staples and tacks and this chair is a whopping $17 investment.  Chair 2 will be finished this weekend  and possibly I will get around to starting Chair 3. 

More than likely, I will not be cooking much for the next few days!

p.s I don't know why the plaid appears to "bend" in the picture.  It is straight in real life


  1. Oh, I love how it turned out! And I love that you covered the legs too - very unique.

  2. Lena, it was only because of necessity. But it is working for today.