Monday, June 5, 2023

Hitting The Brakes

This June is going to be an incredibly busy month for me, and as much as I enjoy blogging and the blog community, I  need to take a break. I will still be reading your blogs, but might not post comments since I will be using my phone for reading mainly and sometimes it will let me post as Anonymous, but most of the time it will allow none.
Will be back when life settles down to a dull roar!


What A Great Week

This was a week that saw us in a couple of locations which is not our norm  any given week. We started the week in Tennessee, back to Alabama, then ended it in Portland.

Sunday: We got up early to be in Nashville for an 11 o'clock brunch at The Dutch. The food was good but the company was great. Two of Son3 and DIL3's friends had planned a "Welcome to Nashville" meal for them. DIL3's parents came in from Switzerland to help with the move and we finally got to meet her dad in the 3-d world rather than seeing and talking through FaceTime.  We had met her mom in NYC and already knew what a lovely woman she is. 
After brunch we checked into our hotel, changed clothes then headed to their house. We all managed to attack some of box mountain, but left them with plenty to do at a later time.
We ended the night going out to eat at a local bbq joint. 

Monday: We had planned to stay at the same hotel DIL3's parents were registered and we met them for an almost 2 hour breakfast/visit before we left to head back to Birmingham. 
Son2 and DIL2 had made arrangements for her mother's care so they could meet us for a late lunch/early dinner. I have missed seeing them so it was wonderful to have a little time and conversation over a meal.

Tuesday: Son3 and DIL3 had their rental truck through Wednesday and drove it to our house to get those things we have been storing for them from Mom's house or the lake place. Of course I loved seeing them, and am thrilled to almost have my room back. 
Son2 and DIL2 still have a few things stored there but their life is complicated right now and they have not been able to really spend time working on their new to them house. But I am close to being able to reclaim the space.

Wednesday: Though I should have been getting everything ready for our trip to Portland I read instead. If you want a "fast read" that draws you in quickly you might want to give "The Third Twin" by Ken Follett a try. I was sucked in when I had my first cup of coffee and finished it right after a late lunch. I am glad laundry is easy to do in short spurts, because at least everything was washed and ready to pack.

Thursday:   We had a late afternoon flight to Portland with a brief layover in Dallas. I was in a little panic because our flight from Birmingham was delayed about 30 minutes and we had a small window to make our connecting flight. Turned out to be no problem since it was delayed also.   We made it to the hotel by about 1, hit the sack and slept well

Friday: Son1 met us at the hotel for breakfast then we went to Pips school to watch their Friday dance party ( outdoor recess with music, dancing optional) before checking her out for the rest of the afternoon. We talked a bit before she decided we would go to an udon restaurant. DIL1 and her mom joined us which was even better. 
We went  to their house to visit before going back to our hotel for some needed sleep.

Saturday: This was a day that made the entire trip worth it. We went to Pips dance recital and the grin on her face while her group was dancing was more than we could have hoped for.

Look for your joys. They are always out there. 
May all your weeds be wildflowers.