Monday, March 23, 2015

The Start of Something, Oh Yeah, The Week

I see all of you uber organized people who start their Monday blogs with to-do lists and menu plans, and I sit here amazed that people are that together.  I never have a clue what we are going to eat until at least that day, except for the rare occasion I am trying a new recipe that requires ingredients I don't normally keep on hand.  And even then, instead of planning for it in advance,  I usually run to the store right before I make it.

I do keep an ongoing to-do list, but it is a fluid list with no designated days or times to get things done. This week I am making a concerted effort to put my plans to writing with more intent. (This is so against my nature)

                              Goodbye 1st load of heavy, dark winter duds! See you next year!

Monday: Routine cleaning. Plan menu for the week (ugh) Catch up on all laundry. Begin changing over wardrobe to spring/summer clothes. Plan garden plantings. Inventory big freezer. Exercise

Tuesday: Routine cleaning. Deep clean guest room. Deep clean upstairs office. Continue wardrobe change over. Run to Aldi to stock up on butter and asparagus. Create something. Exercise

Wednesday: Class. Routine cleaning. Laundry. Deep clean laundry room. Clean oven. Visit parents. Exercise

Thursday: Routine cleaning. Clean coat closet. Wash walls and woodwork in foyer.  Wash walls and woodwork in living room.  Wash walls and woodwork in dining room.  Clean windows in living room and dining room. Touch up paint foyer, living room and dining rooms.

Friday: Routine cleaning. Scrub master bath shower stall. Deep clean Master bedroom.

Saturday:  Chores at lake cabin

Random for the week
Gather, load and drop off 1 box of Goodwill items
Get screened porch ready for the pollen onslaught
Scrub kitchen garbage can
Finish all mending
Fix bedroom vanity chair

Monday night  : Alfredo sauce over spinach noodles, tossed salad, steamed asparagus
Tuesday night  : Book club, eating out

Wednesday pm: Baked chicken, roasted brussels sprouts, rice, carrot and raisin salad

Thursday night : Mexican casserole, cole slaw, corn on the cob

Friday night      : Grilled Chicken, green beans, tossed salad, potato wedges

Saturday night  : Stir fry with rice

Sunday night    : Soup with cheese toast


  1. That's quite an ambitious list, but what caught my eye was "Create something". What do you have planned for that?

    1. I honestly have no idea, but I have a set of charcoals that I am itching to play with. I figure I might draw something. I need some "primitive" artwork for the lake place and have no budget for it, at least I will make an attempt.

  2. Great list and meal plan! I try to make lists for meals and things to do but I always regard them loosely. I find that our lives and days can change from minute to minute so I try to stay flexible and allow for things not getting done. When I do make a list and am able to cross everything completely off I feel such a huge sense of accomplishment. :) Your meals sound delicious, by the way!

    1. Even though I don't have the changes parents with young kids have, things still happen that change my days. That is why I always keep my ongoing list fluid. Plus there are just days I do not want to do anything but read, and now that the kids are grown I indulge that habit sometimes. I am truly trying to stick to the things and days listed this week.

  3. I live by the list but I would forget to do so much and then things would go astray and I would have a freakout. So in order to be calm, I have a list. I may also have some issues. You have probably already figured that out. Plus I am a bad cook so I have to try and have something to go for the week or again I flip/stress out.
    You are lucky that you are packing winter stuff up, it snowed here yesterday. YUCK.

    1. Issues are what make most of us fun! I am pretty sure everyone in my realm has issues of some kind or another, or I probably wouldn't like them. (Well except me who has no issues if you disregard acute claustrophobia, aversion to feet, beets, bananas, and liver, synesthesia, an intense Southern drawl, and occasional smart ass tendencies.)

    2. You don't like feet either?! I didn't think anyone else had that issue but me- Ha! :)

    3. I love baby feet and toddler feet and can even tolerate them until about 4 year old feet. After that I don't want them touching me and I don't want anyone touching mine. I am so funny about feet once my shoe fell off and my foot touched the floor at Walmart. I used my cart and hopped on one foot to the sock rack to buy a pair of socks to put on before I could put my foot back in my shoe. I also wear 2 pairs of socks when going through airport security. As soon as I am through security I take off the outer socks before I put my shoe back on, then I throw the outer pair away. (I save all the socks with no mates for this very reason) The rational part of me knows this is not normal, but my feet don't get the message.