Thursday, February 9, 2017

Checking to See Exactly What Is in There

Lauralynn at All That Junk In My Trunk posted a pantry inventory list which I thought was so clever. I have several food storage areas in my kitchen and beyond and I never know exactly what I have on hand.  Using her post as my inspiration, I started a complete inventory but after one area I saw something shiny  and lost interest in finishing. Then I  decided I would just inventory one area at a time. 

Today's list is what I fondly call my baking center.  I have a free standing counter in my kitchen which functions to separate my kitchen from my breakfast area. When I had it built I decided I wanted it movable because I had this vague notion I would shift it around different areas. It has been in the exact spot I put it originally and has not been moved ever. Yeah, cause I am not a creature of habit or anything like that.

I also have no idea why I call it my baking center, except for holding my baking ingredients and some baking pans, but everyone in the family know what I mean when I call it that so the name stuck. I actually do all my measuring, mixing, rolling, and everything else on my kitchen counter.  When I had to cabinet built I temporarily lost my mind and bought a tile for the top that was esthetically pleasing but not a great work surface for what I intended. It turns out that really cool tile that looks like black crocodile hide does not work well as a prep surface. So I guess in reality I should call it the Faux Baking Center.

This is a list of every single item in there. I would like to say that some items were bought and shoved to the back of the cabinet then forgotten, but when I designed it I had it made so there are doors on both sides. I will admit I am mostly aghast  and embarrassed at the number as well as the quantities of things.  I am going to have to do some serious baking in the next few months to use this inventory.

6 oz. organic vegetable shortening
2 sticks butter flavored crisco
2 pk. Jiffy Cornbread mix
1 pk pumpkin cornbread mix
3/4 container nutritional yeast
1 lb coconut sugar
1 lb demerara sugar
1 lb turbinado sugar
1/2 lb evaporated cane juice sugar
8 lb organic cane sugar (granulated)
3 lb regular granulated sugar (cane)
1 1/2 lb confectioners sugar
2 lb light brown sugar
3/4 bottle agave 
1 lb cacao powder
1 1/2 tins cocoa powder
1 1/2 bags chocolate chips
1 cup mini chocolate chips
1 bag peanut butter chips
13 ounces white chocolate
6 ounces bittersweet chocolate
34 ounces unsweetened chocolate
1 pack Aubilita solid chocolate
3/4 container custard powder
1 container assorted Christmas sprinkles
gold, silver, red and green sanding sugar
7 lb unbleached ap flour
3 lb unbleached self rising flour
1 lb whole wheat pastry flour
2 lb coconut flour
2 lb masa
2 lb cornmeal
3 bags unsweetened shredded coconut
1 bag sweetened coconut
3 lb pickling salt
2 lb raw cashews
2 lb raw almonds
1 lb roasted almonds
1 lb pistachios
1/2 lb raw walnuts
1 lb pecan halves
1/2 lb roasted sunflower seed
1 cup raw pumpkin seed
1/2 can  Cafe Du Monde coffee with chicory
2 lb expresso beans
1 lb blond coffee beans
1 lb regular ground coffee
1/2 lb decaf coffee ground
1 lb decaf  coffee beans
1/2 box stevia packets
1 jar coffee creamer
1 jar instant macha tea
117 tea bags (speciality teas and herbal teas)

Wow!  And next up__the pantry.


  1. If I had a msassive snow day and was stuck inside with your pantry, I would go to town!

    1. I would love to have someone come here and go to town using this stuff!

  2. Love it -- faux baking center 😂
    I forced myself to inventory everything and you would think I was prepared for a zombie apocalypse or at least a massive snowstorm, which rarely happens in my neck of the woods.

    1. One year Son 1 flew home , walked in the door form the airport and and opened the pantry door looking for something to snack on. His first words were "Ready for Armageddon?"

  3. Saw something shiny, I love that, I call it a Squirrel, as In a squirrel just ran across my brain and I am off in another direction, Squirrel......

  4. I'm actually doing something in my kitchen every night, even if only 15 minutes worth of work. Right now I have MY baking centre sprawled out all over the table, ready to be sorted, thrown, cleaned and whatever else. There is some pretty old, gunky stuff at the back to be honest. But I reckon I have so far spent about 8 hours on my kitchen alone and it still isn't finished. Not sure I want to know what that says about me. Anna

    1. I think it says we are all in the same kitchen overload boat!

  5. All that chocolate! I have several different places where I store food, too. Actually looking at your list I am reminded that I didn't inventory my chocolate or dried fruit stash or my spices. Then of course there is the tea cupboard. And the big freezer... Let's just say...I'm well prepared for emergencies, preferably those that don't involve loss of electricity. ;-p

  6. Your post made me realize I had no idea what I have vs. what I need (Nothing it seems. The pantry inventory is shameful)

  7. I love the concept of your faux baking center! Your inventory of baking supplies is awesome! I see some yummy baking happening in your kitchen in the near future!

    1. I hope I do some just to use things! I think I need to start taking goodies every time I go somewhere.

  8. I have reversed my pantry and a free standing shelf unit in my kitchen by putting ugly small appliances (hate looking at them) in the pantry where I can't see them and put the food items on the free standing shelf unit. The added bonus is that I look at the food items several times a day as I walk by so I know what I need to buy and what I need to use up. I'm weird.