Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Better than BBQ?

Memorial Day comes each year and every year we do what most of the nation does. We remember those who died for our country, briefly and thankfully, then begin the process of barbecuing. Son3 had an impromptu gang over to swim so the Hub and I kinda ignored them and set about doing what we were going to do anyway. Cook and eat! We had already decided on BBQ chicken and thanks to a little stop at a produce market on the way home from the beach had fresh sweet corn. The Hub seared the chicken and then we stuck it in an aluminum pans which we put on the grill ( turned down to low). Mix a bottle of your favorite bbq sauce ( the cheapest) and the same amount of real coke. Pour it over the chicken, seal the pan with foil and just let it bubble away for about an hour.

When the chicken had been cooking for about 30 minutes I carefully peeled the corn husks back without tearing them off the bottom of the corncob. I got as many of the silks off as I could then rinsed the ears off and wet the husks, leaving the water droplets on the corn ear. Pull the husks back over the corn and plop it on an empty space on the grill. Cook for about 15 minutes then turn using tongs. Cook it for another 15 minutes and then take up the chicken and the corn all at the same time.

I mixed 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise with 1/2 teaspoon smoked ground chipotle pepper. I took the cork husks and pulled them down but left them attached to the corn. The inner husks were still very green and soft so I pulled one off each ear of corn and used it to tie the husks into a "ponytail" type thing. ( It makes a handy corn holder, plus it just looks cute.) I slathered the mayo on the corn ( 4 ears) Then we each squirted a slice of lime juice on it. All I can say is wow! It was fabulous. I found the recipe on Chow, a website for/about food. They actually wanted me to sprinkle cheese over the corn, but we didn't need/want it. It is something I will do over and over this summer.

Since Son3 and friends were still swimming and I didn't have enough to feed everyone ( We were assured they would not be eating with us. ) I did not offer them supper. I was told after the fact that they were dying from the delicious smells.
Maybe Son3 will learn to let me know in advance they will be there when I am cooking and I will include all in the head count. As a result of not letting me know in advance plus having guests until after 10, he didn't get to eat supper that night. The next day he warmed up the leftovers for his lunch. He raved about the 2 ears of leftover corn and was disappointed there was no more for the next days lunch.

Insert violin music here.

I will let you know some more of our grilling adventures as the summer continues. I hear grilled okra is tasty!

Chow and Ciao

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