Friday, August 3, 2012

Cake and Coffee for Breakfast???

This morning I was wondering what to have for a quick breakfast before I went to meet 2 of my new favorite little girls.  I had gotten all my morning stuff done but still had not eaten and it was getting late. I needed something quick and on the low point side of life.  Eureka!  I had some leftover Angel Food cake.  OK!  I'll admit it is not a particularly good  breakfast, but I really needed to eat something and it had to be available right then. ( Truth be known I have eaten much worse, like a Reese's Cup or some Oreo's)  Plus this is not just any Angel Food cake.  This is the cake that is making the Pinterest rounds.  Almost daily I see it pop up on a board of someone I am following.

Pineapple Angel Food Cake

1 box of angel food cake mix
1 large can of crushed  pineapple in its own juice

Ignore the directions on the back of the cake mix.   Put the cake mix in a regulation mixing bowl. Pour the entire contents of the crushed pineapple into the mix.  Stir with a wooden spoon until it is well blended. Spray a 9x13 non-stick pan with Pam ( I really messed up here and used a regular pan). Bake at 350 degrees until it springs back when touched.  In my oven that is about 25 minutes. ( I know because I cooked it the recommended 30 minutes and burned the bottom a bit)  You know your own oven so start checking at 25 minutes and adjust the time as needed.  DO NOT eat this cake warm.  The first time I tried it the cake was still warm from the oven.  It was chewy and tasteless. I told everyone at our dinner how bad it was. ( For the record I was eating this while they had peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.)  I put a piece of foil over the baking pan thinking I would  probably have to toss it out the next day.  The next afternoon I cut a small bite of it to see if it was a "keepit or coaster".  It is the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde of cakedom. Turns out that cooling completely changed both the flavor and consistency.  The aroma had fully developed and the pineapple flavor permeated the entire cake.  The texture was like a traditional Angel Food cake but has a bit more moisture.  If you like pineapple I can't imagine not liking this cake.  Each bite is filled with flavor.  Another upside of this particular cake is the WW point value.  This is another 4 point dessert that is company worthy. ( Serving=1/12 of the cake)  To serve it to guests I would add a dollop of  lightly sweetened whipped cream.  If you use that fake stuff fine, just don't let me know it.

I think the only thing I will do differently when I make this again will be to measure the cake mix and just use half of it.  An 8x8 pan should work perfectly.  A 9x13 cake is just too much Angel Food cake ( Now if it were chocolate cake my family would be fighting over who got the last piece.)  Even after deciding it was worth saving I still had to toss about 1/4 of it.  Like all Angel Food cake, in a super humid deep south environment, it wept and who likes wet cake?  I am also going to try it using mandarin oranges packed in juice.  I will need  to measure the fruit vs juice in the pineapple and adjust accordingly, but I think it should be a pleasing taste.  I might try strawberries also.  I think any soft fruit with the same amount of liquid would probably work.

So I guess I follow the  breakfast advice of Marie Antoinette!

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