Thursday, November 13, 2014

Salmon Fritatta Day 25, 26 and 27

Day 25

I confess this is getting boring and difficult now.  We used to eat out a couple of nights a week and eat somewhere fabulous (or just fabulous tasting) at least once a month.  Now our eating out is mostly take out from Chipotle's.  Don't get me wrong, the carnitas salad with pico and guacamole is really tasty and I have been enjoying it very much.  It's just that I am ready to go somewhere and sit down with a drink and perhaps have a bite or two of the bread.  I am talking about tiny bites, not much and not more than one day a week.

I didn't want to cook tonight so we went out to Bluff Park Diner, a nearby meat and three.  For any of you not from the south, a meat and three is generally a cafeteria type place which serves 3 types of plates:  a meat with 2 vegetables (Did you know that in the south mac and cheese is a veggie?), a meat with 3 vegetables or a vegetable plate with three vegetables.  I had already decided that whatever I could legally eat was what I would have.  As it turned out, it was not really great, but hey, I didn't have to cook.

breakfast  leftover pork tenderloin, broccoli and carrots ( I only had to nuke it)

lunch       apple
                turkey slices

dinner      yellow squash and onions
                green beans
                turnip greens ( I really, really wanted the cornbread that came with the meal)
                unsweetened tea
later         clementine

Day 26

 Book club night with some of my favorite people.  Tonight we met at Firebird's to eat and gab instead of talking about the book since we never decided on one last month.  Occasionally we all get caught up in day to day stuff and have a month like this.  Funny that no one minds at all.  Man will I be glad when this month is over. I really wanted just 1 bite of the bread. Well one bite of bread and a Double Black Diamond Martini.  Maybe next month

breakfast  salmon fritatta with onions and collards

lunch       clementine

dinner     Firebird's grilled salmon, green beans, mixed vegetables, ahi tuna
               unsweetened tea

later        too many cashews, again

                                            Salmon Fritatta with collard greens and onions

              To put things in perspective, this is a full size dinner plate, not a breakfast one

2 teaspoons olive oil
1/12 cup chopped collard greens
1/4 small onion chopped
1/4ish cup canned wild Alaskan salmon, broken up in small pieces ( I just eyeballed)
1 egg, beaten

In a non stick skillet heat the oil to mid high and add the collards and onions.  Cook, stirring often until the greens wilt and are about half of their beginning bulk.  Add the salmon and heat it through.  Pour the beaten egg over the top of the salmon and cook covered until the egg is cooked through. (about 4 minutes maybe)  Serve on a plate and enjoy.  This makes a huge breakfast serving.

I wish I remembered what blog I saw this on. ( I forgot to bookmark it, plus I really have no idea what the original recipe was.  I only remembered kale, eggs and salmon and added the onion because I had collards rather than kale and thought it might help the flavor a bit.0  This was a very good breakfast, probably best eaten mid morning unless you are a fan of fish early.

 I am obsessive about washing my hands when cooking and often use them as cooking tools.  This morning I used my fingers to crumble the salmon. Big Mistake!  After washing my hands tons of times during the day, Shelby the dog kept doing a drive by licking every time she passed me.  It was not until I got in the car with its close confines that I realized my hands still had a slight salmon odor.  Use a folk and don't smell like cat food all day.

Day 27

4 days and counting!  After eating out last night I had much larger servings than I have been eating and was still not hungry this morning.  I decided to eat when I was hungry and not before.  After doing some house stuff and running to a couple of grocery stores I decided to stop by my parents house.  They were eating some soup I could not eat, but just smelling it made my stomach growl.  Thankfully they had an apple and I ate that. After visiting with them  a couple of hours it was getting close to time to begin cooking supper.  I was getting really hungry but it was too near dinner time to eat anything.

Breakfast  wasn't hungry

lunch        out and about, no time to eat
                 coffee and water

snack        apple

dinner      pork tenderloin
                baked sweet potato
                huge mound of sauteed collard greens, mustard greens, and onions
                coffee with almond milk


  1. You're doing so well. You really are inspiring me to make healthier changes to my diet! I always put things off until the after the holidays, but I need to start now. Thank you for sharing your meals and recipes.

  2. You're most welcome, just don't ask me what I am doing Thanksgiving day. All bets are off!

  3. Did you try try the lemon juice on the hands to get rid of a smell trick? I've had moderate success with it.

    1. I did eventually, but I was in the middle of errands when I realized something fishy was still happening. I have to hand it to canned salmon. It does not give up the scent easily

  4. Hahaha, drive by licking.
    I'm so impressed that you have stuck to it this long and not cheated. I just can't be that good.

  5. Believe it or not this was the easiest "diet" I have ever done. I think it is because there is nothing I "have" to eat, just a few things ( ok a boatload of things) on the no-no list. After day 3 I didn't crave them.