Monday, August 3, 2015


I received a notification via the mail that my power would be out for 4 hours this morning. It was supposed to be from 9-1, but now the powers that be are toying with me.  It is currently 9:35 and the power is still on.  My coffee is made and in a thermos, I have already done my early morning energy requiring chores, but now they are tempting me to begin just one more project so they can pull the proverbial plug when I am mid-way through.  I feel like I am in a state of suspended animation.
Do I begin another load of laundry or not?
Vacuum or wait?  
Why are they doing this in hot August?
Why are they late? The day is just                                                                                                             going to get hotter.
                                                                                                        First World problems?


  1. I'd start the vacuuming but hold off on the laundry washing....don't want a load of wet not-quite-clean clothing in this humidity. ;-)

  2. If you start a project, the power will go out. If you kick back, it won't. Start something easy and then plan on reading a book.

  3. Sluggy, I did go ahead and toss in a load of towels. The suspense and feeling like I could start nothing was killing me. I figure if the power goes out mid wash I can finish them when the power returns and just add a cup of vinegar to the final rinse. I hate to vacuum so I am putting that off ( I probably would anyway)

    Sonya Ann I am fully prepared for the power to actually be turned off at noon now. Why do it early when we can wait for the day to be scorching hot. If it goes off then I am declaring it a message from above that I am supposed to grab a cheap paperback and float in the pool reading until all is restored.

  4. I agree we are "powerless" but it's bloody annoying that they tell you one thing and then do another!

  5. Gill , I understand things change and am trying to be flexible. I had just rather not be without ac when it is 95. The morning is much more bearable. Then again maybe they solved the issue without having to upset this part of the grid. One can only hope!

  6. Hopefully, your power has been fully restored by now. I like how you always remind us that we have "first world" problems. With that being said, they're still annoying.

    1. Well I hurried up and got things ready for the big power outage that lasted about 15 minutes total. The upside is having most things done before 9 am.

  7. It's just as bad when our internet goes out. I feel powerless! LOL Hopefully the outage didn't last too long, but on the bright side you powered through your chore list. ~pun intended! LOL

  8. Hahaha, you are right about the internet. Just the moment it goes out I have the unrelenting need to know all the facts of the Third Punic War right that instant!