Sunday, January 3, 2016

January Joy List

Each month I try to make a list of 30 things that will bring me joy.  I understand that some of these things might sound more like a chore than joy, but trust me.  If I list it here it will be joyous to me.

First is the December list with what did and what didn't happen, followed but the January list of possibilities.

December's Joy List:  I think I flunked the Joy list  in December

1.Think of the best thing that happened each day with gratitude.
2. Make slice and bake cookies for the freezer to use throughout the holidays
3. Go to a Nutcracker performance  We were supposed to go see our great niece, but life changed our plans
4. Listen to live Christmas music
5. Finish all decorating by December 7th.
6. Address and mail all the Santa Letter
7. Make a gift for my Beloved Sister
8. Make a gift for my granddaughter (the most beautiful girl in the world)
9. Sing Christmas Carols each day
10. Bake Shelby, the dog, fresh doggie treats  Sorry Sheeb!
11. Make 5 meals for the freezer to have when company comes
12. Try 3 new candy recipes
13. Celebrate the advent season with a weekly devotion and lighting of the advent candles.
14. Take Mom to see Christmas sights
15. Take the granddaughter to see Christmas lights, ride the reindeer carousel and see Santa
16. Volunteer with special needs adults
17. Finish addressing Christmas cards and mail by Dec 8th.
18. Have friends in for beverages and cookies
19. Take Mom to visit some friends
20. Help Mom with a small luncheon. She decided not to have one and took them out instead
21. Take blankets and old coats to one of the local homeless shelters.  It has been hot here and they are not needed/wanted yet, but I have them ready when the weather turns.
22. Take food to someone having a difficult time.
23. Send a celebration card or note to someone with exceptionally good news
24. Pick a random family to help with Christmas. (Try and remember it is a blessing to be a blessing)
25. Toys for Tots
26. Special food pantry donation
27. Sit by the fire alone (if the temp will drop below 45) with just candles, tree lights, christmas music and hot buttered rum to reflect on what Christmas really means  In reality is was sit by the fireplace with no fire, wearing shorts and the ac running, drinking iced tea to reflect on what the season really means.
28. Try to be particularly nice to every one in retail.  It is not their fault if I shop too late!
29. Make a list of everyone who does services for me, to remember them at Christmas
30. Pray for peace daily, hope for peace and practice peace in my daily life. (Even toward the people who pull out in front of me then drive 20)  I really did try and practice peace daily, but it was Christmas and there were too many idiots driving. I did not honk and was not aggressive with my driving but I might have called a couple of folks dumb asses when they nearly hit me, especially the lady on her cell phone who still has not noticed she nearly rammed me. Thank you guy behind her who honked!
31. Remember that sometimes the most unloveable needs the most love.
32. Read 2 and 1/4 books  I didn't even finish the 1/4th book
34. Try out a new look
35.  Serve something ordinary by candlelight in the dining room. Use china, crystal and the good linens.  Ate often in the dining room but used Snowman dishes instead of china because granddaughter was here!

And now on to January

 1 . Send someone who deserves it a hand written congratulations note.
 2 . Take care of all thank you notes.
 3 . Buy new address pages and calendar pages for Daytimer.
 4 . Cut bouquet of prematurely blooming camellias I probably have 150 blooms right now
 5 . Wear new funky socks
 6 . Take food to someone having a hard time Single mom having a hard time right now is sick and           needed a little food today.
 7 . Food bank large donation (they dry up after Christmas)
 8 . Take coats and blankets to shelter. (It was so hot in December they wouldn't take them)
 9 . Volunteer at IP at least 1 time this month
10. Eat salad daily
11. Work on family cookbook
12. Make 1 Christmas present for next year
13. Purge 10 things per week
14. Read 3 books
15. Watch a movie that will make me cry (I am thinking Madame X with Lana Turner)
16. Force bloom some bulbs, narcissus maybe?
17. Make citrus infused wine for summer
18. Clean dining room buffet (drawers and cabinets)
19. Go through all Christmas decorations and discard anything I will not use again
20. Learn to do something new.
21. Find some free live music and enjoy it Heard a Ugandan children's choir (From an orphanage)
22. Try a new to me recipe
23. Begin learning conversational Spanish (Speaking is much harder for me than reading it.)
24. Take Mom to visit Uncle Bob
25. Take Mom window shopping
26. Find some kind of mission work for homeless
27. Attend a lecture or informational meeting
28.  Go to a local museum
29. Try a new to me food (fruit or vegetable)
30. Finish repairing quilt
31. Make some centerpiece for Chinese New Year (Feb 8) This is the year of the Red Monkey


  1. I see you want to make a centerpiece for Chinese New Year. Do you do a special celebration for that?

  2. Nope, we just grab some take out Chinese. I figure if the Chinese people celebrate my New Years, I can celebrate theirs. The centerpiece will just be some fun red monkey and a lantern or 2

  3. You have such nice things on your list. My list would be something like giving a "special massage" to my husband and watching a movie while eating an entire bag of chips.

    1. I am kind of like Jules in Pulp Fiction and I'm trying really hard

  4. I dont think you flunked December, any joy is a win :)

    1. I agree any joy is a win, I was just aiming for a ton of joy!

  5. You are so ambitious! I might be able to complete a list of 10 things if I really tried hard :)

    1. I am not ambitious at all, just TRYING (an trying badly sometimes) to live reflectively.

  6. Love.

  7. Love your list. Good luck on getting all of your list done!

    1. I don't think I will get it all done, but hopefully most of it will happen

  8. I'm liking 5 and 13!!!! Actually, I've got 5 on right now. Wow, it feels great to accomplish things.

    1. I wore my funky socks last night so I have done that but I love them and can see them becoming my favorite. Also I started collecting my 10 things to purge this week and wound up with about 50. Now I am in a quandary. Do I go ahead and take them all to The Salvation Army and count it as done for the month, or if I take them does it still only count as the weekly purge and I still have to come up with 10 next week or do I apply the 10 overage to next month? This might just make my head explode.

    2. Take the 50 and keep the number in your head. Keep purging. One of these days you can use the extra 40 to take up the slack in a week where things happen that keep you from purging.

      #27 on the Dec list was something you could not do.

      Socks? Who has needed socks until just lately?

    3. Yeah, I'm thinking just push through with the purge. Go man, go.
      I still have DJ so its hard t really get things going here. I'm driving him back Sunday so life should get back to normal soon. I think that I am going to clean carpets today. That's fun right?
      I think I am going to continue posting on Saturdays about what I have accomplished for the week. Maybe being accountable weekly will help me get more done. Or it will make me crazy.

    4. Purging and finding a home for the ever increasing Christmas stuff is my new normal I guess.

  9. For the record I think you did splendid and December! Your lists are always so great. Looking forward to a wonderful January.

  10. Thanks Rivulet, I really do try and think this through before I post.