Friday, April 1, 2016

April Joy List

Hmmm.  March came and went and I didn't get a lot of my list finished, but I did go to New York  and Son3 came home for Spring Break, so I am cutting myself a little slack.

1.  Volunteer at Independence Place
2.  Volunteer with  homeless ministry
3.  Find and enjoy free live music Nick Finzer and Chris Ziemba
4.  Go to an art show Went to a ballet instead
5.  Use some form of transportation I don't normally use  Rode the train today
6.  Make a Christmas present  Merry Christmas Beloved Sister
7.  Work on learning Spanish -Didnt happen
8.  Use remainder of frozen meats Should finish the rest this coming week
9.  Decorate for St. Pat's and then Easter (They are terribly close together this year so maybe just       Easter)   Simple Easter decorations won
10. Plan something special for Mom's birthday Early dinner at Mom's with Sis, TheHub, Mom Son2, and me.  She really liked it though.
11. Take Mom out weekly at night Most weeks but she didn't want to go one week
12. Explore a small town  nearby.  Visit a local business and eat at a local restaurant/diner there.
13. Read 4 books The Things We Bury, The Kitchen House, The Toaster Oven Mocks Me, Southern Routes:              Secret Recipes from the Best Joints in the South
14. Paint a couple of pictures for the lake place -Totally uninspired
15. Try a new to me vegetable, herb or fruit Forget what it was called but it was a radish type thing from an Asian          market
16. Go to a museum
17. Learn jazz  piano (at least 1 song) Can't play it terribly well but learned Elmer's Tune
18. Make citrus infused wine for summer  And now the wait begins
19. Begin the seasonal wardrobe change Almost finished
20. Refashion at least 1 clothing item.
21. Get rid or 10 items per week
22. Reconnect with someone I have lost touch with.
23. See a play Saw "Million Dollar Quartet", "The King and I" Saw it at the Lincoln Center. Go if at all possible!
24.  Go to the park and watch a random little league baseball game
25. Try an ethnic meal from a region I have never tried before
26. Send someone a handwritten congratulatory note.
27. Take food to someone having a rough patch.
28. Try a totally new and different hair style/color Style not color this time
29. Buy and donate an Easter outfit for a kid
30. Keep a gratitude notebook for March, listing every good thing.
31. Eat something chocolaty and gooey after Lent, then hop back on the paleo wagon. Decided to hop back on          Monday
32. Remember to be kind, even when I don't want to be.
33. Do something for someone randomly, expecting nothing in return

April Joy List

1. Take Mom to Uncle Bob's  Happy Birthday, UB!
2. Have a small dinner party Had grilled swordfish, baked potatoes, salad, rolls and cake for 4
3. Learn another jazz song for piano Lullaby of Birdland (again not great but I can play it and even tried my hand at improv)
4. Take food to someone having a hard time Sorry about the surgery Sally but loved seeing you
5. Go to a small town 2 times this month.  Eat Locally and explore a local business. Ran out of time
6. Since I missed Easter, buy an outfit for someone who has lost everything - Found a family who lost everything in    a fire. Waiting for specific sizes and wants
7. Go watch a little league ball game- Just flat out didn't do this
8. Go to a museum - didn't do it
9. See a play  - Gave our tickets to Flashdance away
10. Go to a matinee movie by myself (eat popcorn)- Nothing I really wanted to see was playing
11. Read at least 4 books  "The Day I Was Crucified" "The Runaway Family" "The Girl on a Train"
12. Try a new to me beverage Sazerac (meh)
13. Continue with the gratitude list I am amazed at what all I have to be thankful about
14. Make 2 prototypes for I.P. Christmas sale will post pics of these later
15.Volunteer at Independence Place This place has a large piece of my heart
16. Seriously do something with a homeless ministry  Cooked for a couple of families in transitional housing.
17. Take flowers to someone
18. Get herbs planted 
19. Watch an Opera (if I can't see one live at least I can watch a video) Dido and Aeneas. Ran out of time but will     do this in May
20. Find some free live music to enjoy  Heard Sweet Kick at Workplay's bar.
21. Make a Christmas present  This one is really cute. I actually want it.
22. Repair 2 squares on quilt top Thought of this every time I made my bed, then didn't think about it again.
23. Polish silver (yes it is a chore but I love the way things look after it is done)
24. Get rid of 10 items per week
25. Paint those 2 pictures for the lake (Find some inspiration somewhere) Did 1 but still uninspired about the other
26. Make cookies for the neighborhood kids
27. Open the pool Rain  got in the way
28. Work on learning Spanish
29. Work on family cookbook
30. Have guests at the lake place Forgot TheHub was going to be busy 2 weeks this month. Maybe in May
31. Be kind, even if I don't want to This month has been one that begged me to kick butt and take names, but I am      forcing myself to be kind (even to those who don't deserve my kindness, but probably need it most. I am                thinking of eliminating this item in May just so I can snap if I want to.)
32. Plant flower seed (Must have zinnias) 
33. Make paper from junk mail- Have to find a working blender at a garage sale first, no luck so far. Not using my        good blender.
34. Paint corner cabinets in dining room (faux leather tops?)
35. Paint decorative edging on basement stairs at lake place.- Only went once and left my paints at home.


  1. Your lists are always inspirational - and shame producing

    1. They inspire me too, but just not to action. If it's true the road to Hell is paved with good intentions I hope I am not scheduled to travel any time soon.

  2. Keep doing these lists. I intend to join you--someday. Something about good intentions and the road to Hell is still winning.

  3. I am going to keep doing them, and maybe (just maybe) I will actually complete a list

  4. #33 sounds like so much fun!!!! I hope you post about it.
    I'm like you, I get some done and well, others just want to stay on the list for a while.

  5. If it works I will post it! If not I will toss it in recycling. This month my aim is to have 90 percent done. (Gee why not 100?)

  6. I love the list. I am so inspired I think I will make one. We will see how it goes. I like that you are going to paint pictures. I have not painted in a really longgggg time. I would like to start again.
    Have a really great week.

    1. I think I am generally more of an irritant than an inspiration! I have been kind of uninspired on the painting front and unfortunately still am, but those pictures are not going to paint themselves.