Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chore Check List

As I said in the last post, Son3 is headed home from school for a brief visit and bringing 2 or 3 friends with him.  They are going to stay both here and at the lake place which means twice as much work getting things ready for them. So I thought I would gripe share where I am on my to do list.

Saturday and Sunday we spent at the lake watching all the other people at the lake swim, ski, tube, kayak, sun, boat, or fish while we cleaned and washed and cleaned and cut grass and  cleaned and washed a little more.

Lake Place

Bathrooms -  Totally done
Beds - Clean sheets on all
Linens - All washed and put away
Refrigerator - Cleaned
Kitchen - Cleaned
Deck - Scrubbed, all furniture cleaned, cushions washed
Windows - Cleaner (ok I did not do the exterior windows)
Family room - Cleaned
Floors- Mopped, vacuumed, swept as surface dictates
Yard - Mowed, plants planted
Boathouse - Hosed (goose poop removal system)
Boat - Cover cleaned (Purple Martin poop removal
Kayak - Hosed and de spidered
Beach Towels - Washed and in holder by the door

Guest Room - Cleaned, fresh sheets, needs vacuuming,
Guest Bath - Cleaned, linens out, toiletries out

Music Room - Nothing done. Needs a minor miracle
Bedroom 2- Nothing done, not even a bed in there.  Needs air mattress blown up, sheets and toiletries                     out
Son3 Room - Done except vacuuming
Son3 Bath - Done
Common Areas downstairs - Needs work but not too far from being done
Laundry room - Looks like crap
Kitchen - Good with the exception of cleaning the fridge and routine clean-up.
Deck - Needs sweeping and a quick dusting
Backyard - Grass needs cutting, need to pot 2 plants in empty planters
Pool - Fingers crossed, water no longer is green, needs vacuuming
Pool Deck- Needs furniture moved form the storage building, cushions on chaises


  1. Sounds like you're almost there in getting things set up for the summer at the beach house and not doing too badly giving your regular house a once over. I'm all in favor of shutting doors when at all possible to help with the "clean up". And as you know, your son and his friends won't really notice or care if some things are out of order or dusty.

    1. I don't think they guys would care but one is a female and that changes the dynamics. If guest 4 decides to come she is female also so I am mainly cleaning for the female/s.

      Plus it is a good time to get rid of a lot of excess "stuff" i have accumulated over the years.

  2. I sure hope they appreciate all your hard work. Hopefully they won't mess it up and you can enjoy the beach house the rest of the summer without too much additional work

    1. Appreciation? I think only the gal friend will appreciate it so I mainly am doing this for her. Son3 knows he will incur the Wrath of Anne if he leaves it a mess, but I am planning on going down for the weekend after they leave to at least bring home any foods left in the fridge. I

  3. I loved how you are satisfied with "cleaner" rather than "clean". My kind of gal.....lolz

  4. Friend F is coming to adjust my antenna. He knows my house is far from clean, but it does not My standards must necessarily be low. His house is immaculate, and he does all his own housework.

  5. I got tired and overwhelmed just reading this. You have put me to shame.

    1. My butt is tired! I am going to need a recovery vacation!

  6. I know it was a generalization, but most college age guys notice very little about their immediate surroundings except for the fun factor

  7. And cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. Yup, I know that dance.

    1. I hate housework and I especially hate double housework