Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Joy List

Well at this rate I don't have to worry about ever finishing my joy list.  On to May!

April Joy List

1. Take Mom to Uncle Bob's  Happy Birthday, UB!
2. Have a small dinner party Had grilled swordfish, baked potatoes, salad, rolls and cake for 4
3. Learn another jazz song for piano Lullaby of Birdland (again not great but I can play it and even tried my hand at improv)
4. Take food to someone having a hard time Sorry about the surgery Sally but loved seeing you
5. Go to a small town 2 times this month.  Eat Locally and explore a local business. Ran out of time
6. Since I missed Easter, buy an outfit for someone who has lost everything - Found a family who lost everything in    a fire. Waiting for specific sizes and wants
7. Go watch a little league ball game- Just flat out didn't do this
8. Go to a museum - didn't do it
9. See a play  - Gave our tickets to Flashdance away
10. Go to a matinee movie by myself (eat popcorn)- Nothing I really wanted to see was playing
11. Read at least 4 books  "The Day I Was Crucified" "The Runaway Family" "The Girl on a Train" 
12. Try a new to me beverage Sazerac (meh)
13. Continue with the gratitude list I am amazed at what all I have to be thankful about
14. Make 2 prototypes for I.P. Christmas sale will post pics of these later
15.Volunteer at Independence Place This place has a large piece of my heart
16. Seriously do something with a homeless ministry  Cooked for a couple of families in transitional housing.
17. Take flowers to someone
18. Get herbs planted 
19. Watch an Opera (if I can't see one live at least I can watch a video) Dido and Aeneas. Ran out of time but will do this in May
20. Find some free live music to enjoy  Heard Sweet Kick at Workplay's bar.
21. Make a Christmas present  This one is really cute. I actually want it.
22. Repair 2 squares on quilt top Thought of this every time I made my bed, then didn't think about it again.
23. Polish silver (yes it is a chore but I love the way things look after it is done)
24. Get rid of 10 items per week
25. Paint those 2 pictures for the lake (Find some inspiration somewhere) Did 1 but still uninspired about the other
26. Make cookies for the neighborhood kids
27. Open the pool Rain  got in the way
28. Work on learning Spanish
29. Work on family cookbook
30. Have guests at the lake place Forgot TheHub was going to be busy 2 weeks this month, so we      had day guests not weekend ones.
31. Be kind, even if I don't want to This month has been one that begged me to kick butt and take        names, but I am      forcing myself to be kind (even to those who don't deserve my kindness, but     probably need it most. I am thinking of eliminating this item in May just so I can snap if I want to.
32. Plant flower seed (Must have zinnias) 
33. Make paper from junk mail- Have to find a working blender at a garage sale first, no luck so far.      Not using my  good blender.
34. Paint corner cabinets in dining room (faux leather tops?)
35. Paint decorative edging on basement stairs at lake place.- Only went once and left my paints at home.

May Joy List

 1. Take Mom out at least 1 night a week  Mom is angry with me (with her life) and wouldn't go                                                                            every week. Oh well, I tried.
 2. Go to a movie by myself (eat popcorn)
 3. Watch an Opera
 4. Go to a play  Saw Love's Labours Lost
 5. Find and enjoy some free music
 6. Go to a museum
 7. Find those elusive 2 small towns and visit them!
 8. Have weekend company    Not happening
 9.  Randomly make it a point to meet someone new
10. Meet someone from blogland for lunch Do yourself a favor and make it a point to meet Sluggy.                                                                       She is fabulous!                                                             
11. Be kind, even when I don't want to be kind.
12. Mend 2 squares on the quilt (This was a gift from my late MIL and it MUST be repaired)
13. Polish the silver (Tea service on the buffet is currently black)
14. Paint corner cabinets in the dining room
15. Paint decorative edge on lake house steps
16. Volunteer at Independence Place
17. Volunteer with some homeless/hunger mission
18. Give someone flowers Took Mom lilies from the yard tonight
19. Take food to someone having a hard time
20. Create a bedroom for granddaughter (my former office)
21. Learn another jazz piano piece.
22. Work on Spanish (Spanish with a Southern accent is not really pretty)
23. Work on the family cookbook
24. Make 2 more prototypes for Independence Christmas Bazaar sale.
25. Have a small dinner party
26. Have guests at the lake house
27. Send a note to someone who has good news.
28. Try a new to me beverage  Made some habanero infused tequila. Drank a shot on the rocks.                                                      Will never do that again, but I used just a tad in addition to traditional                                                   bloody mary fixin's and it was fantastic
29. Try cooking ethnic food I have never cooked before.
30. Make a Christmas gift I am not actually giving this one for Christmas, but made as a                                                             prototype. It will be made again in November for Christmas giving.
31. Paint a picture for the lake place
32. Contact someone I have been out of touch with for a long time.
33. Read 4 books.
34. Write in the gratitude notebook keeping a list of every good thing.
35. Laugh as much as possible


  1. Gee, I wonder how you will manage #10? Maybe they can talk you into doing #28 as well. hehehe

  2. I'd love to join you for #10. Nice aspirations. I want to do a movie with popcorn-no one to share with so as salty as I like!

    1. Number 10 is perpetually open. Any time you happen to be driving anywhere close to Birmingham let me know and we can make it happen

  3. Oh, I wish we lived closer so I could confiscate your #10 spot! :)
    I like #11 and #31- I didn't know that you like to paint!
    I always enjoy reading your list, Anne! You have such a good heart and always include so many ways to reach out to others. You are such a blessing and touch many lives.
    Speaking of which, there are two children that I know of that are pretty much worshipping the ground you walk on right now! I think I will hear the echoes of high pitched tiny voices screeching "MADAGASCARRRRR!" for a long long time....... :)
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Anne! :) ((Hugs!!))

    1. You are welcome. I was hoping it had gotten there but you never know with the mail. I started to leave 11 off the list because there were a couple of times in April I really wanted to kick butt and take names but I kept reminding myself to be kind. I really like the draw, not as big a fan of painting, but I need cheap artwork for the lake place and I can't find anyone who would cost me the same $0 I cost myself.

  4. Very interesting list as always!

  5. Interesting? Maybe. Unattainable? Probably!

  6. Love your aspirational list. So much.
    And am seriously impressed with how much you achieve. Perhaps on the being kind front you can allow yourself one day to explode...

    1. I am always very self critical of how little I accomplish. I feel like there is so much more to do.
      I am afraid if I succumb to my dark heart for even one day, I will not be able to rein it back in.

  7. Wish I could join you on #10. Darn work. I will have summer off starting June 1. If you decide to take a trip down this way, maybe to go to the gulf, let me know. You can stop here on your way down.

    1. My nephew and his wife live in Fairhope and my niece and her family and my SIL and her hub live in Daphne. Hopefully I can get down to visit them and meet with you while I am there.

  8. Want to join me in spending 30 minutes in nature daily for the month of May? Hee hee hee!

    1. Would be fun but I am the more 10 minute nature walk type of gal. I think forests and fields are gorgeous, I just prefer them from afar!

  9. Can I add my list to yours?
    Keep up the good work. I guess I will have to dust off my list and get back to work. YUCK

    1. Your list is always jam packed with real chores, which I avoid like the plague whenever possible. My actual chore list is suffering sever neglect right now, but why dust and vacuum when I find so many other diversions? I am wonderful at finding something to do instead of doing what I should.

  10. Even if I don't make my own list, your list always inspires me and makes me smile.

    1. My aim is not to inspire but to have a visual reminder to kick me in the rump when necessary. Obviously by all the undone April things I don;t kick myself too hard!

  11. It sounds like you're organizing a blogland get together. Where and when :)

    I like the movie alone with popcorn one. I've never done that and all of the sudden I'm thinking it would be quite nice. I also really like number 27, what a great goal! Okay, I like everything on the list but those two did stand out. I think you're going to have a wonderful month.

    1. Sluggy is rolling through town on her way to La and we are hooking up for lunch! It will be great to meet her in person . She has a huge personality through her writing and I can't wait to experience it in the 3D world
      I used to go to the movie alone about once a month and quit. I am ready to resume that habit