Friday, June 3, 2016

June Joy List

Once again I feel like a total failure because I did not complete even most of my joy list.  Maybe June is the month I can actually grab a little more joy in my life!

 1. Take Mom out at least 1 night a week  Mom is angry with me (and with her life) and wouldn't go                                                                            every week. Oh well, I tried. 
 2. Go to a movie by myself (eat popcorn)
 3. Watch an Opera Dido and Aneas
 4. Go to a play  Saw Love's Labours Lost   Excellent production!
 5. Find and enjoy some free music           Why didn't I do this?
 6. Go to a museum            Yes I am officially an uncultured galoot 
 7. Find those elusive 2 small towns and visit them!   ?!?!?!?!?! I have a car and gas, What                                                                                                   happened?
 8. Have weekend company    Not happening
 9.  Randomly make it a point to meet someone new  Had several conversations with a relatively                                                                                          new neighbor I have never talked with before.
10. Meet someone from blogland for lunch Do yourself a favor and make it a point to meet Sluggy.                                                                       She is fabulous!                                                             
11. Be kind, even when I don't want to be kind.
12. Mend 2 squares on the quilt (This was a gift from my late MIL and it MUST be repaired)
13. Polish the silver (Tea service on the buffet is currently black)
14. Paint corner cabinets in the dining room      I have decided to hire Eduardo to paint these
15. Paint decorative edge on lake house steps
16. Volunteer at Independence Place
17. Volunteer with some homeless/hunger mission
18. Give someone flowers Took Mom lilies from the yard tonight
19. Take food to someone having a hard time
20. Create a bedroom for granddaughter (my former office) Mostly finished but still need to dejunk                                                                                                  a bit more
21. Learn another jazz piano piece
22. Work on Spanish (Spanish with a Southern accent is not really pretty)
23. Work on the family cookbook
24. Make 2 more prototypes for Independence Christmas Bazaar sale.
25. Have a small dinner party
26. Have guests at the lake house
27. Send a note to someone who has good news.
28. Try a new to me beverage  Made some habanero infused tequila. Drank a shot on the rocks.                                                      Will never do that again, but I used just a tad in addition to traditional                                                   bloody mary fixin's and it was fantastic
29. Try cooking ethnic food I have never cooked before. Made a Malaysian dish
30. Make a Christmas gift I am not actually giving this one for Christmas, but made as a                                                             prototype. It will be made again in November for Christmas giving.
31. Paint a picture for the lake place
32. Contact someone I have been out of touch with for a long time.
33. Read 4 books. Ok I only read 2  The Fisherman and some unmemorable Chick Lit book whose                                title escapes me.
34. Write in the gratitude notebook keeping a list of every good thing.
35. Laugh as much as possible

And so begins the June list
 1. Volunteer at Independence Place
 2. Do something with a homeless mission
 3. Have houseguests Jack and Audrey
 4. Have guests at the lake place Jack and Audrey
 5. Find and enjoy some free music The music came to me this time. Son's guests were musicians
 6. Paint picture for the lake place
 7. Find a couple of nearby towns to explore
 8. Go to a movie matinee by myself and eat popcorn
 9. Make homemade ice cream
10. Have a small dinner party
11. Read 4 books  "Our Crime Was Being Jewish"  "The Auschwitz Escape" "The Good Goodbye"
12. Make a Christmas gift
13. Randomly talk with someone I have never talked with before Lovely conversation with a                                                                                                                     stranger
14. Reconnect with an old friend Sandy
15. Take food to someone having a hard time
16. Try a new food (at least new to me)
17. Try a new beverage
18. Swim laps at least 5 times each week
19. Have a picnic lunch or dinner on the boat
20. Go to a restaurant in a totally different part of the city (expand my horizon)
21. Learn another jazz piano piece
22. Try playing the violin again   Can't find it. Wondering if I gave it away
23. Work on the family cookbook
24. Learn a little more Spanish
25. Mend at least 2 squares of the quilt
26. Spend at least 4 consecutive nights at the lake place
27. Try a different hair color (For the record I am strawberry blonde this week) Copper!  I love it!
28. Watch an opera
29. Star gaze on a clear night (bonus points if it is at the lake with little ambient light)
30. Learn to do something new
31. Paint those dang corner cabinets in the dining room
32. Have Mom up for dinner each week (or take it to her house and eat with here there)
33. Keep a gratitude journal documenting every good thing
34. Be kind, especially when I don't want to be
35. Pray for the entire world
36. Buy something needed for someone who has lost everything
37. Take peanut butter, cereal and canned meats to the food pantry (really needed during the summer when there are no reduced cost school lunches)
38. Take flowers to someone Picked wildflowers from behind the auto shop.  Took them to Mom


  1. I'm amazed at the effort of your lengthy joy list, and the fact that you achieved so much is a feat. I was given three journals by my daughter for Mother's Day-not yet opened, and new pens. Maybe I'll borrow your #33 and break into one of them. Happy June!

  2. It would probably take me a year to get everything done on your lists. lolz

    1. I should be able to get these things done, but I have a wildcard mom who seems to need me daily for some real or imagined emergency.

  3. My father-in-law speaks Spanish with a southern, country accent. He's from Virginia and married someone from Guatemala. It is an interesting combination.

    As always, I'm inspired by your list. I know one way to be more successful. Make the list shorter and populate it with things you already do. Perhaps that's not the purpose, but you could probably finish it. When I finally get around to making my list, that may be how I start. :)

    1. I think I am trying to put myself out "there" a little more, wherever "there" is.

  4. I think you're too hard on yourself. Doesn't it subtract joy if you're unhappy about not accomplishing everything on the list? I volunteer to be a guest at the lake place, although I don't know where it is and don't have a way to get there. Thanks for the invitation. Lo apprecio mucho. If you go to a true Mexican restaurant, you can practice your Spanish with the people who work there. They are usually happy to teach you muchas palabras neuvas.


    1. The lake place is in Alabama. Come on down, up, over (whichever direction fits!

    2. I guess it's up and over, but I have no mode of travel. I'm sure you are a gracious hostess.

  5. You might think you are a failure. You are wrong. So very wrong. And why is it that we are harder on ourselves than anyone else?
    I am seriously impressed at your list and your aspirations.

    1. Thank you, but this should be doable, and a lot of it is from just not doing! And you are right we are all much more critical of ourselves than others are.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE 9 & 13!!! However I think you've put together an especially good list this month. And you've already marked some things off. You are going to have an absolutely wonderful June. I can just tell.

  7. Well who doesn't like ice cream? I hope June is good, but I guess it is up to me mainly. I am going to be a little more intent on doing a few of these things.