Saturday, January 22, 2011

Glad I did not make this a pass/fail blog

When we had the fake snowstorm a while ago, I was at the grocery store buying what I really and truly needed for the week. I was shopping from a list with only the items I needed for the following weeks menu. While the rest of the shopping public at Publix was in "snow frenzy" I was wandering around the store getting all of my purchases very purposefully. Inwardly I was laughing at the reactionary fools who were buying products willy nilly with no regard for what they actually needed. Oh yes, I was so far beyond all of that needless buying. Since the kitchen redo I can cook on my cooktop whether we have power or not. I actually started to feel a little smug and self righteous, since I was not becoming nuts at the prospect of a little snow. Then this nagging voice in the back of my head yelled "CHILI". Wait! Chili wasn't on my menu. How could I possibly deviate from my carefully planned menu. The rational part of my brain just said, "Hey this is not written in stone. Substitute chili for one of the other meals you have planned. After all if the power does go out how easy would it be to warm up chili. You can make it when you get home and have it in the fridge ready to be warmed and eaten"
"Good call rational brain" I thought and veered off my plotted course. FATAL MISTAKE... A compulsive person who already has a pantry stocked like Armageddon to going to happen tomorrow should never go off on a shopping tangent.

Long story shortened now, I came home with a good bit more than I originally went to the store for, including 2 loaves of Pepperidge Farm Whole Wheat Cinnamon Bread. "Why?" you might ask. Well the part of me that took control of shopping somehow decided that since Publix had the bread BOGO I had to have it. You never know about snowstorms. What if we ran out of food. We could always have raisin bread toast. I could spear it on my kitchen fork and toast it over the gas flames even if the power went out . Oh yes I could mentally see all the uses for raisin bread.

Cut to this week. I think 2 pieces of raisin bread were toasted during the time since the fake winter event. This morning I woke and was going to make raisin bread french toast, but the Hub was moving around before me and had already made grits before I was out of the shower. By the time I got to the table they were cold grits. I ate a bite and drank my coffee, but I kept thinking about the french toast idea.

Hub and Son3 left to go hunt for Bambi and Bambi's relatives at my brother in law's farm. I tooled around the laundry room and did a few other chores until it got to be about lunchtime. I was still thinking about that stupid french toast, and decided why not. It's a cold day and something hot would be a lot better tasting than a cold sandwich. That's when another lightbulb went off. "How about a french toast sandwich?" I knew I had one of those little single serving tubs of WW (almost) cream cheese in the fridge, so I got my 2 slices of raisin bread ( by my count we now have used 6 slices) and spread the cream cheese on one of the slices. I topped it with the other and pressed it together tightly. I beat an egg, added a little milk, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon and stirred it until everything was mostly blended. I dipped my raisin bread sandwich in the egg, then flipped it to coat the other side. My skillet was sprayed with butter flavored pam and had about a teaspoon of butter in it also. Oh that soon to be french toast sounded so good when it hit the pan with a sizzle. I could smell the butter and the cinnamon...smelled wonderful. I flipped it and finished off the cooking . Cut it in butterfly quarters on the cutting board and plated it and gave it a quick dusting of confectioners sugar. I had a beautiful Clemantine sectioned on the plate beside it. I ran over and took a quick picture with my phone and sat down to eat it.

What can I say? It was less than stellar, bordering on not good at all. The bread was a little too dense to soak up the egg mixture so it wound up being eggy on the outside but just bread on the inside. Maybe it is because I used the low fat WW fake cream cheese, but the cream cheese though hot, never developed the melted creamy state I was hoping for. It was kind of like eating cheese toast made with the processed cheese food slices. Edible but just this side of rubbery. I ate about half of it then gave up and just ate the Clemantine. At least that part of lunch was good. I am putting this in the don't try again column. Now I am wondering if birds like raisin bread?

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