Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hot Diggity Dawg

Tonight was supposed to be a family night for us to talk about the few days we have left for the summer. Son3 has commitments for nearly every day yet we are trying to work in a vacation to see Son1 and Son2 in Portland. This evening he left for a meeting at 6 and came home at 10:15. The Hub was snoozing on the couch, so the family planning session didn't happen.

I had planned a teen friendly type of a meal (I am not sure when the last time we sat down for a meal together at night was) consisting of finger food, so we would not waste precious time with unnecessary eating implements assuring a quick clean-up. What is the saying? If you want to make God laugh, make a plan.

At about 7:30 (the original anticipated arrival time for Son3) I headed to the grill to try the newfangled recipe for that old standard, Hot Dogs. I found it surfing the web for grilling ideas and thought tonight would be perfect. The recipe was called Stuffed Wrapped Hot Dogs, which was about the most correct but unimaginative name they could have. It is a brilliantly simple recipe.

Stuffed Wrapped Hot Dogs

1/4 cup shredded kraut
1/4 small onion
4 slices sharp cheddar cheese
1 tablespoon thousand island dressing
8 fat hot dogs or brats
12 slices uncooked bacon

Heat the grill to medium
Drain the kraut then chop it finely and put it into a small mixing bowl. Chop the onion to a fine mince and mix it with the kraut. Cut the cheese slices in half then cut each half into thin matchstick size pieces Set aside. Put the thousand island dressing into the kraut onion mix and stir to blend. Add the cheese but mix lightly just to incorporate the cheese evenly through out the mixture. Take each of the dogs or brats and slice it longways, but do not cut completely through the hot dog. Spread each wiener open and stuff with the kraut mix. Then take one piece of the bacon and spiral wrap it around the dog. Use 1/2 slice of bacon and wrap it tightly around the center of the hot dog to secure the spiral of bacon a little better. Using tongs place each on the grill. Cook about 5 minutes then using the tongs again turn the dogs 1/4 turn. Cook about 3 minutes then turn then repeat the turning/cooking process 2 more times. Toast hot dog or hoagie buns on the grill. Put a dog in each bun and serve.

We prefer mustard so that was the condiment of choice for us, but use whatever you like. I served it with frozen oven fries. ( Like I mentioned earlier it was a teen inspired meal.) To be honest this was delicious, but it had bacon which makes anything takes really good. I am not sure I will make this again and I know I will not make it anytime soon. As good as it tasted it is too close to a heart attack on a bun. Tomorrow we will have to have a vegan day to counter all the bad things we ingested tonight but it was worth it.

These would be a great thing to take to a tail gate event where a grill was going to be present. They could be made, individually wrapped and tossed on a grill on location. Since they are stuffed the need for additional condiments and garnishes is minimal. I bet at a fall afternoon football game the smell alone would be worth the effort. Of course you need to balance it with lots of veggies!

Now I am thinking of football and possibilities. Leaving you with a big ole Roll Tide!

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