Monday, April 13, 2015

Avocado Untwists

I don't normally post a breakfast or snack idea, but I have been seeing this all over Pinterest and thought I would give it a try.  It is simply avocado wedges wrapped with bacon and sprinkled with chili powder.  I have no idea where the people who posted pictures of this got their avocados, but it definitely was not Alabama in the spring.  The avocados here were, at best, pear sized, so I used what was available and had to change it a little to fit the smaller wedges. Instead of doing the lovely spiral wrap for each wedge,  I used a half slice of bacon and wrapped it so the ends overlapped on the back side .  I placed them on a cookie sheet with an edge all around (like a smaller jelly roll pan) and baked at 350 until the bacon was crisp. (I forgot the chili powder until right before I was going to eat them.  Sprinkle it before hand.) And that was all there is to it.

The verdict:  These were tasty, but a tad bland.  I think I would like them better with both the chili and additional sprinkled hot sauce or siracha, but I like heat in my food.  If I have intense flavors when I eat I am much more satisfied and less likely to want to eat anything for a longer period of time.  The creamy avocado was a nice contrast to the crunchy bacon, and I have been craving ANYTHING but eggs for breakfast.  I don't even like eggs and eating them daily is driving me nuts.
This was as filling as eating an egg dish but...

...The  downside of having these for breakfast was the lack of vegetable matter.  Since avocado is so high in fat content I could not really count it as a vegetable. So, in addition to bacon avocado wedges, I had a chopped salad on the side.  Not what I wanted! (That is the upside of eating horrid eggs. I can add a ton of vegetables and call it an omelet)
I might make these again, but I will rethink when I eat them.  These might be better as  snacks or hors d'oeuvres than as the main component of a meal.

If you like bacon and avocado give it a try, it might be what you have been looking for and bacon wrapped anything can't be all wrong!

If you are in Birmingham and have not gone to Bottle and Bone to buy their bacon, what are you waiting for?  The flavored bacons are delicious and their plain bacon is out of this world, so go and buy.  Except for the slightly higher price you won't be sorry!


  1. This is an interesting idea, but avocados are not very good now here either.

  2. The ones here taste fine, they are just small. Oh well!

  3. Where is Bottle and Bone? I love the plate! What pattern is that???

    1. I see--Richard Arrington.

    2. Bottle and Bone is a butcher shop is the Uptown entertainment area of Birmingham, close to the Civic Center. I have only eaten in once, but have bought several cuts of meats there and they have been spectacular.
      The dishes are Sculptured Daisy and if I remember correctly they are Poppytrail? I am not positive. I registered for them as my everyday dishes back a million years ago. They have not been made in quite a few years. ( Like my china and crystal too. I guess I am not timeless)