Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I'm Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Don't know when I'll be back again.

Well actually I do know and because we are flying an airline other than Delta, we might leave on time.  I will be reading your posts and keeping up with your comings and goings, but will most likely be doing no posting of my own.  I would love to tell you we are painting the town red and will be too exhausted from our activities to even think about writing about all our happenings but I am being very honest here. If I don't comment it means we found fun things to do and truly are busy.

We are headed to NYC to see Son3 perform in a school concert, visit with him, eat at a few different places (fingers crossed that at least one will be a Cuban restaurant) and visit and eat a little more.'
While we are there we will decide if we want to go to a play or the opera, or just hit a few jazz clubs. I like a trip with no real agenda!

Addendum:  after canceling our flight we were changed to a flight connecting in DC instead of Charlotte. We got to hang out on the tarmeck for about an hour and a half before the late plane left Birmingham. After arriving in DC and circling the airport for about an hour we landed in Baltimore and were held hostage in a landed plane for another hour.  When they finally let us out with the promise of releasing our bags.  Another hour passed and all flights into nyc in time for even half the concert passed with it.  It is now 8pm and I am on Amtrack headed to New York.  I am not happy, but there is food and wine on the plane.  Oh and we have no bags.  They say they will be delivered to our hotel tomorrow. Hoping they will since I have nothing else to wear.

A little Peter, Paul, and Mary


  1. Woohoo have a great tune and take some pictures!

  2. I played this song for my son recently and he loved the harmonies of PP and M. He had never heard of them before. Oh, youth.

    Have a great trip. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Not a good start to your trip. I know you were trying to wing it with no plans but sitting in a plane for hours probably wasn't one the agenda.
    I hope things have gotten better for you, have some more wine and it will all be good.

  4. Grrrrr!! I hope your bags found you so you didn't have to go have a good shop at Macy's or somewhere equally luxurious - all at the airline's expense of course!

  5. I was so excited for your travels then I read the addendum. I am so sorry you missed your son's concert. I know that is really upsetting. Hopefully you get to enjoy a Cuban meal together to try and make up for it.