Thursday, November 3, 2016

November Joy List

October came and went in a flash while I was waiting for it to happen. One day it was October 1 and then I blinked and it was Halloween.  I guess I am fairly content with what I knocked off the list.  I could have done more, but I honestly don't know where the time went
So here is the wrap up and then I move to November. (Or November snuck up on me and beat me over the head announcing it was here)

October Joy List
 1. Pray for the entire world
 2. Volunteer at Independence Place
 3. Volunteer with a food pantry
 4. Learn a piano jazz tune
 5. Find and enjoy some free music  +party across the lake with a live band+
 6. Mentor someone using SNAP
 7. Reconnect with an old friend
 8. No TV at least one night per week (read and listen to music)
 9. Read 4 books
10. Try a new food
11. Cocktail Night each week (try a seasonal cocktail on the deck, weekly) 
12. Go to a play or opera
13. Have a small dinner party
14. Create some art 
15. Maintain the daily joy journal
16. Take food to someone having a hard time
17. Be intentional about gratitude
18. Burn a scented candle daily
19. Make at least 1 Christmas gift
20. Meet SIL and BIL for dinner (meet halfway in Tuscaloosa)
21. Take Mom to see Uncle Bob  *Not going to do this. U.B.'s wife is now critical*
22. Visit a small town in Alabama
23. Start Thanksgiving preparations
24. Do the Halloween decoration thing
25. Buy a pot of mums for the front door
26. Buy some mums for someone who can't buy their own
27. Spend a restful weekend at the lake place
28. Work on the family cookbook
29. Work on the lake cookbook
30. Go to a local lecture
31. Have Mom up to eat weekly. She does not want to come here, so I am taking dinner to her house and eating
32. Take Mom out at night at least 3 times.  *Tried but she is somewhat reluctant*
33. Sit on the deck and listen to crickets
34. Do something totally out of character for me (no idea what yet) Sang in front of others (I never do this)
35. Look for the good in every person I encounter (even if it means looking hard)
36. Mend 2 squares on "Nana's" quilt

November Joy List

There will be no actual list this month.  Since I will have houseguests for 2 weeks my list is simply to get things ready for them and enjoy having all my family together. I addition, we are doing the big Thanksgiving meal with my extended family, so we should have roughly 50 people for lunch.  I plan on a November of cleaning followed by much fun, laughter, and love. If that is not an ample joy list I don't know what is!


  1. Replies
    1. Trying to decide what is most important and joyful this month was easy. Well, besides getting this rat's nest of a house sparkly.

  2. Your November joy list sounds like something we all need. Love and laughter never go astray. The cleaning? Never goes away.

    1. Yeah I know cleaning never goes away, but I can put it off for an amazing amount of time!

  3. I am planning on a November of cleaning as well, to get rid of stuff before Christmas. November isn't starting off well though as sickness seems to have invaded our house.

    1. Hope everyone is well soon, but not so you can clean!

  4. Cleaning? What is that? Oh, yeah, that thing I need to do. There will be no company, but I like it clean, anyway.

    1. I am doing that ridiculous deep deep cleaning. Not fun!

  5. Good for you, Anne. Hug those boys and grand child and enjoy the lovely week together.

  6. Your list was time well spent. I loved reading it.

  7. Spending time with family, fun, love, and laughter sounds like the ultimate Joy list!