Monday, December 5, 2016

December Joy List

Since I did no joy list in November I don't have to cross things off or explain my failures. November's joy was filled entirely by my family all being together and by Pip (the granddaughter) who radiates joy.  Now on to December!

 1. Volunteer at I.P.
 2. Listen to Christmas music daily
 3. Find and enjoy some free live music
 4. Bake and share cookies
 5. Take food to someone having a hard time
 6. Have Mom up weekly for dinner
 7. Take Mom out to see the Christmas lights
 8. Take Mom Christmas shopping (I admit this in not joyful for me but it is for her)
 9. Get Santa Letters addressed and mailed (Chore but joyous when it is finished)  Literally hundreds of letters to kiddies from Santa with the North Pole cancellation were mailed today to be re-mailed. I have addressed so many blooming envelopes my hands will not function right now. 
10. Spend at least one night relaxing with only the Christmas lights lit, music playing and a glass of         wine.
11. Gussie up the Christmas packages
12. Think of what I like most about each person when I send my Christmas cards
13. Take food to the food pantry
14. Have a small dinner party
15. Have neighbors over for dessert and coffee
16. Go to a play or Christmas extravaganza
17. Pray for world peace
18. Appreciate and enjoy the rain (Best lesson learned from a drought)
19. Make 3 Christmas gifts
20. Face time with Pip and talk about Christmas (or anything) 2nd time this week.  I miss her terribly
21. Light candles daily
22. Gather unused coats for a homeless mission
23. Toys for Tots donation
24. Donation to Foster Families Christmas Celebration
25. Quiet time daily with Advent meditations
26. Christmas Brunch!
27. Catch up with an old friend
28. Have a conversation with someone I don't know
29. Try a new food/dish Soup at a Persian restaurant in town. Can't pronounce it much less spell it.           Luckily it is on the menu as "soup of the day"  Whatever it is called it is delicious!
30. Try a new adult beverage
31. Make fudge (several kinds) and share the love!


  1. Feel free to share the love of #31 with me....hehehe

  2. Another brilliant list.
    I particularly like 12. A really nice way to focus on the positives.

    1. I am trying to be more deliberate when I think of people. I think we all need all the positives we can get right now.

  3. I bought a new adult beverage today - cranberry cider - delish (they gave me a little sample to try.) #21 is one I'm trying to do too, why have candles if I don't light them? And I haven't chosen who to give my charitable donation to yet this month. Good luck with a really great list!

    1. Oh cranberry cider sounds really good.
      I have so many lovely candles hanging out unused so I am firing those puppies up daily.
      We have our yearly donations that we contribute each year, but I get a special kick of shopping for toys and donating them. I cleaned our coat closet and we have several coats no one wears and recently one of the local homeless organizations has issued an SOS for coats. Win/win!

  4. Wow! Love your list You have a lot of wonderful things on there to accomplish.

    1. Or wait until the end of December and wish I had accomplished them!

  5. I'll take 20 #10's. The rest is pretty special as well.

    1. When I was a kid I would turn out everything but candles and the tree lights and crawl under the tree and look up at the lights inside it. I guess I am trying to replicate that but in a more comfortable place and with wine.

  6. Okay my list looks pretty drab right now.....

    1. Well just remember this is not a to-do list. I am just looking to list joys!

  7. I love the new adult beverage one :) I need to make a list but they stress me out so maybe not

    1. Just about to try a new to me beverage as soon as I get off the computer!

  8. Your monthly joy list always includes more than I could accomplish in a whole year!
    Just now I was imagining how to combine items: pray for world peace, with Pip, in the rain?

  9. Wow! That is ONE happening list!!!! Good job woman!

  10. That is a lovely list. Even if you don't accomplish it all, although I do hope you will, it is still a wonderful list.