Monday, December 26, 2016

Stealing a Page from Lauralynne's Playbook

"You better think. . . "

Lauralynne from All That Junk In My Trunk has a wonderful idea for the new year.  I tend to make resolutions which last approximately 1 week and then the real me takes over and the resolutions are gone or put on the back burner just to be forgotten. Instead of a list of all the things she plans to do (or not do) she simply came up with a one word theme for her year.  You can read her post here.  I thought is was a brilliant way to usher in the new year, without all the hoopla and failure associated with a big resolution list.

After thinking it over (OK truthfully I only gave it about 15 minutes of thought and those 15 minutes were filled with thinking about other things at the same time plus fielding two phone calls.) I decided my inspirational word for 2017 will be PONDER.

I am prone to making snap judgements and  doing things impulsively. I would like 2017 to be a year of careful consideration.  By that I don't mean to imply that I will be rigid and  have no room for impulsive moments or spontaneity, but this year I want to actually think about the benefits and risks of  everything before leaping.

A few examples:

Cousin X calls and is headed into town for a few days and needs a place to stay, but I have planned on repainting the guest room.  The risk reward of that says hands down to put off painting and enjoy the company. But on the whole I do need to think carefully about my time and how and where to spend it, especially since it is finite. precious, and we can't manufacture more of it.

I see someone I know in public acting foolish.  My normal inclination is to rush to judgement.  This year I need to put judgement on the back burner, think things over and try to lean more to understanding the whys and hows of situations first.

Indulgence foods?
Occasionally is fine, but I am rarely inclined to turn it down.  This year I would like to make more purposeful decisions with food choices and this is where the pondering should come in. Celebrating with family of friends, fine indulge.  Chocolate just because__not such a good choice. And do I really need/want fries with that burger. Ponder first then eat.

Think before blurting!  Enough said there (Can you say filters?) I don't have to agree with everything everyone says nor it is my job to change their opinions. Plus does anyone out there really care if I think their skirt is too short or they have on the wrong color for their skin type.

It is lovely to think kind thoughts, but I need a bit of pondering to come up with a game plan to be more proactive with my follow through.  I need to come up with a plan of 52 volunteering opportunities for the year.

They see the best and worst of me.  Isn't it lovely that we will be careless with the ones we love the most.  This year I need to ponder situations then act rather than react (This is going to be the hardest for me, especially as Mom gets more and more fragile and impossibly demanding)

Less is more needs to be my new mantra.  We are at the beginning of a coming transition and will be substantially downsizing in the next few years. I need any purchases to be wise purchases and need to only buy home things that are necessary to add value when we sell this house in a few years. (new dishwasher, updated master bath)

I need to think carefully about each possession we have and get rid of anything that does not add value to our lives or create joy.  I am not a minimalist by any means but we will be going from a large place to something much smaller and unless I want everything to follow me (I don't) I need to start systematically ridding myself of useless things.

We need to purposely up our entertaining game. We have friends and a great places both here and at the lake to share fellowship.  Again I need to  think carefully and start having more people over  more often for very simple meals and great conversation. (Why do I think a dinner party needs linens, tablecloths and silver?)

So now I have pondered enough about this post and need to get on finishing up 2016 with a bang?


  1. I love your word!! And I'm glad you're joining in on the fun. Although your praise for my minimalist approach to the new year is perhaps a bit premature...I have two more posts coming with plans that maybe aren't so minimalist. Although they are about minimizing...hmmm. Anyway, I'm rambling.

    Your word and the specific areas of focus resonated with me, particularly regarding judgement (I'm annoyed with everything, lately...) and entertaining. I know that hospitality and fellowship are really the goal with having friends over, but too often I get caught up in the presentation.

    I'll be cheering you on from here! I hope your 2017 is absolutely wonderful.

    1. I just thank you for the inspiration. It was sadly very telling when I began to think of all the ways/situations/actions I need to think about before doing as I normally do.

  2. Anne,

    Ponder is a great word as a New Year's theme. I can echo each ponder you list! I think my word for 2017 might be Resilience. I still am holding onto hurt, slights, and set backs instead of using the two steps backwards as opportunities to learn and grow. May 2017 have us both pondering on how to create the life we want, with the resiliency to handle the disappointments and stress that is just part of life.

    1. I have a seriously thick hide and am not easily wounded and when I am I am very quick to forgive. Possibly it is because I need it so often myself. I grew up with a mother who was and still is a serious grudge holder and not only remembers each and every slight but is still holding every single person accountable. I figured out very early that she was using far more energy hanging onto resentments than she would have if she could just let it go. By the time I was an early teen, I had mastered letting things be like water on a ducks back. It may not change anything, but I can be raging angry or wounded for about an hour, and then I am done with it

    2. Anne, I'm afraid I'm exactly like your mom. I need to be more like a duck, so maybe duck should be my word. Be a duck, be a duck, be a duck.

    3. I have just never seen any advantage to holding grudges. I hope when I die someone will eulogize me like Son2 did at Dad's funeral. He told that between all of us we had only heard he mention 1 person in his life that he didn't like. Dad's heart was just too jolly to hold them. Of course mother more than made up for it!

  3. Such a powerful word (and your ponders are, or should be, echoed here). I like the idea of choosing a word for the year, and using it as a direction marker. I am leaning towards kindness myself. And need to remember to include myself.

    1. Kindness is a wonderful thing but it is hard for me to maintain. If you are not kind to yourself first it is so hard to be kind to others

  4. I like your word too. I gave some thought to a word but haven't settled on anything yet - but I am thinking about "action" (i.e. the opposite of being all cerebral doing bugger all). Yep I think that will do it. I mentioned to a friend that seeing George Michael had died at just 53 kind of put things into perspective about the need for action. Happy "pondering". Anna

  5. I suppose action would not be a bad word for me also. I just need to think before I act. When I make impulsive decisions I generally regret them!

  6. A very inspiring post. Ponder is a very good word to focus on.

    1. I just need to think and have a plan. As much as I hate to admit it, I live better when I mull things over and have a semi plan.

  7. I did that one year and my word was Acceptance. It really helped me to have my experiences, problems and what-have-yous filtered through the veil of acceptance. I learned that I am way better off than I thought and those things that I had to just accept and move on affected me less than I thought. PONDER is a great word...I'll have to think of a new one for this year.

  8. It is nice to hear someone had a great experience with their word. I like acceptance also!