Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cukes n' Juice

It has been so outrageously hot lately and I am doing whatever I can to keep relatively cool, and at the same time trying to keep the power bills from raging out of control while maintaining a relatively comfortable temperature.  I try to keep from turning on either the stove or oven during the day, and have managed fairly well so far, but yesterday at lunch time I was not in the mood for a salad or sandwich. I love soup anytime of the year, and because it is so hot I thought a chilled soup would fit the bill nicely.  At first I was going to whip up some gazpacho but then remembered I had no tomatoes or garlic, but I did have a couple of really nice cucumbers so a little rethinking was needed. A quick Google search, an inventory of what was on hand, a few adjustments, and lunch was ready to eat. And yes, I know this recipe will sound weird, but I have never let fear of oddness stop me before, so why start now?

                                                       Cold Cucumber Soup for One

1 whole medium cucumber, peeled and cut in chunks
1 c. cold chicken broth (Or 1/2 c. water, 1 envelope instant chicken bouillon and ice to equal 1 c*.)
1/4 c. Greek yogurt (had none but substituted 2 heaping T. thick kefir)
2 T. sour cream (mine was fat free)
1/8 teasp. garlic powder
salt and pepper to taste
1 T.minced dill
7 mint leaves, minced

In a blender or food processor blend the cuke, chicken broth, yogurt, and sour cream until it is the consistency you want.  I opted for slightly textured rather than smooth, but I am a tactile eater and like bits and pieces. (Truthfully, a smoother soup would have been prettier, but I was going to eat it not look at it.  If it is just for me I will keep it chunky, but I think if I ever serve this to guests I will go with the smoother soup. ) Add the garlic powder and whirl a couple of seconds to blend well. Taste and add salt and pepper to your liking.  Stir in the herbs to mix well then pour into a bowl and enjoy.  If you are like me and prefer a little heat with your food add a little siracha before you eat it.  I had this with a couple of crackers for the perfect no cook summer lunch. Why have I never done this before?

*If you are using bouillon zap 1/2 cup water in the microwave, stir in 1 envelope of instant bouillon.  Add several ice cubes and let them melt until you have 1 cup of chilled liquid.  Discard  any ice remaining before adding it to the blender or you will have a very watered down version of the soup.

A little summer music because I find myself singing this song on hot summer days.


  1. I always think of this when I see cold soup: (it does have the odd swear word in it, be warned!!)

  2. GIll: it has been so long since I was offended by words, in fact I have used most of them a time or two! I am off to look at your link.

    Here: I thought is looked a little desperate but it was so tasty and cool. Since I was the only one eating it I didn't gussie it up at all.