Monday, March 7, 2016

Here's Lookin' at Me?

This meme is from Sluggy@Don't Read This:It's Boring.  Self reflection is not always fun.

Four names I go by: Anne, Annie, Mom and that's it unless it's a derogatory name someone calls me behind my back, which is entirely possible.

Four tunes I adore:  Favorites change regularly but the following are on my current playlist and I am always glad when they cycle through. Understand these favorites will probably not be my favorites next week.
Stephen Meyers, Cavatina
Dizzy Gillespie,  A Night in Tunisia
Jethro Tull, Locomotive Breath
Professor Longhair, Big Chief

Four things I hate: Liver, insincerity, jogging, injustice

Four places I have worked: Drugstore, restaurant, bookstore, soda fountain  (this gets me through                                                    college years)                                          

Four things I love to watch: Children playing, moving water, musical theater, really good movies

Four places I have visited: (Just using the most recent 4 places) NYC, Portland (the left coast one), Gulf Coast,  Luverne, Alabama (they do have 2 traffic lights) and Meridian, Mississippi

Four Things I love to eat: Chocolate, meatloaf (yeah I know, but I love it) fresh peaches, popcorn

Four favorite drinks: Strong black coffee, iced tea, pinot noir, very dirty vodka martini

Four favorite shows: House of Cards,  Life in Pieces, The Amazing Race,  The Fall

Four favorite plays: Les Mis, Wicked, Othello, Chicago

Four things I am happily anticipating:  Seeing my granddaughter again, My uncle's 90th birthday party (mini family reunion), Outdoor swimming (I love to swim but not indoors), Son3 performing at The Blue Note in late March.

Four things I am dreading: Completing the faux finish on the exterior wall at the lake house, the current presidential election, possible knee surgery,  spring cleaning

Four items on my bucket list: Learn conversational Spanish, Go to every MLB park, Fall riverboat ride up the Hudson, Go to Portugal.

Four People I think will respond:  No idea, but I am betting it will be no one I know in my 3d life.

                     Now copy this, paste this to your blog and fill in your                                              own  answers.


  1. Nice meme. And I loved learning a little more about you.
    Thank you. And Sluggy.

  2. Meatloaf. lol. I love really good movies too. :-)

    1. I know, and I really do love meatloaf and know how funny it looks as something I love to eat.

  3. I love this. Isn't it amazing what jobs we have to get through college.

  4. Dizzy Gillepsie--Night in Tunsia. Good memories. We played that in the jazz band in high school that I mentioned before. The saxes had a good part.

    Enjoy your four favorites.

  5. It is just a great tune. I listen to jazz a lot so my favorite changes all the time, but Night in Tunisia always circles around.

  6. I've seen versions of this floating around Facebook, I've thought about doing it, but never got around to it (on my blog, not Facebook). It seems like everyone is either full of dread or insanely excited about the election. I've not seen anybody with much of a middle ground on that subject.

  7. I think as a nation we are so polarized now that there is no middle ground. I pray for a leader who can unite us but I am not sure it will happen.
    Wish you would do this on your blog so we can learn a little more about you!

  8. That's a fun meme! I'll have to do it for my next post. I loved reading your choices :)

    1. Please do it! It is fun to find out a little more about the people we "know" through blogs