Sunday, October 23, 2016

Use It Up, Week 1 Summery

Rules of the Game

I am only counting items I am using from the freezer (f) or pantry (p) since I plan on replenishing produce, eggs and milk.  I am counting bread even though I will buy it as needed because it is one of my pantry items. I will only count staples if I run out and have to replenish it (ex. flour)
As for the meals? If they are not listed it  simply means I did not use a single pantry or freezer item for that meal.  Ditto for snacks ( I made this rule because I just purchased and ate a Moon Pie and didn't want to record it, because if I didn't write it down it didn't happen, right? )


Breakfast: coffee, toast, apple juice
Lunch: apple, peanut butter, crackers
Dinner: Chicken stew
Snack: leftover kefir dip, Triscuit
used 1 slice bread (p), 1/2 c. apple juice (p), peanut butter (p), 4 saltines (p), 2 chicken breasts (f), 1 pack chicken broth (f), 1 jar pasta rossa (p), about 8 Triscuits (p)
zero  food purchases

Breakfastcoffee, toasted leftover hamburger bun. apple juice
Snacks: pumpkin muffins
used 1very smushed hamburger bun (p), 1 c. apple juice (p), 1 can pumpkin (p), 1/2 cup chocolate chips (p)
zero food purchases

Breakfast: coffee, pumpkin muffin, 1/2 c. apple juice (just to use it, didn't really want it)
Dinner Cottage-ish pie
Snacks: Triscuit, herbed kefir cheese
used 3/4 lb. ground beef (f),  1/2 bag peas and carrots (f), 1/4 cup powdered milk (p), Triscuit (p)
zero food purchases

Breakfast: coffee, cereal, strawberries.
Lunch: broccoli salad, leftover cottage pie
Dinner: Ground beef, sautéed onions, mushrooms, and garlic in  red pepper sauce over pasta with a side of brussels sprouts
used: 3/4 c. cheerios (p), 6 large strawberries (f), 1/4 bag broccoli (f), 1 lb. ground beef (f),  rotini pasta (p),  bag of brussels sprouts (f)
zero food purchases

Dinner: Chili topped baked sweet potatoes, coleslaw, cornbread
used: chili (f), 1 can chili beans (p,) Aldi's cheese and chili cornbread mix. It was sweet! Ugh! (p), 1 envelope Martha White cornbread mix added to the other to kill the sweetness. Lesson learned, never buy anything but Martha White (p)
food purchases:  potatoes, onions, ice cream, hamburger buns, milk, 4 lb. sugar (stock up item for Christmas, lowest price I have seen this year), chocolate milk

used: not a blooming thing.  I forgot to defrost the ground chuck for hamburgers for dinner w/ overnight guests
food purchases:  ground chuck, chips, caramel cake (impulse buy, but totally worth it)

Breakfast: pumpkin muffin (I am so tired of eating these) coffee, bacon (me) bacon sandwich (TheHub)
Dinner: Conecuh sausage, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts
used: 6 slices bacon (f),  don't judge: the dog ate nearly 1 1/2 slices of the bacon (floor score!) 2 slices toast, 1 lb. Conecuh sausage (f), 1 bag brussels sprouts (f) 1/3 cup powdered milk (p)
food purchases: technically I bought 2 2 liter drinks, but I took them to someone dear to me who is having a hard time keeping anything down right now (Ginger ale and Sprite) While I was at the store a Moon Pie leapt into my hand and may or may not have been eaten between dropping of the drinks and the return trip to my house.)

I need to do some serious damage to my freezer stores this week. I have not even made a dent in the space there.  Maybe I should have a really large dinner party just to get rid of more food in a shorter amount of time. Now who wants to come for dinner this week?


  1. In himself's absence I am whittling down the cupboards and the freezer. And when he returns he will rapidly fill the gaps. Sigh.
    Moon pie? Not something I know.

    1. Moon Pies are a Southern cookie that is 2 graham cookies with marshmallow centers and a chocolate , banana, or vanilla waxy coating. I eat one about every 6 months then remind myself I don't like them, but not until I have eaten the entire thing

    2. Major syntax error above but I am on my iPad and it froze before I could ediit so I just gave up

  2. You are well stocked because you ate very well last week and still have a lot left. We're not quite like that around here, but of course, we're not into cooking around here either. Good to know that Martha White cornbread mix is not sweet. I like cornbread either way, but my sister and mother can't stand it if its sweet.

    1. We are unsweetened cornbread eaters always.

  3. We seem to have stuffed freezer but not much meat interestingly. Inexpensive options need to be sourced to get me through my own self challenge.

  4. We seem to have stuffed freezer but not much meat interestingly. Inexpensive options need to be sourced to get me through my own self challenge.

    1. I am overwhelmed at how much I have frozen, particularly meats and chicken.

  5. Not judging on the bacon or the moon pie as I have done the same :) i think you are doing well. If we were closer we would come for a dinner party.

  6. Since I am much better, I will be there for And, I will be glad to eat down your supply of pumpkin muffins. No judgment on the bacon or Moon Pie. I don't think I have ever gotten home with a Moon Pie. I love crisp bacon, but eat it rarely so eat much at one time. If I dropped bacon on the floor, there is nothing here to eat it, so I would rinse it under the faucet, heat it again and eat it.

    1. OOps, missed the invite in time to get there. Just don't waste those pumpkin muffins. I love moon Pies, but only one store sells them one at a time. I eat one about every six months. They are so messy!

  7. You impress me with your eating/organization skills!!!
    We were doing so good eating down our stuff and then not so much. I bought a few things for the freezer and then we made a few things from the cabinets and it went in the freezer. What's a girl to do but eat more!!!!

    1. My biggest issue is remembering to thaw stuff to cook, especially since I love doing impulse cooking and really don't like to be held to a plan.

  8. Moon pies are like childhood nirvana....... I am impressed you know the word syntax, or is that also a cookie?

  9. Sounds like you are doing well with using up what's on hand!