Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Week 7 50 Buck Budget

I want to buy things I don't even really like or would normally buy just because I feel like I can't.  I also have gotten two "Try The World" boxes since I began this, so I have all my little goodies waiting for me until this challenge is over, but TheHub was having a little sugar craving and did eat one of the almond cookies in the Italy box. So I guess technically it is not ALL waiting.  After  this challenge is over we have food from Sweden, Brazil, Thailand, and Italy to sample. When I opened the box from Italy what did it have in it but a lovely little pack of coffee.  Challenge or no challenge I am drinking all six cups off it. Guilt free!

I have also decided to end this challenge a week early. I have learned quite a bit since I began this and don't think an additional week of doing it is going to add anything of value. Plus, it is TheHubs birthday weekend and we are headed to the lake.  As part of his birthday I want to cook whatever he wants. (I imagine it will be grilling a steak or lamb chops, neither of which would fit into this budget)

I am going to the store today and grab a few things we need desperately for the lake place, along with fresh produce plus some snacks for the game day weekend (Amazingly the kefir dip has been such a hit they are actually asking for it, so no dip purchases).  Son2 is going to the lake with us and would like some almonds and TheHub wants some cashews, but neither care that I will continue to get the Fake Fritos from Aldi to eat with salsa.

When we get back from the lake we are starting a new challenge to eat up a good portion of our food storage.  My freezer overfloweth!

Piggly Wiggly
Bananas  .43 lb.  .99
Cucumbers 2/1.00 1.00
Scallions .50
Lettuce .99
Cauliflower 1.50
Grape tomatoes 1.49
Ground chuck 2.99 lb.  2.99
Pork Butt 1.49 lb. 4.66
Bacon 1.49 12 oz.
Taco shells .99
Coconut milk 1.89

Onions .99
Cheese ravioli 1.49
Potatoes 1.69
Butter 2.29
Tortilla chips 1.19
Onion ring (fake Funyons) 2/1.00 (clearance)
Cheddar cheese 1.89
Salsa 1.49
Chocolate milk 1.59
Cheese crackers 1.49
Fake cheerios 1.19
Bread 1.35
Mushrooms  .69 each 1.38
Red cabbage and apples .50 (clearance)
Carrots .49
Marzipan cake mix 1.59 (clearance)

Red curry paste 2.27
Tomato sauce 1.25

I spent 42.57 for the week.  If I had realized I had that much left I would have bought some ice cream sandwiches for the lake.

The Meals
Wednesday coffee
Thursday Took Mom for an 8 am Dr, appt.  No time for anything, coffee finally at about 11
Friday coffee, was summoned to Mom's to help her get ready for a luncheon
Saturday toast, coffee,  (both of us) fried eggs (TheHub)
Sunday toast, coffee, (both of us) fried eggs (TheHub)
Monday coffee,  cookie (at about 10:45 but is was the first "food" I ate so I guess it counts as breakfast)
Tuesday coffee, cereal

Wednesday bologna sandwich (end of the overpriced bologna)
Thursday Spent the day at Mom's bank, drugstore, house.  Pack of crackers at Mom's
Friday round 2 of Mom's bank and drug store, then helping her clean her luncheon mess, brought a plate of her party food home, stumbled in the entrance when the damn front door jammed (then opened way to quickly), dropped food all over the foyer floor, Shelby the dog had a feast. I ate chocolate chips mixed with a bowl of dry fake cheerios instead. (Should I mention how teed off I was while eating?)
Saturday football game day snack stuff, veggies, dip, nachos (made with cheese sauce purchased a few weeks back and tortilla chips) carnitas
Sunday leftover bbq, baked beans, cucumber tomato and onion salad (leftover from Persian restaurant)
Monday hummus and pita (leftover from Persian restaurant), celery and carrots
Tuesday leftover potato soup

Wednesday cheese ravioli with olive oil and herbs, tossed salad
Thursday TheHub was in Atlanta and got home about 8:30.  We grabbed food from the Persian place, ate at the house and had caramel apple martinis after dinner
Friday TheHub was very late getting in from work to leave for the lake.  We picked up bbq at about 9 pm on the way to the lake.  Oh well!
Saturday spaghetti with meat sauce, salad
Sunday potato soup
Monday red curry chicken, with onions, carrots, cauliflower, sweet red pepper and mushrooms, over rice
Tuesday carnitas tacos, using leftover carnitas, lettuce shreds. tomatoes, onions, and cheese plus the remaining 3ish tablespoons of salsa.

Additional cooking/baking
Flourless peanut butter cookies, loaf pan size marzipan cake, cream puffs


  1. You are still saving money by grilling your hubby a steak or chop instead of eating out - way ahead of the game!

    1. We are always so ready to get to the lake. It is our safe haven with sketchy cell service so it is hard for people at work to get in touch with TheHub.

  2. You have done a good job with this challenge. You have been telling us about what you have been learning along the way, but are you going to do a wrap of what you've learned?

    1. I hadn't thought of a wrap up but maybe I should do one

  3. At least you know your limited eating/buying comes to an end.

    1. Yes I do, but I honestly felt guilty about spending nearly 40 bucks at Aldi today even though I was doing a major lake place stock up.

    2. Well, your guilt won't feed anyone! So, stop Just know how lucky you are and help others to make good choices...which is exactly what this exercise was all about.

  4. Not only have you learned, you have made us thing too. Never a bad thing.
    Thank you.
    Enjoy your time at the lake. As I know you will.

  5. Thank you E.C. I have learned much and have a new appreciation for those who struggle with life circumstances and food.

    I am planning on having a nice and extremely relaxing weekend, and hopefully some good food too!

  6. I call grilled steak. That sounds so good.
    Ya did good kid! I never would have been able to stick to it.
    We are eating down the freezer. I am going to need room for a turkey soon.

    1. That is why we have to have a freezer eating purge__no room for a turkey. I always get a goose for Christmas and there is no room for that either

  7. Happy Birthday to your husband! And congrats on making it through your challenge. I think you did really well sticking to it and your reflections made me think a lot about my own choices and behaviors when buying food.

    1. It really has been eye opening for me. I have a feeling it will impact my food purchasing from now on

  8. That fact that you did the challenge for WEEKS is quite an accomplishment! I notice that if I shop when hungry disaster happens and I way overspend. One thing that I've started doing and which has save me mega shopping dollars is to only buy what I need for each day's dinner. Yes, it's a lot of treking back and forth to the grocery store but it's only a block away, a five minute walk each way so it works out just fine.

    1. I always loved going to the grocery store. Now I find I am buying so much less and I can be in and out in about 10 minutes. Shopping the ads shortens my store time considerably