Thursday, September 17, 2015

Shadows and Light

Yesterday I had the day after birthday blues. I was feeling not so peppy so I decided to do something to make me feel fresher and younger.  I watched this wonderful Wayne Goss contouring tutorial and saw immediately what proper contouring can do for a person. If I used his plan, some well placed product and a few minutes buffing I should look dewey, younger and fresh faced. It was to be the equivalent  of a surgery free face lift in a 10 minute makeover.

I had a little free time, a coupon to Ulta and the best of intentions, so I set out to purchase everything needed to make me a new me. I didn't play with it last night, because I was out running errands until suppertime, and who wants to wash their face and re-apply makeup shortly before time to cleanse the face for the night?  Certainly not me.  So I saved all of my play time until today.

This morning I had to take Mom to the doctor at 8, so I just put on my regular (almost nothing) face and went about the day until about noon. Then it was time for the New Me! Well, 42 dollars and 45 minutes of contouring and buffing later, following all of Wayne's very simple instructions, I looked nothing like the lovely Mandy  in the video.  Instead of looking refreshed and revitalized I found myself looking a tad more like this.

At least that is what it felt like when I looked in the mirror. There are people who look really good wearing a lot of makeup and people who don't.  I am pretty sure I fall in the latter category.

I considered my options and came up with the following choices:
1. I need a lot more practice and a lighter hand/different plan.
2. I should just give up on it all together and look gross all the time.
3. I should cease all spending, live a Spartan existence and save every penny for a really good plastic surgeon.
4. Accept the fact that I am not a kid anymore and be happy for the opportunity to sit at the grown up's table.

Right this minute I am leaning heavily toward option number 1.

Now I have to run wash this crap makeup off my face and either start over or put a bag over my head and go about the day.


  1. Mimi!! lolz
    I live by the philosophy of Bruno Mars....."If you're freaky, then own it!" ;-)

    1. I have to own it is so many other ways, I would at least like to look kinda sorta normal. I always told Son3 I am not weird, just delightfully odd, and it is a huge difference.

  2. I have no idea how to apply makeup. That was the one thing that was deficient in all of the good things my mother taught me. Now, I feel like I have too many wrinkles for makeup to get lost in, so I I've moved onto other things.

    Thanks for the picture of Mimi. I miss the Drew Carey show.

    1. My Mom wore no makeup but I had a bunch of friends who taught me how to wear it. Unfortunately I have blonde short eyelashes and without something on them I have Little Orphan Annie Eyes, so I wear a touch of something every time I leave the house. It keeps me from scaring dogs and small children .

  3. I know a few people who look like Mimi all the time! Lol
    As for me, I never wear makeup. When I was younger--teenager and in my early twenties and I would wear makeup out on a date, etc. I always felt like a fraud. Unfortunately my daughter will have to learn from someone else if she wants to wear makeup b/c I have no idea what I am doing.

  4. If she wants to wear it she will learn! The Mimi look is just not great!


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