Monday, April 15, 2019

The Week That Was

Again I had a general concept of what I would make for dinner, but time and tide and all that happened. Some days I followed the plan, but we have been in a pollen induced sneezing coughing frenzy and did not feel like eating much. Several times I opted for the little/no effort meals followed by massive doses of hot beverages.

This was planned:
1. Spaghetti (or zoodles) with meat sauce, tossed salad garlic bread (real or keto)
2. Cheeseburger casserole over lettuce with tomatoes and pickles
3. Mac (or cauliflower)  and cheese, coleslaw, and green beans
4. Egg rolls in a bowl with a side of fried rice (or not)
5. Grilled chicken in white bbq sauce, potato or fake cauli salad, baked beans (or not)
6. Something (unsure what) mashed rutabaga (I bought this and have no idea what it tastes like. It might have been a bad idea but it is something new to try), green beans or possibly broccoli.
7. Out to eat. Will be in Nashville for a couple of days.

This happened:

Monday: Met with a companion for Mom's first day with outside help. The day took much more of my time than I thought it would but it was well spent time. I bridged the gap between Mom's reluctance and the care giver. We are starting slow. 5 days a week for 4 hours a  day right now, but will increase the time as needed. I did some grocery shopping for Mom using a list from both of them. Some were foods Mom likes and some were high nutrient foods the care giver has used with all of her geriatric clients. I had to go back to Mom's a couple of times after the caregiver left, so my plans for dinner had to be something that did not have to be thawed and would go together quickly.
 Mac (or cauliflower) and cheese , coleslaw, green beans

Tuesday: TheHub was feeling a little under the weather and both Son2 and DIL2 had sinus infections, so I cooked a super spicy meal for all of us.
Egg rolls in a bowl, (lots of garlic, red pepper and ginger) cauli mash. garlic bread (or not)

Wednesday: TheHub is still battling with sinus issues (thanks pollen) so we needed something spicy again.
Chicken curry over spinach and rice (or cauli rice)

Thursday: TheHub and I have been talking about doing something to expand our brains for quite  a while so we began taking Mandarin classes Thursday night. We decided we would reward ourselves and go out to eat each Thursday after class. FYI it was a great and very small class so there was a lot of personal attention.
Mugshot's Philly cheesesteak sandwich (minus the bread) side salad

Friday: We have been living in the middle of a pollen bomb for several weeks. I don't know when I have seen it this bad and everyone is sneezing and coughing and sneezing and rubbing their itchy eyes. TheHub's allergies have gotten really bad and he has not been feeling well. All he wanted tonight was a bowl of Campbell's tomato soup.
Campbell's soup and crackers or homemade keto friendly tomato soup with no crackers

Saturday: The Pig had a super sale on various pork products, so I stocked up on them.. While I was there I picked up some pork steaks for our dinner. (They were cheap and could be ready quickly)
Baked pork steaks, kale salad with faux Caesar dressing

Sunday: In Nashville so out to eat'
Kale mushroom salad one meal /Wedge salad another/something forgettable  another meal

And this may or may not be what we eat this week (in no particular order)
1. Stuffed boneless leg of lamb or baked ham, potatoes, asparagus, salad, coconut custard pie
2. Spaghetti or zoodles w/ meat sauce, tossed salad, garlic bread
3. Pork roast, rice or cauli rice, brussels sprouts
4. Salad meal
5. Out to eat
6. Burgers on the grill and fixings
7. Take out smoked chicken wings . (I got home from Nashville at dinner time and was not going to cook. Besides TheHub is still there through late tomorrow night, hence the salad meal on the menu)


  1. I hope your mother adjusts well to having a care giver, even for a few hours a day. Sorry to hear about the pollen and all the misery it is causing. Did you try the mashed rutabaga? If so, how was it?

    1. I did try the rutabaga and hated it, so I ate it for lunches. I was not going to serve it for dinner.

  2. How wonderful that your mother has agreed to a companion/care giver. I hope it goes really well for all of you.
    Sigh on the pollen. When my sinuses blow up these days I get toothache so I really feel for you all.

  3. Spring is definitely a time of mixed blessing--beautiful to look at but horrible to live with.

  4. Oh the caregiver blues, I am so happy you have gotten to this point but even that is hard, my mother just would never adjust to a caregiver much. Sorry about the allergies. My husband and eldest daughter suffer terribly.

    1. We really do like the caregiver and she has been working with geriatrics for 10 years.

  5. I prefer my rutabega raw - tastes like turnip. Great for nibbling on raw veggies. Glad you have a possible way to have a life again - it has gotten to be too much for you and your sister to care for your Mom alone. Your Mom will adjust, she has no other option.

    1. So far so good with the care! Pingers crossed it continues.

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed that the caregiver works out well. This is a huge step. So sorry to hear about the misery of allergies. It sounds terrible.

    How wonderful that you and your hubby have found this class to attend together and that you both enjoy it so much.

    1. Thanks! Mom can be difficult but she actually missed her because she only works during the week days. She thought her Saturday was terribly lonely.

  7. I had to laugh about your mom being lonely on Saturday... .after all that resistance I guess she likes having some help after all

  8. The pollen bomb is something else this year!! I hope your mom is adjusting to the caregiver. Maybe they will be best friends before long!

  9. Boy, we've been in a pollen bomb, too (love that term!). Allergies have been really acting up this year. :-( I should be cooking more spicy foods!

  10. I have found the spicier the better when this happens. Thankfully the worst is over now and all the trees are fully leafed out.

  11. Mandarin classes???? I am in awe! Way to go. And I'm glad to see that you are getting help with your mom - I'm sure it'll be beneficial for everyone!

    1. TheHub and I had been talking about taking some classes together and found this one. I certainly do not expect to become proficient and there are some consonant sounds my tongue just does not want to make. but I am trying.

  12. Your menu sounds delicious, Anne, especially that cheeseburger casserole. Adding the lettuce and tomatoes would make it refreshing.


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