Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Joy List

August was a trying month and I got some things done and didn't even think of others much less attempt them.  Such is life!

1.  Volunteer at Independence Place 1.Art day  2.Snowman making for their Christmas bazaar day 
2.  Do something with a homeless mission  Supplied part of the evening meal for Bham Hospitality Network
3.  Take food to someone having a hard time
4.  Take flowers to someone
5.  Contact someone I have been out of touch with Jean, who lives in the neighborhood
6.  Spend time with extended family. 1.Great day on the beach with our niece and her son 2. Family reunion
7.  Pray for the entire world
8.  Go to the beach 5 day mini vacation
9,  Read 3 books Promises (bad book but free) Once We Were Brothers, Buck Fever, Crisis of Character
10. Find and enjoy some free music. Jazz at Dave's Pizza
11. See a play or opera
12. Vote in the local election
13. Go to a movie alone
14. Find an interesting free lecture
15. Have Mom up for dinner at least 3 times Had her up 5 times for dinner
16. Take Mom out after dark at least 3 times (She misses the city lights)
17. Have a small dinner party Had 3 this month including one for 13 people
18. Have guests at the lake place
19. Paint another picture for the lake place
20. Visit a small town nearby
21.Go out for lunch with someone I haven't seen in a while
22. Eat watermelon outside and spit the seeds
23.Make a food item I have never made before 
24. Try a new food
25. Try a new beverage Moscow Mule, my new favorite summertime drink
26. Make ice cream
27. The elliptical in the laundry room? Use it
28. Swim laps 5 times per week
29. Star gaze maybe catch the Perseid Meteor Shower (August 11-12 are supposed to be the best nights) Star gazing from the balcony at the beach was pretty amazing, but I only saw 1 meteor.
30. Have another Farmer's Market huge haul of seasonal veggies for canning or freezing
31. Be more neighborly, invite a few neighbors for an outdoor cookout (heat permitting) Didn't do this
32. Mend at least 2 squares on the quilt
33. Work on the family cookbook
34. Work on a cookbook for the lake
35. Have overnight guests

September Joy List
 1. Volunteer at Independence Place Been 3 times so far.  I find my joy there.
 2. Volunteer with a homeless mission
 3. Mentor at least one person regarding SNAP budget and meal planning
 4. Continue the 50 dollar a week food challenge
 5. Make ice cream
 6. Spend a long weekend at the lake (Labor Day)
 7. Bake bread
 8. Try cooking something I have never made before
 9. Try a new beverage
10. Swim laps 5 times a week
11. Use the eliptical 
12. Make a Christmas gift
13. Mend at lest 2 squares on the quilt
14. Take food to someone having a rough time
15. Watch SEC football (Roll Tide Roll!)
16. Have Mom up to eat weekly
17. Take Mom out at least 3 nights during the month
18. Go to a movie by myself
19. See a play or opera
20. Take flowers to someone
21. Reconnect with an old friend
22. Enjoy some free music
23. Learn something new
24. Learn a jazz song on piano (Bonus if it it a Christmas jazz tune)
25. Sit on the deck at night and listen to crickets
26. No  Tv at least 1 night per week.  Read and listen to music
27. Have guests at the lake place
28. Plant a fall garden (Yes I know I am late to the party)
29. Have a back to school swim and hot dog dinner for the neighbors
30. Watch a couple of documentaries
31. Try recipes for 4 different Christmas food gifts including presentation
32. Work with TheHub on a new business plan
33. Be more intentional about gratitude
34. Pray for the entire world
35. Create some artwork (Paint or pen)
36. Keep a daily joy journal noting something particular that gave me joy.
37. Burn a scented candle every day (thanks Laura!)
38. Establish a weekly Cocktail Night (thanks again Laura!) TheHub really likes this one


  1. I'm with you on 34.
    I need to get busy on saving money for Christmas. Maybe I'll win at the casino. Hmmmm, maybe I need to go there to win. LOL

    1. If you will go to the casino, win big and share I will add an addendum to number 34 and include you and your potential winnings in the prayer for the whole world!

  2. I like your list, and I think you did very well during August. I reviewed the documentary "Weiner" this week on Wednesday. I also watched "Dark Horse," which I liked very much. My son and I are big documentary fans. If you need suggestions, then let me know.


  3. Thanks, Janie. I read your review of Weiner and added it to my list. I like documentaries also. August was a bust the butt type of month and I am looking forward to a little unstructured time in September to be able to do a few things I want to do. Bless Netflix with their documentary category!

  4. After cashng in all my target gift cards on back to school and household stockpiles becasue I went over budget on my camera so needed to shift, I am back to only $25 towards the Christmas fund, in target gift cards. I've just made a decision that Christmas will be light. Your list is so jam packed,-hard to imagine accomplishing half what you do.

  5. Truly so many of these are very simple and take little time, just thought. I have been buying gifts on and off since January, so I have a nice little stash. TheHUb and I do very little for each other (we have everything we really need) and our granddaughter is young enough that everything thrills her. We will do a tight Christmas this year (of course I say that each year and we never really do)