Monday, May 11, 2015

And Now the Week is Done

We left for New York early Thursday morning, so early that we could enjoy the sunrise from our plane seats.  It is worth getting up crazy early since it was a direct flight, which is an oddity from our airport. Most flights from here seem to lead to connections in either Atlanta or Charlotte.  We arrived, yawning, at LGA before 10:15.

As an added bonus when we got to the hotel, our room was ready about 3 hours before check-in.  A special thanks to The Empire.  We were not expecting the early room! That was a true gift and we were able to unpack, iron our wrinkled duds, and have a cup of coffee before Son3 was out of class and could meet us for lunch.

This trip was specifically a jazz excursion and we really did not venture below the park, but stayed mainly in the Upper West Side. Other than scoring some street fair items there was no shopping and other than hearing some very good jazz no additional entertainment.

Where we ate: (and none of this was paleo)
The Smith, 63rd and Broadway, lunch  American, good food, alfresco dining but priced high
Dizzy's, Columbus Circle, dinner, Cover charge plus food/drink minimum, food was so/so but the experience was fantastic and worth it. Excellent non obtrusive service also.
Guantanamera, 55th and 8th, lunch, affordable, Cuban food, absolutely delicious! Will go back often!
Cafe Fiorello, 63rd and Broadway, pricey Italian, good food, but won't go back, not friendly
P.J. Clarke's, 63rd and Columbus, little on the high side. good food, nice atmosphere, great late night place
Ed's Chowder House 63rd Street, pricey, breakfast, very good food, HUGE portions
Amber, 69th and Broadway, reasonable, Asian/Thai, really tasty, will return!
Levain Bakery 74th Street, The Best Cookies in the World!

So obviously I did not do a lot of cooking at all last week and everything I did was just using what was on hand.

This week it is back to the regular grind, Boo!

Menu possibilities for the week:

1. Pasta with alfredo sauce
2. Lamb chops, rice (them) broccoli, tossed salad
3. Chicken with stir fried vegetables, cauliflower rice, pineapple slices
4. Hamburgers, cole slaw, sweet potato "fries"
5. Grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, tossed salad, grilled pineapple
6. Grilled fish, baked potato (them) baked sweet potato (me) cucumber, tomato and onion salad, grilled squash
7. Tacos (them)  taco salad(me)

To-Do's for the week:
volunteer time
another paint job at the lake
stain bench
create shelving solutions in lake closet
clean music room completely
finish refashioning all clothing items in the pile
help parents


  1. glad you enjoyed your time away. Hope you have a good week this week.

  2. Glad your visit to Dizzy's lived up to your expectations. Good luck with your ambitious To Do list for this week.

  3. Thanks, things may or may not get done.

  4. I have never been to New wonderful that you had a good trip!

    1. One of our sons is in school there so we visit occasionally


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