Sunday, November 1, 2015

November: 30 Joyous Things

Well it is now November and I have completed my October joy list.  Some of the things were done and some fell by the wayside, but overall I would call it a success.  Having the list made me conscious of completing some things I might have otherwise put off and it also inspired me to do a few other things I might not have thought of doing if I had not been actively looking at a joy list on a regular basis.  My November list will be a bit different since I have travel plans that will take up a week at the end of the month.

Before I go on to November here is the official result of the 31 item joy list:

1. Remind myself of every good thing that fills my life Starting each day with a blessings count

2. Try a new recipe and enjoy whatever it is without guilt New coffee cake recipe (yum!)

3. Send a "just because I care" card  Headed your way, Millie!

4. Take flowers to someone   Last of the zinnias for Mom (Last of the zinnias my foot!  They are still blooming)

5. Do that silly paying for someone behind me in a drive through  Woo Hoo McDonalds

6. Call a friend I have been out of contact with for a while Enjoyed it much!

7. Introduce myself to someone new.

8. Quick shine the hardwoods (This sounds like a chore, but I love it after it's done) Done and the floors are ready for Christmas and look beautiful, but I finished this Oct 31 after noon.  This one I did just because it was on the list.  It would not have hurt anything to wait till next week

9. Take food to someone who is experiencing a bad day  I know someone in my realm was having a hard day, I just didn't hear about it, and I hated the thoughts of just throwing food at someone, though that could have caused them to have a bad day.

10. Have a small dinner party

11. Have a picnic on the boat Not happening, not going to the lake for the weekend again this month.

12. Decorate for Halloween

13. Make decorative skulls for Day of the Dead Not happening, can't find $1 skulls this year

14. Wrap every Christmas present that is already bought (Hold off on the bows though) Everything to date, but the month isn't over yet and I might buy something else

15. Buy fat quarters to repair a quilt made by my MIL, then mend it I mended some but have some left so this is only partially done

16. Go to a couple of wine tastingsbuy some tasty inexpensive wine Pennywise is a decent pinot noir

17. Go alone to a movie in the middle of the day  Went at night and let TheHub go

18. Find some free live music to enjoy  Serendipitous finding!  I was at our church this morning and found that the Alabama Symphony was holding an introduction to the symphony program for preschool and homeschooled kids in the church auditorium.  Not only did I get to hear some light symphonic music, but I got the watch precious kids learning about the orchestra.

19. Make Christmas decorations for the foyer ceiling partially done  The jury is still out about how this will look installed.  Lots of effort and mess so far

20. Make black pvc "candles" for the front steps for Halloween These are turning into Christmas candles instead

21. Try a new to me vegetable or fruit (might need to go to an ethnic store) Tried and liked Arabic pickled beets__totally different from regular beets, and to think I have spent my entire life hating them.

22. Begin video cooking instructions with Son3

23. Read at least 4 books "Honeymoon with My Brother"  "Diary of an Inexperienced Father" "Harebrained, It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time"  Only read 3 so only partial success

24. Listen to Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet Suite Listened to it then watched the ballet via YouTube

25. Learn a new skill (Boy this one is directionless)

26. Make S'mores and eat them I did this just because it was on the list.  The day we had them I really didn't want them.

27. Pack a couple of UMCOR shoeboxes for Christmas   Sent 2 boxes 1 boy 1 girl both age 8

28. Begin a family recipes cookbook  Lame beginnings, but it has begun

29. Write down 3 remembrances from childhood 1. Little Drummer Girl 2. Chicken Man 3. A significant first

30. Begin the process of scanning TheHub's family photos The first week in November is supposed to be bad weather.  Hopefully I will start it then,

31. Wear something in a color I never wear.  Turns out purple is a good color for me

32. (bonus) Make a Christmas gift for my Beloved Sister More about this later (After Christmas)

33.Volunteer with special needs adults.  I am kicking myself.  This should have been at number 2 instead of 33  Allowing me to volunteer my time with these folks is in reality their gift to me

33. At the end of the month reflect on what brought true joy and what felt like doing something just to knock it off this list.  To be honest some things I did just to knock it off the list (less than 3 things, maybe) so some felt more like than obligation than joy, but I suppose that is life.  Most of the things were just delightful and I will be happy to begin more of the same in November.

1. Reflect each day on 3 specific good things that happened the day before
2.Volunteer with special needs adults
3. Visit the most beautiful girl in the world (granddaughter)
4. Enjoy traveling with Mom (no matter what, enjoy it!)
5. Begin decorating for Christmas (Remember it will already be December when I return from the trip) 
6. Have a joyful Thanksgiving day!
7. Work on the family recipe book
8. Take food to someone having a bad time
9. Once weekly take Mom to a Christmas Shop or gift store.  Let her look as long as she wants. Practice patience. 1. The Place in Bucksville (Don't remember the name) 2Joyce Ann's Holiday Shop
10. Find and enjoy some free live music I was able to hear the closest thing to an angel singing as I will ever be able to hear while living on this plane. I went to Independence Place to volunteer and got to hear one of their participants play and sing. I was honored and humbled.
11. Go to a Christmas market (Lots of churches around here have them in November)
12. Dinner with Mom 1 time at my house and 1 time at hers
13. Read at least 3 books
14. Dig up bulbs at the lake place and transplant them
15. Make some new recipe completely out of my comfort zone. Peruvian food maybe? Indian curry dish
16. Begin addressing Christmas cards
17. Make My Beloved Sister a Christmas Gift
18. Wrap all presents that are bought (leave off the ribbons)
19. Attend  a seminar or lesson to learn something new
20.  Go to a museum by myself
21. Refashion at least one item of clothing I don't like anymore into something wearable and moderately fashionable
22. Try my hand at knitting, again. (this may be an effort in futility, again) Tried and determined I am just not a knitter.
23. Have a small dinner party  Party of 5 for wine, food, and conversation.  It was supposed to be a book club meeting but we didn't read a book this month.
24. Sit and listen to a complete symphony (can be live or a recording, just do it)
25. Listen (really listen) to a remembrance someone older has then write it down for posterity. Thanks Uncle Bob!
26. Do the silly pay it forward thing in a fast food line
27. Finish a painting for the lake place Changed to something Christmasy for the foyer
28. Splurge and buy a different fair trade coffee
29. Make some paleo "ice cream" (try and keep an open mind about how it tastes)
30. Eat some type of salad every Monday-Friday I think I missed one day, but having this written made me very conscious of eating raw vegetables.
31. Learn some Christmas jazz for the piano Need a lot more practice, so this will continue in December
32. bonus: Make and take some cookies and peanut butter fudge on trip
33.bonus:  Go to the nursing home with Mom to visit her longtime friend or go visit Uncle Bob at his house Visited UB at Mom's house.  A relative died and he spent the night at Mom's before they went to the funeral
34. daily: practice patience trying, some days succeeding and some days failing.


  1. I'm impressed. I thought that was a very ambitious list, but you did most of it. It's such a good idea that my list may not be far behind.

  2. Since it was not really a chore list, but more of an idea list I think it was easier to accomplish.

  3. I wouldn't worry about what was not accomplished(that makes it seem more of a chore)but delight in what you did.

    1. Thanks that is really what I did. I think having this list really just made me mindful of creating some joy, whether it was something on the list or just finding more joy than usual in the ordinary.

  4. You have to post about 21. I'm so into refashion.
    I'm a list lover by nature and I have to say these posts, do it for me.

  5. If the blooming weather will ever cool off here I will be more than happy to write about the success or failure of said item. I am still wearing shorts and flip flops and the thought of digging through my cold weather stuff is just not in my wheel house right now.


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