Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December List/November Summary

Last months joy list was mostly successful, but there were still some joyous things I did not finish.

1. Reflect each day on 3 specific good things that happened the day before
2.Volunteer with special needs adults
3. Visit the most beautiful girl in the world (granddaughter)
4. Enjoy traveling with Mom (no matter what, enjoy it!)
5. Begin decorating for Christmas (Remember it will already be December when I return from the trip) Den tree completely done, another partially done, one sill in the box.  Dining room chandelier done, dining room corner cabinets done, dining room buffet done, den mantle done, sofa table done, coffee table partially done.  Still much more to do but making serious progress.
6. Have a joyful Thanksgiving day! At a restaurant in Oregon, no work for anyone!
7. Work on the family recipe book
8. Take food to someone having a bad time
9. Once weekly take Mom to a Christmas Shop or gift store.  Let her look as long as she wants. Practice patience. 1. The Place in Bucksville (Don't remember the name) 2.Joyce Ann's Holiday Shop. I tried to get her to go to another one but she was having a bad day.
10. Find and enjoy some free live music I was able to hear the closest thing to an angel singing as I will ever be able to hear while living on this plane. I went to Independence Place to volunteer and got to hear one of their participants play and sing. I was honored and humbled.
11. Go to a Christmas market (Lots of churches around here have them in November) Found a great one in Trussville
12. Dinner with Mom 1 time at my house and 1 time at hers
13. Read at least 3 books One and 3/4 read.  Oh well
14. Dig up bulbs at the lake place and transplant them
15. Make some new recipe completely out of my comfort zone. Peruvian food maybe? Indian curry dish
16. Begin addressing Christmas cards
17. Make My Beloved Sister a Christmas Gift Shhhh!  Will talk of this later!
18. Wrap all presents that are bought (leave off the ribbons)
19. Attend  a seminar or lesson to learn something new
20.  Go to a museum by myself
21. Refashion at least one item of clothing I don't like anymore into something wearable and moderately fashionable Old boxy boucle jacket now is fitted
22. Try my hand at knitting, again. (this may be an effort in futility, again) Tried and determined I am just not a knitter.
23. Have a small dinner party  Party of 5 for wine, food, and conversation.  It was supposed to be a book club meeting but we didn't read a book this month.
24. Sit and listen to a complete symphony (can be live or a recording, just do it) Shastokovich's Gadfly Suite
25. Listen (really listen) to a remembrance someone older has then write it down for posterity. Thanks Uncle Bob!
26. Do the silly pay it forward thing in a fast food line
27. Finish a painting for the lake place Changed to something Christmasy for the foyer
28. Splurge and buy a different fair trade coffee
29. Make some paleo "ice cream" (try and keep an open mind about how it tastes)
30. Eat some type of salad every Monday-Friday I think I missed one day, but having this written made me very conscious of eating raw vegetables.
31. Learn some Christmas jazz for the piano Need a lot more practice, so this will continue in December
32. bonus: Make and take some cookies and peanut butter fudge on trip
33.bonus:  Go to the nursing home with Mom to visit her longtime friend or go visit Uncle Bob at his house Visited UB at Mom's house
e.  A relative died and he spent the night at Mom's before they went to the funeral
34. daily: practice patience trying, some days succeeding and some days failing.

December's Joy List
1.Think of the best thing that happened each day with gratitude.
2. Make slice and bake cookies for the freezer to use throughout the holidays
3. Go to a Nutcracker performance
4. Listen to live Christmas music
5. Finish all decorating by December 7th.
6. Address and mail all the Santa Letter
7. Make a gift for my Beloved Sister
8. Make a gift for my granddaughter (the most beautiful girl in the world)
9. Sing Christmas Carols each day
10. Bake Shelby, the dog, fresh doggie treats
11. Make 5 meals for the freezer to have when company comes
12. Try 3 new candy recipes
13. Celebrate the advent season with a weekly devotion and lighting of the advent candles.
14. Take Mom to see Christmas sights
15. Take the granddaughter to see Christmas lights, ride the reindeer carousel and see Santa
16. Volunteer with special needs adults
17. Finish addressing Christmas cards and mail by Dec 8th.
18. Have friends in for beverages and cookies
19. Take Mom to visit some friends
20. Help Mom with a small luncheon. She decided not to have one and took them out instead
21. Take blankets and old coats to one of the local homeless shelters.  It has been hot here and they are not needed/wanted yet, but I have them ready when the weather turns.
22. Take food to someone having a difficult time.
23. Send a celebration card or note to someone with exceptionally good news
24. Pick a random family to help with Christmas. (Try and remember it is a blessing to be a blessing)
25. Toys for Tots
26. Special food pantry donation
27. Sit by the fire alone (if the temp will drop below 45) with just candles, tree lights, christmas music and hot buttered rum to reflect on what Christmas really means  In reality is was sit by the fireplace with no fire, wearing shorts and the ac running, drinking iced tea to reflect on what the season really means.
28. Try to be particularly nice to every one in retail.  It is not their fault if I shop too late!
29. Make a list of everyone who does services for me, to remember them at Christmas
30. Pray for peace daily, hope for peace and practice peace in my daily life. (Even toward the people who pull out in front of me then drive 20)
31. Remember that sometimes the most unloveable needs the most love.
32. Read 2 and 1/4 books  I didn't even finish the 1/4th book
34. Try out a new look
35.  Serve something ordinary by candlelight in the dining room. Use china, crystal and the good linens.


  1. Replies
    1. Without ambition I am afraid I would just sit around and drink coffee. Then I would be teed at myself for not truly enjoying the day.

  2. Another inspiring list. Each month, I say I'm going to write my own. Maybe this month. Maybe.

    1. That is why I like this so much better than a to-do list. This is my feel good list and much easier than the wash windows, do laundry, polish silver list i have stuck on the fridge.

  3. You did very well on your list. I need to do more things for myself...definitely need to make a list.

    1. This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.


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