Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Outside the House

Probably the only thing is dislike more than housework is gardening.  Here when most of it has to be done the heat is stifling, the mosquitos are out in full force along with noseeums, and poison ivy is sprouting everywhere.  But other than that it is just delightful.

Side yard  outside fence 1. Set railroad ties and fill in with dirt to level area by the fence for future                                                  green beans
                                       2. Plant 2 more knock-out roses
                                       3. Plant marigolds in the barrel planter
                                       4. Plant a couple of blueberry bushes
                                       5. Plant green beans to climb fence

Side yard inside fence   1. Plant okra, zinnias in front of okra, marigolds edging zinnias
Back inside fence          1 Plant morning glories and moon flowers on fence
                                       2. Plant impatens in the shade
                                       3. Plant hostas, petunias and cockscomb in pots

Right side yard               1. Plant various planters tbd later
                                        2. Create lettuce garden
                                        3. Rearrange furniture on upper patio
                                        4. Get raised bed garden ready for planting
                                        5. Fix step
                                        6. Repair outdoor shower
                                        7. Paint any pots that need painting

Below the deck               1. Trim rosemary
                                        2.  Trim lavender
                                        3. Replant any herbs that didn't survive weather
                                        4. Plant annual herbs
Front yard                       1. Trim shrubs
                                        2. Replace dead azalea
                                        3. Shape crepe myrtles
                                        4. Paint front door
                                        5. Adirondack chairs for the front yard?
                                        6. Trim lantana
                                        7. Plant hanging basket for the front door shepherds hook
                                        8. Repaint birdbath in azalea bed
                                        9. Pay special attention to hydrangeas (Need a little babying)

flower duet


  1. for someone who hates gardening, you sure do a lot of it!

    1. last year things went crazy and we didnt get things in order, so this year just needs more work

  2. I see you have morning glories. I have found them to be very invasive. Do you have that problem or do they have new varieties that behave themselves?

  3. the area i plant them barely sustains them so they never get invasive

  4. That is a busy garden. Of couse we are now buried in snow but I'm lucky if the grass gets cut.

    1. We are making up for a year of neglect last spring/summer

  5. I think noseeums are a myth. My friend swore they were eating her alive in my yard. Meanwhile, I did not get one bite!

  6. I get eaten alive by things I can't see all the time, especially during the springtime.


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