Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Filling the Void

I have been away from blogging and am really not back, but I thought I would fill the blogging void by answering the following questions about myself, (It was easy to copy and paste so I swiped this from a Facebook friends post.) I hope some of you will copy and paste it as well and we can have a little getting  to know each other a little better experience.

I am being very honest here!

 What was the last thing you put in your mouth? Chocolate Ice Cream
2. Where was your profile pic taken? Uh, I don't have one.
3. Worst pain you've ever experienced?  Last hour of a natural childbirth
4. Favorite place you've traveled? Vancouver and Whistler, B.C.
5. How late did you stay up last night? 4:00 am
6. If you could move somewhere else, where would it be? I would love to have a 2nd home in Portland, Oregon (Give me 3 years and it will most likely happen)
8. Which of your Blogger friends lives closest to you? Linda @Practical Parsimony lives just an hour North of Birmingham
10. When was the last time you cried? A few days after Dad died
11. Who took your profile photo? Again, I don't have one
12. Who was the last person you took a picture with? Participants at Independence Place
13. What's your favorite season? Autumn
14. If you could have any career, what would it be? Selecting music to be used in films
15. Do you think relationships are ever worth it? Absolutely
16. If you could talk to ANYONE right now who would it be?  Dad and Leonardo Da Vinci
17. Are you a good influence? Depends on whom you ask!
18. Does pineapple belong on pizza? Never! It is pizza blasphemy
19. You have the remote, what channel? NatGeo
20. Whom do you think will play along? I don't think anyone in particular will, but I hope a lot of you do. It only takes a few minutes to complete!


  1. I just published a new post so I'll give it a couple of days and then play!
    I hope you are ok, life has a way of overwhelming us at times


  2. I hope you are having a wonderful time. Love your answers - and will think about playing.

    1. I am enjoying Son3 and GF3. Since she is from Sweden/Switzerland (depending on the season) I love seeing her views on life here (She does not understand the heat and why anyone would voluntarily choose to live in it) and her comparisons to life there.

  3. I filled it out. I will publish Eclipse part 2 and then the quiz.

  4. I always find these kind of posts interesting. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and thanks for sharing Julie. A good way to start my day.

  5. I hate pineapple on pizzas as well - sinful! Pizzas are for vegetables and that's it (I'm not much of a meat eater!)

    1. I eat meat but am meat indifferent. I prefer veggie pizza as well__loaded with veggies!

  6. I like to think of myself as open minded, but when you put put pineapple oon Reminds me of a "King of the Hill" episode, where Hank is telling Bobby hiw to grill steaks to order and Bobby asks Hank "Well what if she wants it well done?" Hank responds "You ask her kindly, but firmly, to leave."

  7. Oh, I love these types of posts! I will play along in a day or two. :) I love learning more about people.

    1. I do too Rachel, but if I had thought about it before posting I would have at least eaten broccoli instead of ice cream!

  8. Oh, this was a fun post! Ha, ha, yes, pineapple DOES belong on pizza! As for only vegetables being on pizza, most pizzas have tomatoes or, at least, tomato sauce, and tomatoes are, technically speaking, fruit! :D

    1. We are just going to have to agree to disagree about the pineapple!

  9. What a fun post, I'll try and play along too!


  10. Just realized that questions #7 and #9 are missing!


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