Saturday, June 11, 2022

Life Is!

We have just finished the 23rd week of 2022. I know for some of you this has been a week filled with lots of adventure and fun. TheHub and I have not done a lot of things, but we are so ready. The 24th week is abut to be our favorite week fo the year thus far. We will be leaving for the beach Saturday morning with Son3 and DIL3. We should get there mid afternoon (we have a couple of stops on the way) and will grab some groceries before getting settled in the condo. This will be DIL3's first time in Northwest Florida and it will be fun to see what she thinks of the beaches and the gulf. Then, at 6;30 we will be at the airport to pick up Son1, DIL1 and the most wonderful girl in my realm. My happy meter is about to burst just thinking about it!

Saturday: We began our Saturday like we do most of them by running to the produce stand.  After purchasing our fresh veggies for the week, I was admiring his peaches. I do like the taste of the early peaches but had much rather wait to buy them in bulk once the free stone varieties are ripe (about 2 more weeks). Benny, the owner of the stand, was talking with me about them and gave me a box of bruised peaches he could not sell. I brought them home and almost immediately started cutting the bad spots away, then processing them.  I managed to salvage enough to make a cobbler and a jar of peach preserves.
Afterward, we worked in the yard__again, then did some chores in the house before sitting down to a dinner of fresh vegetables. Eating perfectly fresh vegetables is a true joy!

Sunday: The first thing in the morning, TheHub and I went out in the yard to string lights over the upper patio. I had purchased commercial lights and they were too heavy for the poles to hold in the configuration I wanted, so we punted. It was not exactly what I envisioned, but it worked and was done. (It still looks very inviting at night and that is what matters, right?)
TheHub's oldest cousin was the honoree at a surprise birthday party in Tuscaloosa that afternoon. We were thrilled to be invited to celebrate Jessie, who is one of the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet. We had a wonderful time visiting with relatives on a happy occasion, since most of our times together seem to be at funerals.
After the party my SIL came back to Birmingham to spend the night here. It was a gorgeous night for a cookout and conversation!

Monday: It was a regular Monday, except I had Jerry here working on a few things, and had a few errands to run. 
What a treat!  When I was checking out at CVS, my pocket started ringing and who was on the phone but Sluggy! Talking to her, then to My Beloved Sister was the highlight of my day
Another small joy was 4 lbs. of fee sugar. I only get the Piggly Wiggly free Monday item (with  10 dollar additional purchase) if it is something I will use, and if they have additional items sale priced that I need.  This week they had both ground chuck and bacon at their (new) lowest prices and the free sugar was jut a bonus for stocking up on foods we eat regularly.

Tuesday: My car tag expired at the end of May. I was going to get it mid-May but TheHub told me he would just stop by and pick it up. Fine, I was not going to argue about who needed to go get it. He put the tag notice in his car then promptly forgot about it. He called Tuesday morning in a panic telling me not to go anywhere until he got the tag. So things I had planned for Tuesday were shot down. Instead I got to do things like wash interior windows, clean the laundry room, clean the fridge. Fun stuff like that!. 

Wednesday: The weather had been very dry for a while and we needed some water. I just did not know how much we needed. In the wee hours of the morning thunder storms  and pounding rain woke me several times. 
When daylight broke I looked out to see if Noah an his big boat were passing by or if there was any damage after the storms We personally had no flooding or wind damage,  but others were not so lucky. We had about 5 inches of rain in just under 2 hours and more rain was expected. 
It did storm again about dinner time, so we had an unintentional candlelight dinner.

Thursday: I finished getting the house ready, got things gussied up a little then took a quick catnap before grabbing something for dinner. As soon as we ate it was time to run to the airport to pick up DIL3 and Son3. It was great to see them and visit a little before everyone went to bed.

Friday: I packed everything we would need for the beach trip, then hung out with Son3 and DIL 3 for a bit. We decided to cook hamburgers out for them, Son2 and DIL2, My Beloved Sister, and BIL. 
After we ate Sons2 and 3, along with DIL3 had a little jam session so we got to hear some freestyle blues, bluegrass and even a little Tammy Wynette. I wish I had a tenth of the talent these three have. 

And that wraps up the small and large joys for the week! Make sure you look for yours. They are always out there!

May all your weeds be wildflowers,

p.s. I forgot to post this earlier. Breathing salt saturated air now, while waiting at the airport to pick up Pip. Life is good. 


  1. So, so happy for you! Enjoy every minute with your family.

  2. Have a wonderful, wonderful week. As I am sure you will.

  3. I am so happy for your family gathering and can't wait to hear stories about Pip.

  4. Have a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing your joys and bringing us the same!

  5. It sounds like this week will be filled with highlights every day. Don't break your face smiling.

  6. Have a wonderful, joyful week, Anne!

  7. Enjoy your time at the beach with your family. Soak in the sun and that good salty air!

  8. Sounds like a lovely week, Anne. Safe travels on your trip to the beach. I hope you all have a wonderful time. I can just hear the excitement as I read your blog post today. :)

  9. Have an absolutely wonderful time at the beach!!! Being together there with family is the best!

  10. How fun! I hope by now you're having the time of your lives!

  11. I'm so happy for you! By the time you read this you will have had some time with Pip and the rest of the family and I bet your heart is full. Enjoy!

  12. Have the best ever time with your family & Pip!! So happy for you.

    I need to get inspired with the veggies, because ours are really starting to produce & I've gotten lazy & just picked things & added to the fridge. ;-) That's not going to work!

  13. I will never, ever forget the smell of the Fort Walton Beach Airport. It almost rivals the smell of a PNW summer. (Almost.)

  14. So you admire his "peaches" (beats admiring his buns, I suppose) and Bennie gives you a bunch of free stuff. You hussy you!

  15. Have a great vacation with your family!


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