Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day 2 Or T Minus 29.

OK, day 1 came and went with no major food trauma or cravings. (except wishing I had cornbread to eat with the soup) I did find being prepared is going to be the key to doing this successfully.  Who wants to wait until the last minute when they are starving to begin planning the meal.  Oh yeah, that is my usual m.o.  Something tells me it is not going to work while doing this,  It seems all my usual nibbles are now on the "no-go" list.  Its pretty easy to cook late while having a sip of wine and some cheese and crackers.  Somehow munching on a bell pepper strip and drinking ice water just doesn't cut it. My nemesis, planning ahead, is going to be my new normal.

Day 2.  I still hate the thought of putting food in my mouth in the morning, but I put on my big girl drawers and actually cooked a morning meal. ( I did cheat and have a cup of coffee first though)

Breakfast: 1 breakfast pork chop
                  sauteed asparagus, onions and mushrooms
                  1/2 cup yellow watermelon sprinkled with chili powder (as good as the pineapple)
                  black coffee (so glad that is how i normally drink it)

Lunch      huge bowl of Veggie Dense Chicken Soup
                 1 apple

Dinner      leftover grilled hamburger patty
                 tossed green salad, oil and vinegar dressing

Sorry there are no pictures but nothing was picture worthy, new or even remotely original.

Tomorrow, I do have an idea that might or might not work.  Since I did roast a turkey today I am going to try some paleo take on traditional side/sides


  1. So how is it going with the diet?

    1. I have been staying within the acceptable guidelines of the program. I am not supposed to weigh before the end of the challenge (fat chance that is going to happen). So far the only noticeable change is increased energy, better sleep. I swapped out my summer duds for my winter ones today. After I try on a few things I will know if there is any appreciable difference yet. I am going to do it the entire 30 days. Since I am a skeptic by nature I have limited expectations of the results.