Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Positively Monday on Tuesday

It seems Monday came and is now a memory.  I promise this was positively ready to post Sunday night, but due to user error and a mountain of Monday chores someone forgot to hit publish.

Monday:  Slept like a log until about 8:30.  My bed is great and I can have all the pillows I want. The Empire has not gotten on the hotel dream bed bandwagon and I had 3 very unhappy nights trying to sleep there.

Tuesday: Spent most of the day with Mom at a couple of doctors and then getting her prescriptions filled and checking things in her house because I had abandoned her for 4 days. Good new is she is doing OK physically.

Wednesday:  Caught up on two of my DVRed addictions! (I did forget it was Wednesday though until mid day so I missed my Wednesday class)

Thursday: We missed using our tickets to see Phantom of the Opera while we were in New York.  We were able to trade them in for seats to Thursday's performance.  It is not my favorite play but it was still visually stunning.

Friday:  Beautiful day and weather was perfect for grilling a steak while sitting on the deck with TheHub and an adult beverage.

Saturday: We were supposed to go to the lake but TheHub was not feeling well.  Instead I got a lot done on some projects for The Independence Place Spring Sale.

Sunday:  Easter celebrations with the family.  It was a really nice day with a spectacular dessert!

And the new addition to today's post is this ditty I found on Youtube: Hooray for Tuesday. I have never heard it before and it is an odd oldie, but it is about Tuesday so possibly enjoy it.  (It does have a rather long intro )


  1. Did the chandelier fly out over the audience like it did when I saw Phantom? A guy told me last night it did not when he saw it this last week in B'ham. I am glad your mother is okay. I am sorry your sleep was poor on their mattresses. My only concern with accommodations now is bedbugs.

  2. The chandelier did not fly. They lowered it slightly and had limited pyro effects.
    I do not understand why a nice and hardly inexpensive hotel has such crappy mattresses. Bed bugs are an issue and I am not sure any place can guarantee there will be none, especially in a town with so many international travelers.

  3. Years back listening to a friend's mother say how much she loved her pillow I mentally sneered. I have sent silent apologies to her often.
    Love your positives.
    On this side of the world I have put most of the spring bulbs in. 800+ in, 200 to go. And I am still able to walk.

  4. Wow I am impressed, inspired and insufficient! I have done so little spring yard work and in a couple of weeks it will be summer here.

  5. My mom is still at sister's she may never come home:0 I dislike the musical score of Phantom. Too much repetition of the theme over and over and o.......

  6. Monday, Tuesday who cares-the positive inspirations are the same. Grilling steaks and drinks on the patio-my favorite.