Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year/ New Challenges

Well just for the record if my math is not totally rusty I did not try 100 new and different recipes this year. "Why", you might ask and the answer would be a resounding and hearty " Dunno".

2011 was an odd year for us. We were out of town a lot more than usual, which is very good for fun and games; not so good for a cooking challenge. It is very hard to try something new and different in the kitchen while in Boston, or at a Broadway play, or standing in the snow on Mt. Hood ( in July ), or hanging out at the Marriott in Atlanta, or at the beach, or back in NYC. That is without mentioning the usual distractions of day to day living and the " I just don't feel like cooking " days. Add the dog days of summer "It's just too bloomin' hot to cook" and throw in a few " Oh no! we have to be (fill in the blank) in thirty minutes" and you have a typical life. You also can't forget that we eat out a LOT! Too much! Way too much!

So I begin the new year with new challenges. I don't feel like making resolutions this year (Though I I feel sure this is the year I could really keep the "look like a super model" one) but I just want to be a better me. Instead of resolutions I am offering myself a set of challenges. If I meet all of them wonderful and if I don't, well, at least I will be better just for trying.

First and foremost in this blog is the recipe challenge. Instead of trying to hit a specific number of recipes, maybe it would be better to try specific types of recipes monthly. This time around each month will have recipes from 5 very specific categories and a 6th recipe that is just an at large personal preference pick.
1. Vegetarian Main Dish
2. Soup
3 Baked Good
4.Crock Pot Item
5.Protein ( New and different ways to grill perhaps?)
6. Mystery Item ( Something like the Publix penny item only better)

This should be 72 new recipes and that should be easier to do, especially since they are categorized. It will make it idiot proof and I need all the idiot proofing I can get.

If I were a true professional, I would have some sort of fabulous recipe for today, but that is just not going to happen cause I am truly Southern and if one is truly Southern the meal is mandated by generations before me: Blackeyed Peas, Turnip Greens, Ham and Rice. I don't know where it started but it is supposed to bring luck and fortune and all things good. So far my life has been much better than I deserve, so I see no reason to tempt Fate. Besides, we really like the meal!

So have a very happy 2012 and I will try my best to have something new and hopefully delicious.

After all this holiday over indulging I have a sneaking suspicion i will start with something meatless!


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