Monday, February 10, 2020

Grub for the Week

 Weekly I make a meal plan that is really just a suggestion. It is never in any given order, but is an idea based on what I have in the kitchen, or whatever the food ads have that will be a bargain. Even rarer, I will have an intense hankering for something specific, but that is the exception rather than the rule. This weeks plan features things I have on hand, so it is nothing spectacular but it should still be tasty. Keep in mind that these plans are suggestions only with nothing written in stone.

What was planned:
1. Spaghetti or zoodles with meat sauce, tossed  salad
2. Crack chicken in lettuce wrap ,brussels  sprouts, tater tots ( or  not)
3. Chicken in basil cream sauce over rice or caulirice, green beans
4. Bbq pork sandwiches, cole slaw, caulitato salad
5. Soup and grilled cheese
6. Leftovers
7. Out to eat

What really happened
1. Crack chicken in lettuce wrap ,brussels  sprouts, tater tots ( or not)
2. Chicken in basil cream sauce over rice or caulirice, green beans
3. BBQ pork sandwiches,caulitato salad
4. Spaghetti or zoodles with meat sauce, tossed salad
5. Out to eat
6. Rotisserie chicken, tossed salad
7. Take out basil chicken over rice or coleslaw

And now for what’s up for this week:9
1.Moroccan chicken stew over rice, green salad
2. Leftover pulled pork, collards, tater tots or not, keto cornbread
3. Blue cheese stuffed burger patties, mashed potatoes or caulimash cole slaw
4. Gumbo over rice or caulirice
5. Surf and turf meal, steamed asparagus tossed salad
6. Chili, coleslaw, keto cornbread
7. Leftovers or out to eat

What I need to make in addition to meals:
Keto cornbread
Keto rolls
Keto cookies ( Don’t pity TheHub. He has several boxes of Girl Scout cookies)

Hope you all have a great week and good eats!


  1. Thanks for reminding me I need to get GS cookies.

  2. About my only (tentative) plan for the week is a mushroom fritatta. Oh, and I made a salad with onions, tomatoes, olives, basil, fetta, capsicum...

  3. Your meal plans/suggestions always sound delicious! On my meal plan for the week: leftovers!

    1. What sounds good and what actually are potentially two very different things

  4. And we know the Hubs is quite good at stopping at the Pig and getting just what he wants. :)

  5. Your meal plan sounds so good, especially the crack chicken.

  6. All sounds good to me, BBQ especially! Have a good rest of the week!

    1. Thank goodness the pork is gone. I am slowly but surely using the freezer contents.

  7. At least you plan something. I tend to try to figure out what we're having in the morning so I can defrost something. Yesterday I went grocery shopping so we had pizza from a box. Not very exciting.

  8. I'm out of the GS cookie loop after being so immersed for so long. I rarely go to Walmart and that is the only place I've seen the girls sell.

    1. My young neighbors know to knock. I will buy from any kid who comes to the door.

  9. Replies
    1. At least there is the possibility of something tasty

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