Monday, November 11, 2019

Eating, Eating, Eating

This is what I had decided might be our meal possibilities for the week. As usual what I thought might happen and what actually did were two entirely different things, but it was all good and we were fed every night.

1. Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread or keto roll
2. Smoked sausage, cabbage, new potatoes (TheHub)
3. Veggie soup, keto cornbread
4. Mississippi chicken, coleslaw,  squash casserole
5. Stuffed bell peppers, pear and kale salad
6. Seared scallops, tossed salad, new potatoes
7. Out to eat at our favorite local restaurant (delayed anniversary celebration, the earliest reservations we could get) Absolutely will not be a Keto meal and this is why!
Monday: I spent the entire morning with Mom and My Beloved Sister, who took a day of vacation to go with me, to Mom's new neurologist. Her former one had the unmitigated gall to die right before her scheduled 3 month appointment, which meant we had to find a new one.  I  found someone Mom agreed to see and it took 3 months to get a "new patient" visit. In addition to filling out an insane amount of new patient paperwork, she had/has to go through a myriad of tests that we had already done with the previous neurologist.  I have no idea why her records were sent from the former doc to the current one if they were going to be totally disregarded. Anyway Mom's appointments for the month of November through December seem to be piling up.
After the protracted office visit, I had to go get groceries for Mom along with a few other things she needed, then run a few errands of my own. I got home shortly before TheHub was leaving work and needed a quick meal. Since I am drowning in cabbage had plenty of produce and some sausage in the fridge I managed to make our favorite 15 minute meal.
Smoked sausage with cabbage, new potatoes (TheHub)

Tuesday: Had my usual morning with Mom, went shopping (again for her) come home and treated myself to a little reading time. Then it was time to put on a very happy face and some grown up clothes for our  delayed anniversary celebration. Though this looks like a lot, TheHub and I split everything except drinks.
Martinis, farm lettuces, baked grits, grilled duck breast (me) grilled snapper (TheHub) basque cake, and coffee (The only thing keto was the coffee. Worth. Every. Bite.)

Wednesday: I am not even sure what happened. I know I began the day at Mom's because I start every day going there. I have class on Wednesday so I went there too. Afterward I ran to a different town about 12 miles south of my burb mainly because they have the biggest Walmart in the metro area and I have been looking all over creation for a small crewneck white sweatshirt  for Mom. It must also feel perfect to the touch, even though I am a little uncertain what perfect to the touch feels like) No dice with that search,  but I could find every other size. So I struck out and then headed for Aldi to buy Mom a poncho they had advertised. When we were at the doc's earlier in the week Mom froze and I thought the flannel poncho would be a good thing for us to have every time we go to any doctor's appointments. She freezes every time and one less thing that upsets her is a bonus for me.  I am seriously impressed with my purchasing ability because this is 2 times in the past 2 months that I have bought something for her and  she actually found nothing wrong with either of tham. Score! Additionally I got home early enough to actually cook.
Stuffed bell peppers, squash casserole, coleslaw, stewed apples (TheHub)

Thursday: The Misfit box arrived this afternoon. It was by far the best one yet, but I am still on the fence about continuing it or not. I think I might like buying what I want when I want it better than just getting random produce then having to incorporate it into meals. Keto and apples are not friends, and TheHub only likes Honeycrisp apples. I have cooked apples with the ones from the prior boxes and today 3 more came. I might make an apple cake to take to Mom's just to get rid of them. I made pear butter to use the pears, and am looking for a way to use 4 pomegranates. Today 2 more large squash came, along with another head of cabbage. It is a lovely head of cabbage but I still had 1/2 head in the fridge from last time. Lots of veggies to use with little or no plan to use them only meant one thing.
Vegetable beef soup. french bread or keto rolls

Friday: I honestly have no idea what happened Friday other than we ended the day with  an early dinner before I put on flannel pj's and we settled in to a home date night watching a very strange movie with Amazon Prime.
Spaghetti sauce over pasta or keto bread ( no zucchini for zoodles__oops!) tossed salad.

Saturday: Ball game day! Roll Tide (They lost and LSU won but it was a good game to watch) DIL2 and Shelby the dog were here with me having a watch party while TheHub and Son2 went to the game. They came home after the game and we ate together before they went home to their house.
Chili, green chili, charcuterie platter 

Sunday: For the first time this week I had a Mom free day. It was wonderful! TheHub and I went to see Motherless Brooklyn and it might have been Edward Norton's finest performance. It is kind of a film noir gumshoe detective tale but was so well played. Also there was a jazz band playing in a couple of scenes and I looked at TheHub and asked if that was Russell Hall on bass, a friend of Son3's. I stayed and watched the credits and lo and behold it was.
Because we went to an early movie we did not eat lunch and came home after the movie to eat lunch/supper combo meal.
Leftover veggie soup and french bread or not.

And now on to possibilities for the upcoming week:

1. Smoked beef brisket (from the freezer) green beans, mashed cauliflower, rolls or keto rolls
2. Mississippi chicken (from the freezer), rice or caulirice, tomato cuke and onion salad
3. Taco salad, corn chips (or not)
4. Seared scallops, tossed salad, roasted veggies, new potatoes
5. Stuffed acorn squash, coleslaw, stewed apples
6. Out to eat. We seem to go at east once a week so I might as well include it.
7. Roasted pork tenderloin, collard greens,  caulitato salad keto cornbread

         I thought I might include a little snippet of Russell Hall on bass for your listening pleasure

                 Hope you all have a wonderful week filled with fun, food, and fellowship.


  1. I was always frustrated by doctors that ran the same tests no matter what.

  2. How cool to recognize your son's friend musically :) Perhaps redoing the tests is a money grab, it seems your healthcare system is full of that. Ours is just full of wait times....(nothing is perfect, neither a pay as you go or universal healthcare). Glad you enjoyed your delayed anniversary meal. We too have delayed our anniversary meal from Mid September. Maybe next weekend - we do our favorite Greek restaurant every time

    1. It is pretty cool to see his friends in various settings.
      We go to Highlands every year on our anniversary and love it every time.

  3. When you said that there were duplicate tests done, I first thought it was to see if anything had changed since the last ones since your mom has a progressive condition. Who knows?

    Even it's not according to plan, eating always sounds good at your house.

    1. I think a lot of it is because we live in such a litigious world that no one wants to leave themselves open to a malpractice suit.
      Sometimes the food is good here and sometimes it is ho-hum, but we do eat!

  4. Glad you found another doctor for your mom. What I like least is the waiting, though I'm sure for your mom the tests are no fun either.

    Loved the music! Very talented all of them.

  5. I'm literally appalled they ran all the same tests, which of course besides more money, delayed care plan. I guess I am not a Doctor so don't know why there would be value in rerunning, but my guess it's a liability thing for the new doc's practice.

    1. I think it is a liability thing also, but it is a pain for Mom and also for me.

  6. I know cole slaw can be frozen. Cabbage, too, can be frozen. Look on the internet. I would hate it to go to waste.

    1. zWe have been eating cabbage like crazy. None is left now!

  7. That's just crazy and I feel for you! Here's wishing you a fabulous belated anniversary dinner, woo hoo!!!

  8. I'm glad you were able to get a couple of garments that were acceptable! :D Your anniversary dinner sounds wonderful!

    1. Not only acceptable but she actually like and is using them!

  9. I had to look up "Mississippi chicken" but it looks like a recipe I might like. Shame we can't get Ranch dressing over here though - I'll have to improvise I guess!

    1. I make my own ranch mix and it works just fine. Easy and cheap too! This is about what I use. I don't really measure but this is very close to the amount I use. (I am a pretty good eyeball measurer)
      2 tablespoons dried parsley
      ½ teaspoon dried dill
      1/2 teaspoon dried chives
      ½ teaspoon garlic powder
      ½ teaspoon onion powder
      ¼ teaspoon pepper

    2. Oh brilliant. Thanks Anne. I was assuming you used the packet stuff so saw a recipe using dried milk. But I'll give that a shot. I did see packet Ranch dressing (enough for one serving) once in the American shop in Geneva. $5 a packet!!!!! So no thanks!


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