Friday, March 2, 2018

March Joy List

I begin March with a new list of things that should bring me the joy that I am actively seeking in everyday life. I see and read so much around me that is unpleasant, cruel or heartbreaking and I don't want to sound like I am becoming an ostrich and just burying my head in the sand, oblivious to everything happening in the world but I can either rant and rail or I can seek joy that is abundant all around me.  I choose joy.

1. Continue expanding my personal horizons
a. Listen to "In This House On This Morning" completely through, uninterrupted.
    Listen to "la Boheme"  completely and uninterrupted.
    Listen to "Peter and the Wolf", completely and uninterrupted
    Listen to   "Symphony No.3" by Mahler completely and uninterrupted

b. Read that blooming self help book I didn't read in February.

c. Try a new to me beverage each week

d. Make a new to me recipe each week

e. Try a different hair color.

f. Read a new to me magazine each week (doable thanks to DIL's Texture gift)

2.   Call My Beloved Sister on March 15. Pitch my voice down as low as possible  and say "Beware the Ides of March" (She hates March and particularly the Ides, so naturally I have been doing this to her for about 30 years)

3.   Try something I have never done before.

4.   Go to a movie by myself, popcorn optional

5.   Go to a play or concert

6.   Volunteer

7.   Have a birthday celebration for Mom

8.   Learn a new song on the piano

9.  Give someone flowers.

10. Take food to someone having a hard time

11. Call a long neglected friend

12. Send a thinking of you card simply because I am thinking of someone

13. Enjoy sitting in the sun and listening to the birds sing

14. Watch young kids playing and listen to their giggles

15. Invest some time looking at plants and planning the summer garden.

16. Create something weekly that is not food related

17. Tell someone how important they are to my life. (No idea who )

18. Do something for someone expecting nothing in return. Anonymous is best

19 During the days between whole30 (Yes I am doing it again but taking a 2 day break) bake bread.

20. Create time to just listen to TheHub (I am bad about not paying attention or multi tasking sometimes)

21. Visit a small town near me and enjoy its uniqueness.

22.  Spend at least one weekend at the lake.

23. Take Mom somewhere different (Maybe exploring the small town)

24. Take Mom out at night, she misses the lights

25. Have an fire outside and roast marshmallows for s'mores.

26. FaceTime weekly with the most beautiful girl in my world.

27. Binge watch something on a rainy day.

28. Have a St. Patrick's Day celebration

29. Have a small dinner party

30. Try to start each day spirit filled.

31. Be kinder than usual. Our world needs each of us to step up our kindness.

32. Keep a list of daily joys. They are out there but sometimes I forget to look for them.


  1. #4 would not suit me at all. I miss lights, too, sometimes.

    1. I actually like to go to the movie by myself, but only during the day. I went to see The English Patient alone at the late show. I was the only person in the theater and it was kind of creepy to come out after midnight and not see a soul.

  2. 1e - I can't wait to see it. Hair colour. When I lived in the States (1985-1989) I remember picking up "my" hair colour, only to find when I washed and rinsed that I had suddenly become jet black - not a good look with pasty white skin. I have a great photo somewhere of me jumping on my brother's back at Ocean City with my jet black hair flying out behind me. Looked like Cruella de Ville.

    1. I have been thinking about going brown, but teal also intrigues me, at least for a few days.

  3. I love your list! Thank you for leaving a comment today which led me to your blog!

  4. if you get half way through the list, you will be doing well! We recently binge watched Rita. It was so much fun

    1. What is Rita about. I have never heard of it but am always up for something good to watch.

    2. Rita is a Danish school teacher. She's a bit of an outsider and rule breaker.

  5. I have to ask. Why does your sister hate March?

  6. That sounds like a wonderful Joy list for March! I hope you accomplish all of it! I second the decision to choose joy!

    1. I figure if it is my option to choose I am going to choose joy. Sometimes I fall into the non joyous trap though.

  7. This is wonderful, it makes me feel guilty. I swear I start every day with, I hope mom is still asleep and it kinda goes down hill from there.

    1. I understand that completely. About a year ago I was in a rotten state of mind and something had to give. I was at a Bible study and the theme of the day was "Choose Joy" and I realized I was choosing the exact opposite. It is a struggle sometimes and I don't choose wisely everyday, but I am trying!

  8. I am impressed by how much you completed in February so March should be a breeze!!

    1. It might or it might not. So far I am not setting any records though!

  9. I am impressed by your list! Wishing you the best on accomplishing all the items on the list.


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