Friday, November 19, 2021

THe Time Goes and Goes

We are now finished with the 46th week of the year and time just keep marching on and on. I am headed out today to begin our adventure to see the most beautiful girl in our world. I plan on spending my time with her  instead of blogging. 

This is a list of the daily joys for this past week. Next week's list should be a bumper crop of joys~!

Friday: TheHub and I had our new normal date night, and picked up BBQ. We are looking forward to getting out and about a bit more, but with our scheduled trip approaching we decided to do little and limit any possible exposures to anything.  

Saturday: We had a couple of quick errands then came home to watch football. Alabama played New Mexico State and it was a full on slaughter.  The only consolation NMS had was a hefty payout for the TV rights to the game. Roll Tide, because I am a Bama fan, but it was hard to watch. It was so hard to watch that we clicked on the Auburn game instead.

Sunday: We FaceTimed with the most beautiful girl in our world, which is a wonderful treat for me! Then (yes I know we are late to the party) we began watching Yellowstone. We liked the first episode enough to want to continue watching it, but I honestly think I like Succession better.

Monday: I got a ton of stuff done at the house and stayed at home all day cleaning cabinet fronts. Not a glamorous day, but the kitchen looks so much fresher. 
Pip must have been seriously bored when she got home from school because we had a long FaceTime visit. Her best neighborhood friend was not at home so she no after school playmate. Her loss was definitely my gain.
Later we watched another episode of Yellowstone.

Tuesday: We will not return home until the Monday after Thanksgiving. I like to get the house decorated quickly for the entire month of December. Since we will not be here I decided to get a little advance decorating done. The foyer was the project of the day, and was dressed for the season.

Wednesday: I put on Christmas music and decked the dining room, and the living room (except for the tree. It will happen once we get back) Then I added Christmas to the den ( minus the tree also) 

Thursday: I gave myself the best gift ever. I hired a company to wash my exterior windows. TheHub an I mutually agreed that from now on exterior windows and gutters will be a hired job. No more climbing on the roof to clean the dormer windows! 
The Independence Place of Alabama had their annual stage performance and I was able to go. I sat grinning from ear to ear while crying happy tears. 

Go look for your joys. You will find them no matter how small.

May all your weeds be wildflowers,


  1. Have a wonderful time with the most beautiful girl in your world!!
    Safe travels and I hope the train trip will be fun too.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. I still have not jumped on the Yellow Stone band wagon. I would keep away from all other humans too if I was you to keep your plans to see your family safe.

  3. I can just feel your excitement to go and see Pip. Can't wait to hear about the trip!

  4. I am sure that you have a wonderful joy packed week ahead. Have a heap of fun - and report back in the fullness of time.

  5. Love that you gave yourself the gift of outsourcing. Well done! What a treat to have your two FaceTime chats with Pip this week. Nick calls my dad every Sunday & my dad says it's always the highlight of his week.

  6. How lovely for you to spend your time with someone of such importance. She will always remember. I'm looking forward to dinner with Sweet Cheeks and hope to outdo myself with my cooking for someone who truly appreciates my efforts.


  7. Tommy, for the first time ever, did not clean his own gutters. My friend who did it, did NOT climb a ladder, just walked around on the roof and used a leafblower. He said he is too old for the ladder. Getting older is limiting in many ways.

  8. I hope you have a safe journey and a wonderful time visiting with the most beautiful girl in your world. :) Looking forward to hearing all about it when you return. :)

  9. Have a safe trip. I will be interested in hear about your train trip and of course, about Pip and her parents.

  10. Oh I'm so excited for you. The train journey alone would be wonderful, but of course getting to hug the most beautiful girl in the world beats that hands down! Have a WONDERFUL time!

  11. Safe travels! You've waited a long time for this visit and I'm thrilled for you that it's happening.

  12. Have a safe trip and enjoy your vacation! Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Hope you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


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