Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Do We Really Live in a Pig Sty? Evidently, Yes

Today I have class until 11 o'clock so the morning will be spent getting dressed and doing some sort of studying. After that I need to run by the grocery store, run to the printers to pick up the invitations for the non-rehearsal dinner,  and then it is home to change into work duds and get moving on to my new not so favorite thing to do__deep cleaning. Though I am not yet finished, I am closer to being done than I was. I figure I only have a half of a day to clean and I am just not as quick as I once was. This is my tentative list for the day.

Dark hole bedroom
Vacuum floors
Move small night table into the room
Wash bed pillows
Wash Throw pillows
Leave room, shut the door, and don't set a foot back in it until the day they fly in.

Son3's former room
Clean his personal belongings off of the furniture and box everything up.
Hide the boxes in the closet.
Pick up all the crap that was underneath the bed I moved into the dark hole room
Clean the linen closet
Wipe down woodwork
Wash Windows
Dust blinds
Wash curtains (if I am feeling industrious, only. I can take them down and shake them out and they will be fine)
Wipe down all doors (there are 4 stupid doors in this room)
Look in the walk in closet and slightly rearrange so Son1 and DIL1 have somewhere to hang their stuff (Cleaning it out totally is on Son3. He can decide what he wants and what he wants to send to charity)
Vacuum carpet
Clean sink and vanity for Jack and Jill bathroom

Clean and wax at least 2 more cabinet doors and 2 more drawer fronts.
Clean out flatware drawer,  empty and wash the dividers and replace stainless.
Clean out the baking cabinet

Butlers Pantry
Rearrange all alcohols by type
Neaten up the glassware cabinet
Clear and clean bar top
Remove everything from shelves, wipe shelves and replace items
Get rid of anything I never use (except MIL's china) Goodbye sushi set

Laundry room
Do 10 things. (I might count something as trite as stacking the laundry baskets as one of the 10 things. I am dragging today.)

I know without a doubt I will not get everything on this list done, but I have to have a list. Mainly I have to have Son3's former room ready to put the bed in just in case my teeny tiny friend with the big ass truck can take a side trip to the lake this week to pick up said bed.

On a very positive note, for the past 4 years I have been griping about my dishwasher. The racks are held together with zip ties and I had to use 2 orange nylon bags to weave new bottoms for the flatware containers so the knives and spoons would not fall through. Last night TheHub and I bought a new one and it will be installed Saturday. Usually I go by myself, but this time he went too. I am glad he went because his negotiating skills are much better than mine. (Probably because he does that at work all the time) I am also thankful every single appliance dealer in town is having a sale which provided us with great price matching options.


  1. I didn't even know you could negotiate the price of a dishwasher! But, since I can't haggle, I'll just be paying full price. LOL

    1. it is not the actual price of the dishwasher, but the price of delivery and installation. One place offered free delivery with 129 bucks installation fee. Another offered 50 delivery with no fee for installing. The third place we went said if we would pay upfront instead of charging it, they would waive both. SOLD!

  2. I didn’t know that either, well done!

    1. The delivery and installation are the negotiable fees.

  3. Well a new appliance you score girl, now get to work!

  4. Hooray for a new dishwasher. And negotiating skills.
    And sadly your list makes me certain that your house is cleaner than mine will be until I move out. Not only do I not wash curtains for guests, I don't take them down and shake them either. And only wash doors when it is evident that they are grubby.

    1. I think the more I look around the more work I create, but I keep seeing things that are not exactly like they should be. (which is a dichotomy because if I really thought things should be a certain way I would keep them that way lal the time)

  5. OK, don't wash the curtains my friend, that will only lead to other things like having to iron them. Just shake them out and wash them when you aren't under the gun timewise - maybe before Christmas or Thanksgiving? Woohoo to new appliances (isn't it great to get one when your old one was crappy?). We bought a new one 2 years ago though and the soap dispenser broke within 2 weeks. Waited 6 months for replacement under warranty and it broke again. I just toss in the little bricks now and it works just as good

    1. I decided to give them a good shake and will wash them before Christmas 2019

  6. Great with your new dishwasher! I am older than dirt but my mom was the only one around to have a dishwasher on the farm when I was a kid, way back in the early 50's. I've never been without a dishwasher and consider it the best thing in the kitchen. Your deep-cleaning sounds good. I just finished deep-cleaning the kitchen today, getting ready for the holidays. It's a good feeling that I'm sure you have also with yours! I like that you arrange your alcohol by type---way to go! :-)

    1. Arranging by type is a little OCD but that way I always know what we have and what needs replacing. We do not drink liquors often but I do like to keep a stocked bar for guests.
      I am so excited to be getting the new dishwasher. I never have to have the latest and greatest and will keep something far beyond its useful life. Growing up my sister and I were the dishwashers.

  7. My sister's and I were the dishwashers also. My parents didn't get a dishwasher until I was in college.

    I forget the dates of all of your events. How close are you to the first arrival of guests? Your house must look amazing. I have never had a house that clean except when I was trying to sell my last one.

    1. The first wave arrives next Thursday. I have painters coming tomorrow to do some touch up painting and then the upstairs should be pretty much done with the exception of moving the bed from the lake to the house. Friday is just a big family get together casual meal (possibly soup, including Mom, my sister and BIL), the rehearsal dinner is Saturday night, the wedding is Sunday, Pip's party is Wednesday, possibly Tuesday based on their plans, Thanksgiving is, of course. Thursday, Friday they begin departing, and Saturday (2nd only to the wedding in its importance) is the Alabama/Auburn game, Sunday and Monday I am crashing!

  8. A new dishwasher AND painters? Anne, you are what I'd like to aspire to being! :D Well done!

    1. I painted our entire lake place when we bought it & many days later I came up for air and vowed I would never paint another room in my life. I painted every single room in 4 different houses and a lake place. I'm done!


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