Monday, July 1, 2019

What really happened again

Once again I created a weekly meal plan. Some of it worked and some of it, well, not so much. Below is what I had intentions of making (or fixin' which is what a Southerner does instead of making)

1. Braised pork tenderloin, broccoli, rice (or not), French bread (or not)
2. Crack chicken over sliced French bread or caulirice, tossed salad
3. Grilled Pork chops Hotlanta slaw, baked potatoes or baked radishes (grrr keto)
4. White bbq chicken, caulitato salad, baked beans or not, sliced tomatoes
5. Veggie night, corn on the cob (or not), lady peas (or not), green beans, fried green tomatoes, okra
6. Cedar planked salmon, grilled romaine salad, asparagus, mashed potatoes or cauli mash
7. Hamburgers, fries (or not), coleslaw

As usual my intentions, actions, and actual cooking did not exactly coincide. Such is life, or at least my/our life.

Monday: I knew I had a pork tenderloin in the meat drawer of the fridge, which is why I put this on the meal plan to begin with. I also knew I had broccoli, but had forgotten about a carton of mushrooms that had to be used.
Pork tenderloin, broccoli, grilled mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, leftover rice (or not)

Tuesday: Mom had an appointment with her cardiologist much later in the day then we normally make it. Usually we plan on a relatively early visit so we are in an out quickly. This time it did not happen that way. They were backed up to begin with, then we sat waiting to be called. She finally was called for her EKG then we were sent to another room to wait, first for the nurse, then for the doctor. By the time we were finally through drive time traffic had started which made our normally 15 minute drive about 45 minutes. TheHub and I got home at about the same time with nothing cooked and nothing taken out of the freezer to cook. We both decided to go to a little Mexican place close by that is cute, has a lot of atmosphere, and has live music on Tuesdays.
Tortilla-less fajitas without rice or beans.

Wednesday: Early in the morning I pulled some boneless skinless chicken thighs out of the freezer for the white bbq chicken meal. While I was looking for the chicken I found about 1/2 pound of ground pork and an almost equal pack of ground sirloin. I thought I would grab those and make some casserole for later in the week. I also had a lot of peppers, onions, tomatoes and the remainder of the big ass zucchini. A quick chop and some seasonings and browning and I had the beginnings of a casserole. I put it in a dish, grated some cheese for the top and stuck it int eh fridge for another day. Right before I was ready to start grilling the chicken an afternoon thundershower popped up. Good thing I had put that casserole together. A quick bake in the oven and a less than stellar meal was ready. I put tortilla chips on TheHubs plate, sprinkled shredded lettuce over them then put some of the casserole on top of that, sprinkled it with finely chopped onions and diced tomato  with a squirt of lime.
Some unnamed thing with ground pork and ground sirloin, lettuce,  and tomatoes 

Thursday: The sun was shining and the chicken was thawed. Nothing to plan that was not already in the works the day before.
White BBQ chicken, cauliflower"potato" salad, coleslaw, sliced tomatoes

Friday:  This was a super lazy evening, with a lot of porch sitting and talking.
Hamburgers with all the fixins' leftover caulitato salad, leftover coleslaw

Saturday: We worked around the house then later in the early evening TheHub wanted for us to go shopping to try and find a couple of things for the grill. It needs a new grate to hold the briquettes, plus it needs some new ceramic briquettes. While we were running around we decided to go out to eat.
Salad with grilled chicken

Sunday: Son2 needed to use our smoker to cook some pork butt for the Monday participants at Independence Place. While he was doing that I asked if he would also smoke a brisket in preparation for the 4th of July. We really do not do a big celebration, but we do generally eat a traditional BBQ meal. With 13 pounds of brisket, we had plenty to have for dinner Sunday and lot leftover for the 4th. Additionally we decided to have a celebration dinner. Son2 and DIL2 just bought a new to them house. Mom ate with us so it was a double win. A celebration and it got her out of her house.
Smoked brisket (yum), mashed potatoes, broccoli, French bread, ice cream

And this is what I plan (plan being the operative word here) for this week.
1. Smoked brisket, corn on the cob, watermelon, sliced tomatoes, coleslaw, strawberry pie 
2. Smoked sausage and cabbage, grilled keto bread or French bread
3. Veggie meal: Okra, green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, peach cobbler
4. Hot dogs (special request by TheHub), coleslaw chips
5. Grilled chicken, rice or not, tossed salad, grilled veggies
6. Pulled pork (leftover from Son2's bbq) baked beans, potato salad or caulitato salad
7. Big salad dinner. No clue what it might be yet. French bread or keto roll, coconut pie

And these are my plans, as of this minute. But by now we all know they are subject to change and most likely will be changed.


  1. How wonderful that you got a celebration meal and got your mama out of the house for something other than medical appointments. Definitely a win.
    Congratulations Son2 and DIL2 on their home.

    1. Thank you very much. After the inspection they are waiting for the negotiations to begin which will determine whether they buy the house or pass on it. I hope it all resolves but things like faulty electricity and CO2 from the water heater are no go's.

  2. We fix our meals And might be fixing to do something.... :-))

    1. I am always fixin' (no g) to do something, even if all I am fixin' to do is sit on the couch and read!

  3. I am fixin to wash my hair and go to bed.

    1. I am always fixin to do something, but right now I am fixin to enjoy a cup of coffee, listen to music and read some blogs.

  4. I like your meal plan! Especially the strawberry pie, peach cobbler, and coconut pie portions of it! :D

    1. I have already booted plans for the peach cobbler because I cooked a veggie meal last night and forgot about it. I will make both the coconut pie and the strawberry pie tomorrow. They are both keto versions but both are really tasty.

  5. If we had a cute Mexican restaurant close by, we'd be in trouble because we would be regulars for sure. When we lived in Houston, there seemed to be a Mexican restaurant on every corner in our neighborhood and we were in trouble. But very happy. :)

    1. We have a ton of Mexican restaurants near us, but this one is decorated exceptionally the tables are arranged so conversations are private. Mexican foods are not our favorite, Thai and Cuban win that title, but this particular restaurant had good food and the way they present it makes sticking to keto very easy.

  6. Sounds yummy! I am so tired of cooking....if I won the lottery I would hire a personal chef and a housecleaner :)

  7. I don't mind cooking but I hate the clean up, of course I hate housework in general.

  8. Smoked brisket is SO good! Envy you yours. :-)

    1. It was beyond delicious. Son2 is a true grillmaster!

  9. My meal plan is to throw out the three-week-old Costco roast chicken that only has one leg left to eat, but it's so old I'm scared to have it for supper.


    1. Trust me, we have had plans like that. Then the plan changes to "go to Full Moon BBQ"


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