Monday, May 25, 2020

What we ate for din din

Well I successfully managed to cook little and even when I did it was nothing like I had planned. So, sue me for spreading false information. We did takeout A LOT this week. I had a surprise call from Sluggy on Friday and I told her we had eaten out 4 of 5 nights which was not true. I forgot about Thursday night. I knew I did not cook but forgot that I was feeling a little out of sorts from having a little minor surgical procedure that morning and TheHub heated a can of soup for me. I guess in my mind as long as I am not making it, it's the same thing as takeout.

This is what I had thought might be our meal possibilities for the week.

1. Take out (spending the night at the lake to meet a repair man in the morning)
2. Stuffed bell peppers, coleslaw, squash
3. Frittata, tossed salad
4. Baked chicken, mushrooms, green beans, rice
5. Pasta with pesto sauce, tossed salad with artichoke hearts
6. Grilled scallops, asparagus, tomato slices, rolls
7. Chef's salad, French bread

 Monday:  I knew I was going to spend the night out at the lake. Since TheHub joined me going straight from his office, he would be passing though more populated areas on his way to the lake than I would, it just made sense that he would be the one to grab our take out meal.
Gyro or Chicken plate from a new Mediterranean place in Columbiana.

Tuesday: My sister and I worked down at Mom's to begin the process of organizing things to get ready to trash, donate or sell. Mom had over 65 years of accumulated stuff, and it is going to take us close to forever to get it all sorted and out of the house so we can make a decision about what to do  about selling the house. TheHub and I got back to our house at about the same time and decided to call in an order to pick up for our dinner.
Hot and Hot fish Club tomato salad, box of okra with lemon herb aioli

Wednesday: I actually broke down and went shopping.  I had to have more note 1cards so I could finish writing my thank you notes, and I also needed to replace some cookies I had gorged on  eaten.  Before I went to Aldi, I did a quick inventory and found the bell peppers I had in the fridge needed to be used that day. It pretty much sealed the deal about dinner plans. Shopping was mostly uneventful until I stopped by Andy's market for fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and lady peas. It turns out they sell a dozen unbaked frozen cookies from Cookie Fix (A local cookie shop with the 2nd most delicious cookies I have ever eaten. Levain on the Upper West Side in NYC is still the best.)  Score!
 Stuffed bell peppers, coleslaw, roll

Thursday:I had to have a little minor procedure done and was not really feeling like eating or cooking, but needed something on my stomach to take some meds. It was an every man for himself kind of night. 
Tomato soup and crackers or peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Friday: Just when I was starting to feel somewhat at ease with life, the water heater decided to crap out and flood the basement, and the fat squirrel sat in the apple tree feasting on what would have been nice red apples in the fall. Over the past 5 years I have gotten exactly 2 apples from this tree. Totally my fault for planting the tree near the fence (otherwise known as the squirrel super highway) There are muscadines growing wild behind the fence and no one would care if her ate all of them, but this guy obviously prefers apples. My only hope is that GrayGreg, the neighbor's cat, gets tired of hunting chipmunks and goes on to bigger prey, or I just accept the fact that I planted squirrel food.
I have no idea what that has to do with what we ate though. Maybe I was hoping for some corporate sympathy for the angst I feel over the squirrel eating my apples as justification for doing takeout instead of cooking. Or maybe I was just watching the squirrel feast as I typed this and shared a verbal picture of his gluttonous self with all of you. No matter! It really had nothing to do with the decision for takeout. Ziti just sounded good to both of us, plus their salad dressing is outstanding!
Costa's Mediterranean ziti meal for 2 (which is really enough food for 3 meals for the two of us)

Saturday:  We went to the lake place to do chores. The best thing about having a second home it that you get to do double the yard work and maintenance. Something always need to be repaired, replaced, or renewed. It is a never ending journey of delight. (Smart people go on vacations and rent hotels or condos leaving the work and repairs to someone else)
At the end of the chore day we had a simple dinner.
Ham steak, broccoli, tossed salad

Sunday: After working on Saturday we had a very restful day. We both read and napped and napped and read. We did not leave the lake until about 5;30 or so and neither of us wanted much for dinner.  It was pretty easy to pull something out of the freezer and call it most of a meal.
Pulled pork with bbq sauce on buns, coleslaw

And what might the possibilities for this week be? Who knows but after Tuesday* night it is back on the keto wagon for me. It is now bathing suit weather, the pool is ready, I love to swim laps (so exercise is not an issue) and I have very few really tasty things left in the pantry.  Maybe for a couple of weeks I should use instacart so I don't have to walk down the Aldi cookie aisle.

1. Steak, tossed salad, rolls
2. Hot and Hot Fish Club's tomato salad and okra bowl (take out)
3. Leftover ziti, tossed salad
4. Huge chopped salad, or Chef's salad, rolls or keto rolls 
5. Grilled scallops, caulimash or real mashed potatoes, tossed salad
6. Greek chicken salad over rice or caulirice
7. Grilled burger, tater tots (or none) coleslaw.

*You might be wondering why I am waiting until Wednesday to begin keto. It is a very simple explanation. Hot and Hot is never open on Mondays and the salad is so delicious (not keto) that I want it at least one more time. After that I will have to make me a ketofied version of it, which will be good, but not the same thing. And that is what we call a first world problem isn't it!
Have a great week! Make a plan, or not! Stick with said plan, or not! It doesn't really matter since it is just food.


  1. I hope your minor procedure went well.
    And love your plans - and your pragmatic approach to them. They will happen, or they won't - and both are fine(ish).

    1. Things are fine and discomfort is minimal so I am calling it a win.
      Plans are my attempt at humor I think. I make a plan and change it before the ink is even dry.

  2. I had a huge scuppernong arbor (9'x12') in the yard and also old-fashioned grapes. I never saw a squirrel eat one grape. So, there is no hope the squirrels will ever switch to grapes.

    1. Maybe GreyGreg will up his hunting game next year. This years apples are gone!

  3. I hope you have fully recovered from your minor procedure. Your planned meals always sound good to me and what you actually ate also sound equally good! :D

    1. Hands down the best was the tomato salad from Hot and Hot. They are supposed to go to full service next week which will end this glorious take out treat. I intend to do it one last time. I am not ready to eat in a restaurant yet, so this will have to satisfy me for quite a while.

  4. I hate to tell you this but technically you now have 3 homes until you and your sister sell it :( Bloody hell! Get more'll be busy sorting crap. Are you sure you want to restart keto before you get the house cleaned out?!?

    1. I never want to restart or do keto but like I said. . .swimsuit season and after this quarantine I am not sure mine fit now.

  5. I knew there was a reason I don't have a holiday house!
    I'm glad you're well and recovering nicely

  6. It is lovely on the rare occasion we go down and do nothing but enjoy it. I think we have done that about 3 times in all these years we have had it.

  7. Are the thrift stores open there? They are still closed here. I know when we were cleaning out my mother's house, it was very helpful to take a load to one when we got it ready.

    1. A couple of them are now accepting donations. Mom had a lot of very nice things and we are going to try and sell as much as possible. It is just the organizing and getting things together that is so hard.
      A couple of her caregivers will be getting a lot of things also. A couple of them are quite young and can use some of the household items. Mainly it is going to be hard because she just had so much stuff.

  8. I know what you mean about owning a second place. Ours was in Florida and we were obviously too far away to be looking after it. We ended up with a total rip-off (British) management company who screwed us over. Round here people get apartments in the ski resorts but in the end that presumes you always want to ski in the same resort and yes, that you're prepared to spend your weekends doing a second lot of housework. I'll just stay in hotels from now on!

    1. Hotels or condos are the way to go. In the end you pay less and don't have to do all the work yourself. That being said, in the coming weeks my sister and I are going there and spending several days doing absolutely nothing.

  9. Replies
    1. The best thing for the week is going to be the tomato salad tonight. It is all keto after that.

  10. Sorry about the water heater, I thought I was the only one living that dream.

    1. It is life. When it rains it pours, slacks off sand then pours so more. Fortunately I am pretty buoyant

  11. The squirrel situation sounds like the cherry tree and bird situation in my garden. You can't calmly pick cherries anymore, you have to race against the birds and almost eat everything straight from the tree! 😂

    1. I know all creatures are entitled to living, but this one particular squirrel is notorious and sits in the apple tree for hours eating everything.


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