Thursday, September 2, 2021

August Clutter Challenge

Bless issued a challenge to join her by getting rid of 31 things in August. I am so overloaded with  junk that I joined in quite happily. Now I have to commit to doing it again in September. (And October, and November, and . . .)

Below is a list of my decluttered items.
 Things sold
1.  Corner chair 
Things donated
 2.  Large glass urn with spigot (Used at showers and teas to hold ice water. I had two but only need one)
 3,  Glass juice server
 4.  2 floor pillows
 5.  Full bed comforter (We have only king and queen beds in the house now)
 6.  Full bed mattress pad
 7.  Full bed sheet set
 8.  Another full bed sheet set
 9.  Monkey plant stand
10. 2 glass ice cream bowls
11. Glass serving bowl
12. Box of costume jewelry (20 pieces appx.)
13. 2 hanging votive holders
14. Pedestal cake stand
15. L shaped sofa slipcover
16. Black Dress
17. Navy polka dot dress
18. Black lace up shoes
19. Black booties
20. Some weird little doodad that was at Mom's house
21. 3 flower containers that were deliveries from the florist (They are attractive, but unneeded)
22. Flip flops I bought but never wore
23. Couple of worn towels (going to the Humane society)
24. Dog bed (given to my cousin)
25. Swim suit (never worn tag still on)
26. 4 books
27. Flip Flops tag still on
28. Grandmother shadowbox
29. Cookie tin
30. Men's shirt
31. Men's polo

Woo hoo the Exchange Club is coming to pick everything up tomorrow!

Things thrown out
2 eyeliners
1 concealer that is too light
Old jar of  Mentholatum
Lipstick I will never wear again
Less than stellar acrylic paint(a little on the dryish side)

The sad thing is I never even made it upstairs. I guess that will be September, then the basement October and the holiday closet in November.

Adding the first 3 days of September to the list
Black leather box
Crystal water carafe
2 men's swim suits


  1. I could probably get rid of 31 items within arm's length!

  2. Well done with the decluttering! Yes, we are continuing the challenge in September, too (and October, November, and so on!) Thank you for the song you linked - daughter and I both sang it, together! :D

    1. There is so much more to declutter, Bless. I probably need to do it every day for a full year.

  3. Way to go! We donated several sets of bedding to our local animal shelter, as well. I'd love to see the monkey plant stand!

    1. The monkey plant stand is just a small plant stand. I will try to take a picture of it before it is gone tomorrow.

  4. Well done. I've started a bit of a declutter, but nothing as serious as your efforts. Perhaps I need to join in for September, :)

  5. Well done you. Sadly I think the ambiance of our home (and my head) is cluttered and dusty.

    1. I have go to do some serious decluttering. I am drowning in stuff

  6. I think of myself as a minimalist but boy, my stuff seems to grow. I am always decluttering too! My goal of next year is to get rid of the things I've been saving for the adult kids- baby blanket, first outfit, Golden books, etc. I hate to dump them but if they don't want anything, these things are out. I had to buy a new laptop last month and last Saturday, I had a flat tire while out making home visits! It was no fun but I handled it-I found out Priuses don't come any longer with a donut- so I called a tow truck, went with him to a tire store, and bought a new tire- a 4 hour adventure during Covid. UGH- of course, I was the only one masked but 6 days later I'm fine. Thanks, Governor DeDantis for not emphasizing masks. He just doesn't care. My sis has requested a blackberry/raspberry pie for the weekend so I need to go shopping for raspberries as soon as the store opens- 7 AM. I have several pints of frozen blackberries but no raspberries. Have a great holiday weekend!

    1. I hope I can get to the point when I think of myself as a minimalist!
      You are a nice sister to bake a pie!

    2. I've moved a lot ( 5 states in my marriage before DH died) so you learn not to hold on to 'stuff' plus no basments here and I like to use my garage.

  7. Good job. Do your sons want any of the extra stuff you have from the three households?

    1. Son2 took several things from Mom's. Son1 wants very little and Son3 has a room filled with things he wants. I think TheHub and I are going to rent a Uhaul and take the things to them, then fly home.


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