Monday, August 15, 2022

Wet Hens Have Nothing On Me

I am still having a less than stellar attitude, and now it is time to plan what I don't want to do__cook (especially cook for anyone who is not going to be "present" for the meal). I understand TheHub is not enjoying this push on his time, but I also understand I don't have to like it either. This might be called the "I'm just not feeling it" meal plan.

This song contains some unacceptable language, so if you are easily offended do not listen. Though none of the particulars of the song apply to my life, the overall attitude is how I am feeling right now

What I had planned on having for dinner this week
1. Asian lettuce wraps, tomatoes and cokes
2.  Fathead dough pizza, tossed salad
3. Squash, green beans, okra, pimento cheese biscuits
4. Tomato pie, mixed greens
5.  Hamburgers with fixings, caulitato salad
6.  Thai chicken salad
7. Take out or out to eat

What really happened:
Monday: Our okra is starting to produce very well, and I had a crisper filled with vegetables.
Sautéed squash, green beans, fried okra (or none) pimento cheese biscuits

Tuesday:  I plan on trying something new to us each week. I have made these before but never like this.
Crustless tomato pie. cucumber slices

Wednesday: The day was gorgeous and gorgeous days scream cook on the grill.
Hamburgers with fixings, caulitato salad

Thursday: Days when meetings and phone calls run ridiculously late scream just grab something out of the freezer, so I did. 
Red bag chicken sandwiches with fixings, or chicken salad (Red bag chicken with all the fried stuff scraped off over greens)

Friday: Late date night
 Chicken, collards, green tomatoes or catfish, coleslaw , fries (I think but don't really remember because it was not my meal)

Saturday: DIL2, Son2 and TGS came over to eat, so we had something we knew TGS loves.
Burgers, baked beans, chips, chocolate cake with peanut butter icing

Sunday: neither of us were hungry and supper was a catch as catch can event.
Slice of crustless zucchini pie rewarmed from the freezer or peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I am totally changing the way I plan meals this week. TheHub has no idea when he will be getting in, we are eating between 8 and 9 pm, and there is no way I am going to be stuck cleaning up the kitchen that late. Instead I am going to make life easier on myself. Most days the meals I prepare will be things that can be made in advance and held until TheHub gets home. The only exception will be veggie night, because okra had to be cooked and eaten immediately, and we have okra coming out of our ears right now. 
I will also be throwing a couple of things on the grill.

What might happen:
1 & 2. Mexican pot roast: Will turn into (meal 1) beef burrito bowls and (meal 2) empanadas, with the leftovers frozen for chili in the fall, side salads or coleslaw
3. Veggie meal: Squash (leftover) , okra, green beans (already cooked), keto cornbread (made and frozen) coleslaw.
4. TheHub has a dinner meeting so ?
5. Meatsauce over spaghetti, tossed salad
6. Grilled tuna steak*, tossed salad, new potatoes(?)
7. Out to eat

*The only reason I have steak on the meal plan is speed. We have a gas grill right off the kitchen door, so having a hot grill is a piece of cake. TheHub calls every evening on his way home from work.  I can start it an have it ready to cook on as soon as he walks in the door. 
We cook the steak for 2 minutes on one side, flip and cook for 1 1/2. If I make the new potatoes they will be cooked in advanced and nuked to warm.

I know my mood will be better, but right now I am wallowing in the pits. What I used to do as a stress reliever was to bake. There is something seriously soothing to me about baking. It is automatic and thoughtless, with delicious aromas and tasty rewards afterward.  Since I am doing keto there is not the same reaction to baking. Keto baking is not as familiar to me, and the end product is never truly satisfying.

Instead I am trying to find some other way to lift my spirits. 
I tried cleaning and that was a big no! I hate housework! 
Swimming works but just while I am swimming
Volunteering takes me to a happy place for just a day.
Reading, yes I really love reading but it is just reading.
I thought about running off and joining the circus, but there are none in town to join.
I thought about drinking heavily, but I am one of those people who can have two glasses of wine and fall asleep at the table.
Maybe I should hang out by the pool shed and try to domesticate the groundhog that lives underneath it?

I am wide open for suggestions!!!!

Have a great day staying on plan, going off plan or with no plan at all.


  1. When I'm feeling low, I have a tendency to want to shop...which isn't a good thing. But planning a trip always makes me happy. I'm currently planning and looking for a trip in March 2024.
    And of course, chatting with my grandson always helps.
    I hope you find something uplifting and your husband's work slows down soon.

    1. I am absolutely not a shopper. I know I will get out of this funk but not right now.

  2. I am not sure your age. About 50 I started going through menopause, for about ten years, at least that is how long my hormones were screwed up. Some of my symptoms mirrored yours, not happy, listless, etc etc, so if you are the right age, get your hormones checked. I was miserable for five years then finally got on estrogen for another five (fixed everything like a light switch was turned on) then I went off estrogen finally and was good after that. Hilogene in Az.

    1. I am passed the hormonal issues. I am just unhappy with the way life is going right now. It will either pass or I will dye my hair, change my identity, load up my car and move to Kansas City, because I don' t know a single soul who lives there

  3. Think of how much fun we are going to have when we get together. But I feel bad that you are low. I get there also, and I don't like it. You can always call and I will make you laugh.

    1. Don't tell me to call or I might interrupt your sewing!

  4. Sometimes we are just in bad moods. I always try to give everyone a heads up when I'm in one because I'm not always nice. You may be in a better mood now, but how about losing yourself in a painting?

    1. I did gesso a canvas. I have no idea what lives in it and have no inspiration to find out right now, but it is ready when I do decide.

  5. I am a beauty addict. When I am low I look for it (much as you do your joys). And reading so often takes me to one of my happiest places.
    Good luck with this week. Eating that late would do my head (and my digestion) no favours.

    1. We used to eat very late, but we were much younger and were doing a lot of things at night. Now we are home too much at night. I require a little nightlife and am getting none right now.

  6. Yum, all those fresh vegetables! I love summer time for that reason.

  7. I'm sorry your husband's long hours at work and the resulting late dinners are impacting you so much. Would it help to prepare meals that you would like to eat if you were cooking for yourself and then cook an extra portion for your husband to have when he comes home? If I had okra (my plants produced a grand total of two okra pods!) I'd make myself some okra thel dala, dhal, and rice with maybe a chicken curry. I might have to buy some okra when I put in my next grocery order. They have no fresh okra in the store (I checked the website), but, 12 oz. bag of frozen is $1.50. Frozen should work. :)

    1. I am just angry that a stupid job requires an extraordinary amount of his time right now, which also impacts my time. The lack of desire for meal planning is straight up pettiness on my part.
      BTW__frozen okra is a blaspheme down south.

  8. How about combining two things you love? Can you bake up a storm and then deliver it to someone who needs a lift? Or, you could bake and freeze, giving it away later. Cupcakes would be welcome and could be delivered to many people. Maybe the kids near you would appreciate a few after school.

    1. It would be a generous gesture and I could do that but it would require packing it up and delivering it, and that is something I just do not want to do. Cupcakes are not my thing when I bake.

  9. It's only Monday and I'm already wore down. I'm trying to think of a September challenge because August will be a culinary and budget bust.

    1. I need a good project, but nothing sounds interesting right now. Maybe I will think of something sooner rather than later.

  10. I am sorry that things are rough right now, but at least there is an end in sight...
    You asked for suggestions...get your sister and Do Something! Go to a concert or play or movie or whatever.
    Cook your son's favorite childhood meal, and have him and his wife over for supper and a swim. Hopefully your husband will be home on the weekend sometime to enjoy it too.
    Get a pet...cute puppy dog or sweet little kitten or a goldfish or a hermit crab, but maybe not the groundhog.
    Go to a church service or a bible study or potluck dinner or whatever used to bring you joy.
    Tough love, but I do think you need to get out of the house and do something.

    1. You are right about the tough love. I am not just hanging out in the house, but I am limiting where I go.
      I would love a dog, but TheHub does not want one and cats are no-go's here.
      Most of the things I do regularly at church were put on hold during the summer, but that will change after Labor Day.
      Everything that is happening with TheHub's work has an end in sight, but the sightline keep changing, moving farther and farther back.

  11. A tuna steak with a fresh salad sounds really good to me. And I want to try some of your homegrown okra! p.s how about meditation or some yin yoga?

  12. I am not sure where you are, but here okra grows very well, and has a pretty flower. I plant it on the edge of the fence and it functions as a food bearing ornamental plant.
    I have tried meditation and failed it. I have never tried yoga, but it might be something I enjoy.


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